The Totally Teri Writers are the Hollywood scriptwriters in iTake on Dingo who selfishly plagia
Totally Teri Writers1 itod

The "Totally Teri" writers hard at work.

rize iCarly sketches for their own television program Totally Teri on the Dingo Channel.

When Carly, Sam, and Freddie discover that the Totally Teri show has been ripping off comedy bits from iCarly, the kids pressure Spencer into driving them all down to Hollywood to confront the show's writers. After initially saying no, Spencer relents, as he also wants to search the "bowels" of the main Dingo Studios building for the cryogenically frozen head of Charles Dingo.

Sneaking into Dingo Studios, Carly and Sam barge into the Totally Teri writers room and find the lazy writers playing video games, sleeping, playing with pencils, and generally goofing off.

At first, the writers deny that they've plagiarized anything from iCarly until one of their interns Glenn enters the room and blithely announces that he's downloaded the last two segments of iCarly onto a flash drive for their reference, blowing their cover. At this point, Carly finally gives Sam permission to use her butter sock on
Totally Teri Writers3 itod

The "Totally Teri" writers vow to quit ripping off iCarly.

the writer closest to her.

Sam and Carly then tell the writers to come up with their own ideas, but they refuse, sniveling that "coming up with their own ideas is too hard" for them. When Carly threatens to sue the company if they continue copying iCarly webcasts, the writers chuckle and gloat that the Dingo Channel can't be sued since it has the lawyers, money, and legal power to steal any ideas they want (possibly, they were lying to deter Carly and Sam from suing them). The writers then force the girls off the premises with help from security.

The next day, the iCarlies and Spencer return to the Totally Teri writers room with the stolen frozen head of Charles Dingo in their possession. Carly, Sam, and Freddie blackmail the writers with the head and get them to promise on video never to rip off iCarly bits ever again. Furthermore, Carly and Sam make the two main writers come back to Seattle and participate in a bikini dog food fight as punishment for plagiarism on the next iCarly webcast. 

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