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Seddie is the romantic pairing of Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson (S/am and Fr/eddie). It is the most supported/popular pairing on iCarly. This pairing rivals several others, including Creddie (C/arly and F/reddie) and Cam (C/arly and S/am). Seddie is first mentioned on the show in iStart a Fanwar.


Sam's IN LOVE -Carly

They started off with a love-hate relationship, showing strong feelings of dislike towards each other, constantly fighting and arguing.

Seddie iLMM kiss

The iLost My Mind kiss. He loves her. <3

However, as time has progressed, the two are shown to have developed their relationship to one that is similar to a friendship, which lead to a romantic relationship as seen in iLost My Mind, but ended in iLove You. Yet, they still have deep feelings for each other made clear by the fact they declared their love for each other. During iQ (the episode right after iLove You), they seem to act awkward. They don't talk to each other that much either. This may prove that they're still feeling a little weird from the break up.

Dan Schneider, the creator of iCarly, has put out many hints that Sam and Freddie may end up together (even some of the iCarly cast members have hinted on this). In some of his shows he has paired up the most argumentative characters, such as Logan and Quinn (Zoey 101), Jade and Beck (Victorious), Josh and Mindy (Drake & Josh), and Gary and Tina (What I Like About You). Many of these love/hate relationships can be compared to Seddie. Seddie can also be seen as an
Tumblr lr7xotZeh41qesmejo3 250
"opposites attract" relationship. In the Season 4 special iOMG, it is revealed that Sam is in love with

Freddie when she unexpectedly kissed him at a school 'Lock In'. This is the second time the two shared a kiss, iKiss being the first. In iLost My Mind, Freddie kisses Sam live on the iCarly webshow, showing that he returns her feelings. This is the third time the two have shared a kiss. They eventually became a couple as of iDate Sam & Freddie. In iLove You, they break up because of how little they have in common, but state they love each other, and share their final kisses in the elevator.

Seddie promo kiss
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iLove You

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Seddie Facts

Seddie factss
Freddie and Sam both seem to be good with technology, as seen in iStakeout, iDate a Bad Boy, and iOMG.

Standing close to each other.

Because of Sam's tough demeanor and tomboyish personality, it's possible that it's hard for her to express her feelings towards Freddie, often hitting, teasing, and humiliating him because she can't express her feelings in a softer way. It's also possible she wanted to hide her feelings from others including Freddie. They stand close to each other really often, and both don't seem to mind. However, when Carly and Freddie stand close, both move away for the rest of the episode. Often, when they do iCarly, and Freddie turns the camera to himself, Sam then proceeds to turn the camera back to her. Sometimes she'll grab the camera from him, or she'll stand behind him and tease him, or physically harasses him in some way e.g. sticking her licked finger in his ear.

Sometimes, whenever Sam and Freddie are arguing, the people who around them smile. (iNevel, iSpeed Date, iGo to Japan to name a few).
IMG 0994-1-

Sam and Freddie often finish each others' sentences, almost like they know what the other is going to say. Sometimes, they say the same thing at the same time (iLook Alike, iHave My Principals, and iCook).

Sam and Freddie often play a married couple in iCarly segments (for example: The Jitters, and as Carly's parents in an iCarly segment.) Many fans think that Dan is a Seddie shipper because he wrote the scripts of iKiss and iOMG, but not iSaved Your Life or iSpeed Date, and it is not confirmed. Usually Sam doesn't want Freddie to see her cry, which could mean that Sam cares about what Freddie thinks about her. Freddie has gotten into a few physical altercations with Carly since going through puberty, but Sam always manages to hurt him/pin him down. It's possible he lets her overpower him, as he has visible muscles starting in Season 4. While Mrs. Benson openly admits her dislike of Carly, she rarely says anything regarding Sam. This may be due to Freddie personally requesting she not mention her. In iOMG, Sam is wearing a red striped shirt, the official Seddie pattern, and Freddie's wearing a blue shirt. Red+Blue=Purple, the official Seddie color.

In iOMG, it has been confirmed that Sam is indeed in love with Freddie, as she made a move and kissed him. Freddie further reiterated this fact when he replied "It's cool." after Sam apologized. This was an indicator that he was not angry that Sam kissed him, just shocked,

Hidden Image in promo (lol, you gotta love Sam!)

and was hinting that he has feelings for her.

Freddie is an Aquarius (air sign), and Sam is an Aries (fire sign), making Freddie a good match for Sam. Sam often calls herself "Mama", and calls Freddie a "Mama's boy".

Seddie Song The official Seddie song is Running Away by AM . Fans consider this as the pairing's official song because it was played during Sam and Freddie's kiss in iKiss. Some consider the official Seddie song to be Call Me by Kari Kimmel because that is the song that was played during the iOMG promo. [1]


Seddie Color The official Seddie color is purple due to the fact that during almost all Seddie moments Sam and Freddie are wearing red and blue making purple.

In their kiss in iOMG, Sam was wearing red and Freddie was wearing blue. Sam's phone is red and Freddie's phone cover is blue forming purple. Freddie's backpack is blue and Sam's backpack is red, again forming purple. Some fans think this is a "connection". Often in romantic scenes between the characters on the show, one or both will be wearing purple. In iDate Sam & Freddie, Sam and Freddie are on a date in a purple booth.

Seddie Moments

Season 1 Moments

Season 2 Moments

Season 3 Moments

Season 4 Moments

Season 5 Moments

iLost My Mind
  • Freddie shows concern for Sam, not having heard from her for three days after calling and texting her.
  • Freddie tells the nurse that he and Carly were really close friends with Sam, showing that at that point, their friendship had greatly developed and that Freddie really did consider Sam as his best friend.
  • Carly thinks it's awesome and great that Sam loves Freddie and that there is nothing wrong with it.
  • Sam asks Carly, "Do you know?" wondering if she knows that she kissed Freddie.
  • When Freddie pulls Carly and Sam away from each other, he slightly twirls Sam, and she seems a little dazed for a few seconds.
  • When Sam tells Freddie she hates him, he was upset and yelled "Then why'd you kiss me?!"
  • When pressed by Freddie about the kiss, Sam sheepishly admits to Freddie she likes him.
  • Freddie tries to comfort her by putting his hand on her shoulder, and complies when Sam tells him "off." without even looking at him.
    Picture 4x.


  • After Sam admits to Freddie that she likes him, she tells him it doesn't matter because she'd never want to go out with him or be his "little girlfriend" then changing the subject to how good her quesadillas are, which probably meant she does want to be his girlfriend.
  • Sam also said that she can't think straight and she can't eat (though she does devour a plate of quesadillas when the attendant brings them). This is probably because she is always thinking about Freddie.
  • Freddie asks if he could have a quesadilla to which Sam replies in her usual Sam-like behavior "No!"
  • After Freddie tells her that she is not insane, she quickly believes him and tries to escape, with his help.
  • Sam never denies that she doesn't like Freddie, she tells Carly not to say it out loud and on iCarly that she's crazy for liking him.
  • Freddie opens the door for Sam as they attempted to leave Troubled Waters.
  • After failing at busting Sam out of Troubled Waters, Freddie pleads to the guards to just let her leave and is frustrated that they won't.
  • At the end of the episode, Freddie says, live on iCarly, that nobody asked him how he felt about the kiss, causing Sam to get defensive thinking that he would make a fool out of her live on the web show, but instead he unexpectedly kisses Sam, causing the entire institution to let out an "Awww".
  • Both Sam and Freddie had their eyes closed in the kiss and held each other.
  • This is the first kiss that Sam and Freddie shared with both of their eyes closed through the whole kiss.
  • Freddie has a satisfied smirk on his face after he kisses Sam showing that he enjoyed it.
  • Freddie doesn't take his eyes off Sam or his hand off her waist after he kisses her until Gilbert yells "SEDDIE".
  • Freddie had the opportunity to get back at Sam for the countless times she teased him and humiliated him by rejecting her live on iCarly, but chose to kiss her instead.
iDate Sam & Freddie
  • Sam and Freddie are seen at the Groovy Smoothie, having a good time and they share a plate of food. Plus sharing a plate of food was something unlikely for Sam and Freddie to do before they started dating.
  • Carly mentions how Sam and Freddie are probably making out somewhere at the beginning of the episode.
  • Sam and Freddie are seen in a picture sharing a smoothie, drinking it out of a large green cup with two hearts on the side. This is a "couple cup".

    Look who's sharing

    Sam and Freddie kiss twice.
  • Sam and Freddie go on a date to a nice restaurant and they have Carly there at a far-end table in case there's a fight and she needs to settle it, showing they trust Carly enough to handle a small portion of their relationship.
  • Sam seems to be laughing and talking with Freddie flirtatiously saying, "What'chu wanna know?", possibly meaning she feels comfortable bringing out her "girly" side to Freddie and he laughs and smiles back at her with a goofy expression.
  • Sam and Freddie have a nice meal together, where they both enjoy two plates of lasagna.
  • Both Sam and Freddie dress formally for a date, neither would do this unless it meant a lot to them.
  • Freddie took Sam to Pini's on their date because they both love Italian food.
  • Sam wears a dress, further evidence of her being comfortable with her girly side around Freddie.
  • Sam and Freddie go on a date, where they are dressed formally, and the decor of the restaurant is purple. Sam wears a purple dress with a purple and blue pendant. Freddie wears a blue shirt and striped tie.
  • Sam doesn't mind when she or Freddie wears stripes anymore because she kisses him in a striped polo shirt and when they're enjoying their date he wears a striped tie.
  • Sam and Freddie both say "Sorry" to each at dinner for his nitpicking and her excessive use of cheese.
  • Sam and Freddie kiss a lot and smile widely while they are kissing, a clear sign that they have strong feelings for each other.
  • Sam's hand is on Freddie's back when he does a fist pump and says, "Boom!" after Sam also said "Boom!" because Carly was mentioning who was right and they both were.
  • Sam and Freddie fight on Carly's bed with her caught in the middle of this fight. This fight was about who's mom was weirder.
  • Gibby mentions to Carly, Sam and Freddie have been hanging out a lot, just the two of them together
  • Sam and Freddie share the same smoothie together, which shows Sam is willing to share and is not disgusted by sharing food or a smoothie with Freddie
  • The fact that Sam and Freddie have Carly come with them on their date as a peacemaker means that they care enough about their relationship to make sure that no fight they have screws it up, so their relationship will last a long time.
  • At their dinner date they appear to be having a good time enjoy their meal, smiling at each other, and staring into each others' eyes.
  • Sam puts bees in the car of Freddie's history teacher because he gave Freddie a B on his report, meaning that she cares about Freddie enough to help him and get revenge on someone he was mad at.
  • Sam calls Freddie "baby", touches his face, and tells him "Come on Baby, you wrote a good paper."
  • While Freddie appreciates what Sam did, he doesn't want her fighting his battles.
  • Carly says to Freddie "You should at least appreciate that Sam did it because she cares about you.", to which Freddie replies, "Yeah, your right, I'm sorry."
  • Freddie apologizes by kissing her on the neck and hugging, which she likes noted by the smile.
  • At the Groovy Smoothie at first, Sam and Freddie are laughing, having a good time and they clink their smoothies together.
  • When they're at the Groovy Smoothie, Sam admits to liking Freddie after she pushed into a bike messenger and he was laying on the ground with blood coming out of his ears. Yet, she thought he looked "kinda cute" to which he responded "It was worth the hearing loss."
  • Sam and Freddie still have their fights, one about Freddie being cheap and not paying for the $36 "Couple's Cup" at the Groovy Smoothie. They have another about her table manners and him picking at every little thing she does. He admits he's not furious about, but a little bothered.
  • Sam lets Freddie brush her hair.
  • Before the webshow, Freddie has his arm around Sam.
  • Sam goes "Aww Baby," after they kiss and make-up plus he offers to get her that ham.
  • Sam holds Freddie's hand after he kisses and offers to get her ham.
  • Sam and Freddie video chat around 3AM.
iCan't Take It
  • Tumblr lrjfe0Mn6o1r2p6vjo1 500

    Seddie couch snuggle

    Freddie is seen cuddling on the couch with Sam with his arm around her shoulder as they both look lovingly into each others' eyes.
  • Carly has Sam and Freddie kiss.
  • Sam and Freddie both want Spencer to lie to Mrs. Benson.
  • Tumblr lrozlkqmPd1qesmejo2 250
    Sam and Freddie go to the movies without Carly and didn't want to invite her when she asked to go.
  • Freddie greets Sam with "Hey Cuteness".
  • Sam says "Lips please" and then Freddie leans down and kisses her for 3 seconds.
  • They go on a movie date without Carly, even though Carly wanted to go.
  • They didn't want to re-edit Carly into "Super Bra"
  • Freddie would rather have Sam then a metal worth 100,000 dollars.
  • Sam calls Freddie baby and tells him that it's N.E.R.D camp's loss he didn't get accepted.
  • Sam checks if it's okay if she goes to Glitter Gloss with Carly before they leave and he responds "Go have fun."
  • Sam apologizes to Freddie, admits that the fact that she loves him is "kinda true" and they kiss and makeup.
iLove You
  • Sam and Freddie go to prison together alone (without Carly, Spencer or Gibby) to see Sam's Uncle Carmine.
  • They explore each others' interests.
  • Sam asks Carly if she should be polite and lie when Freddie invites her to his model train club meeting and she does. Sam also calls him Baby when she says, "I'd love to, Baby"
  • Freddie then smiles and puts his arm around and goes, "Aww, that's my little fibber." so he's okay with it because that's typical Sam and she's at least trying to explore one of his interests.
  • Sam and Freddie go to the Model Train Club to build and play with trains.
  • The reason Sam and Freddie are visiting her Uncle Carmine is to explore Sam's interests.
  • Sam and Freddie mutually decide to break-up, but with much hesitation.
  • Freddie admits he loves Sam, and Sam admits she loves him too.
  • The way in which they say they love each other is reminiscent of the way they first said they hate each other.
  • Sam and Freddie prolong their initial breakup from 10:30 to midnight which shows that they do NOT want to break up.
  • They both go back into the elevator after prolonging their breakup, possibly to makeout which gives hope for Seddie in the future.
  • They kiss 3 times in this episode: twice in the elevator after their break-up and once at school. Sam and Freddie Eskimo kiss at his model train club meeting and Sam playfully kisses Freddie's cheek.
  • While Carly is talking to a boy, Sam and Freddie are sitting next to each other in the Groovy Smoothie closely, even though they broke up in iLove You He is also seen watching Carly and the boy with Sam, but shows no jealously, and instead, smiles. Showing he doesn't "love" Carly anymore and is perfectly OK with Carly flirting with this boy.
  • When Sam says "Is he hot?" (When Carly was talking about Kyle), Freddie looks a little jealous
  • Sam asked Freddie what Kyle said.
  • Sam called him Freddie and didn't use one of her nicknames for him.
  • Freddie asks Sam first for help with a camera check. Though she refused to help because she was busy admiring her big fork.
  • Freddie tosses Sam her remote like always.
  • Freddie glances at Sam and she leans closer to him when sparks fly from Spencer trying to open a safe with a chain saw.
  • They talk to T-Bo together and come up with the plan to dress him all nice.
  • With the help of Gibby, Sam and Freddie dress T-Bo to look proper and nice for his interview with Mrs. Benson.


iLost My Mind

  • Carly says that she is happy Sam likes Freddie and wants them to be together, making her a Seddie shipper.
  • Carly says about the kiss, "I think it's awesome," showing that she is a Seddie shipper.
  • Neither Sam nor Freddie feel awkward about kissing and dating, and they definitely seem to be enjoying it.
  • Freddie brings up the idea to talk about the iOMG kiss because he wants to know where his relationship with Sam could go.
  • Pizap Seddie

    True love finally prevails...

    Freddie wears a blue shirt and a striped tie and Sam wears a purple dress and a necklace with a blue accent making the Seddie color and pattern.
  • Sam sounds upset when she's saying how she thought Freddie didn't like her back and just wanted to humiliate her live on the web.
  • Sam was happy when Freddie kissed her on the webshow.
  • Sam wore a purple shirt, the Seddie color, during the webshow when she and Freddie kissed, making them a couple.
  • Caleb talks about Virginia and West Virginia merging together to make "one big Virginia" 4 years later. As this is during the webcast when everybody is wondering whether Sam and Freddie will get together, it can be construed as a metaphor for Sam and Freddie merging together into Seddie (as in Sam and Freddie might soon be together).
  • Carly was smiling when they were kissing during the webshow with absolutely NO jealousy; another hint she is a Seddie shipper.

iDate Sam & Freddie

  • Sam and Freddie go out together a lot.
    IDate Sam and Freddie Date

    Sam and Freddie on a date in "iDate Sam and Freddie"

  • Sam asks Freddie at one point "Whatchu wanna know?" Meaning that they are getting to know each other better, like couples usually do.
  • They kiss and are happy to do so
  • Sam puts bees into Mr. Frack's car because he gave Freddie a B on his paper.

iCan't Take It

  • Mrs. Benson bribes Freddie to break up with Sam, but he refuses to do so, meaning that he would rather have Sam than money.
  • Sam may have used the "It was before we were dating" thing as an excuse, when in reality she just did it because she didn't want to see him leave for N.E.R.D. camp.
  • Freddie cuts Carly out of the Super Bra trailer and focuses on Sam.
  • Carly tells Freddie that Sam loves him and she somewhat agrees.
  • Carly describes Sam as "adorable, cool and tons of fun," Freddie replies with a "Yeah, I know," meaning that he likes her for those qualities.
  • When Ms. Benson shows Freddie his application, Sam looks guilty.

iLove You

  • Sam and Freddie visit her Uncle Carmine in prison, just the two of them.
  • Sam and Freddie explore each others' interests.


  • In a released picture, Sam is standing next to Freddie wearing a purple jacket.
  • Freddie asks Sam to help him with his camera.

iStill Psycho

  • Not enough is known about this episode for Seddie hints yet.

iMeet the First Lady

  • Not enough is known about this episode for Seddie hints yet.

Seddie Episodes and Subplots

iHeart Art

  • Freddie bets Sam that she can't go a week without insulting him.


  • Freddie loses a bet to Sam, so he has to get a tattoo of her face on his arm.

iMight Switch Schools
INevel -3

  • Sam and Freddie think of a plan to make Carly unable to switch to Briarwood Academy.


  • Freddie makes a bet with Sam, saying that if she can read a whole book in a week, then he'll put a washing hose in his pants.
  • Sam roots for Freddie during his fencing match against Doug Toader.

iStage An Intervention

  • Sam plays various pranks on Freddie to make him think he has bad luck.


  • Sam reveals Freddie's secret that he never kissed a girl live on iCarly, making all of the kids at school start to make fun of him. In the end, they share their first kiss together.

iDate A Bad Boy (first half)

  • Sam pays Freddie $50 to create a website for her.

iReunite with Missy

  • Freddie wins a cruise, but he gives up the prize to Missy (Carlys ex-best friend) because she is trying to replace Sam.

iMust Have Locker 239

  • Sam and Freddie share a locker.


  • Sam's identical twin sister Melanie comes for a visit, but Freddie thinks that Melanie isn't real and Sam is just pretending to be her. Freddie also kisses mythical "Melanie" when he thinks it's Sam.
  • Sam lets Freddie think that he won and that Melanie's not real.

iThink They Kissed

  • Carly finds out that Sam and Freddie kissed.

iSaved Your Life

  • Seddieiomgkiss10

    iOMG kiss.

    Sam tells Freddie that Carly is dating him for the wrong reasons.
  • Sam seems more worried about Freddie being hurt than Carly, and even threw down a pizza to get Spencer to believe her.

iStart a Fanwar

  • A crowd of Seddie fans wish for Seddie to happen and wage war with the Creddie fans.


  • Carly and Freddie start to think that Sam is in love with Brad, their new intern on iCarly, when she's in fact in love with Freddie. She shows this by kissing him in the end of the episode.

iLost My Mind

  • It is confirmed that Sam checks herself into a mental hospital because she thinks she is crazy for liking and hating Freddie at the same time.
  • This episode is the first episode of the four-episode Seddie arc.
  • It is also revealed that Freddie feels the same way when he kisses her LIVE on iCarly.

iDate Sam & Freddie

  • Sam and Freddie go on dates in this episode, yet they still argue, like Beck and Jade from Victorious.
  • This episode is the second part of the four-episode Seddie arc.
  • When they are on the date with Carly, Sam and Freddie's cups are red and blue, which make purple, the seddie color.
  • Sam calls Freddie "Baby" in this episode.
  • Sam helps Freddie get revenge on his teacher by putting bees in his car.
  • Freddie says Sam's hair looks nice and he brushes it.
  • Gibby says Sam and Freddie have been hanging out and making out together a lot.
  • Sam and Freddie share two kisses in this episode.
  • It is unknown whether that when Sam fell in love with Freddie for the first time was before iCarly or during, because she didn't state a date or time.

iCan't Take It

  • Carly and Gibby attempt to end Sam and Freddie's romance because of Mrs. Benson's disdain towards it.
  • This is the third part in the four-episode Seddie arc.
  • Carly has Sam and Freddie kiss after a fight about Sam messing up his N.E.R.D. camp application.
  • Sam and Freddie are seen snuggling on a couch in a photo Gibby shows Mrs. Benson.

iLove You

  • Carly encourages Sam and Freddie to explore each other's interests.
  • Sam and Freddie visit her Uncle Carmine in prison.
  • Sam and Freddie confirm their love for each other.
  • This episode is the fourth and final part of the four-episode Seddie arc.


  • Sam and Freddie give T-Bo a makeover (along with Gibby, who tailors his suit), so he will be able to stay at the Bensons' apartment.

Seddie Quotes

Sam: Hey! You invited the doof.
Freddie: Oh man! I didn't know that was gonna be here!

Seddie meets Michelle Obama.

Sam: She. I'm a "she" Freddie, as in girl.
Freddie: [scoffs] Barely!


Freddie: You've got a big mouth, lady!


Freddie: [talking about Sam] She is not like other girls.
Carly: Nope.
(iRue the Day)


Freddie: You want to kiss me?
Sam: Kiss you?! Dude, I'd rather... not do that at this time, but I appreciate your kind offer.
(iHeart Art)


Freddie: You know, they say when a girl constantly rips on a guy, it really just means she has a crush on him.
Sam: But I wasn't ripping on a guy, I was ripping on you.
(iDon't Want to Fight)


Sam: [crying] It's just that Freddie's such a dork it makes me emotional sometimes.
(iDon't Want to Fight)


Sam: I know what I want to do when I look at you.


Freddie: Maybe Carly’s right. Maybe you’re just jealous of Missy.
Sam: Okay just… forget it... don't believe me. [walks away]
Freddie: [Shouts after her] Tell me one reason why I should believe you!
Sam: Because I came here. Have I ever come to you for help before? For anything? [leaves without another word]
Freddie: [sad, upset expression]
(iReunite With Missy)

Carly: No. You care about Sam!

Freddie: [sighs] Well, she was really upset....
Carly: And you said Sam wasn’t your friend!
Freddie: Yeah, whatever...
Carly: Yeah, whatever!
(iReunite With Missy)

Freddie: What did you do to my locker?
Sam: My locker!
Freddie: Our locker!
Sam: When did you turn into my wife?
(iMust Have Locker 239)

Sam: [In an honest tone] On the last iCarly, I told you guys that Freddie never kissed anyone. And that was really personal, and I shouldn't have said it on the show. [starts to act tougher] And for all you people out there who've been teasing Freddie about it, lay off, because I bet a whole lot of you haven't kissed anyone either. [after some thought] Including me. Yeah, that's right, I've never kissed anyone. Sooo... if you wanna tease someone about it, tease me. Which is a bad idea unless you live near a hospital!


Freddie: I was just gonna say...
Sam: That we should kiss?
Freddie: You're gonna break my arm now, right?
Sam: No.
Freddie: Well should we? Just so both of us can get it over with?
Sam: Hmm... just to get it over with.
Freddie: Just to get it over with.
Sam: And you swear we both go right back to hating each other as soon as it's over?
Freddie: Oh totally, and we never tell anyone!
Sam: Never!
Sam: Well... lean.
[Freddie leans and they kiss for about 8 seconds]

Freddie: [after the kiss] Well that
Sam: Nice...
Freddie: Yeah, nice, um...
Freddie: Thank you, you too.
Freddie: [as Sam leaves in a sweet tone] Hey, I hate you.
Sam: [chuckles] Hate you, too.


Carly: Why didn't you tell me you and Freddie kissed?
Sam: [shocked and at a loss for words]
Freddie: [opens the door with a cable in his hand] Hey, can I run upstairs for a second and install these ca-- [sees Carly and Sam - stares at her with a shocked face]
Sam: [with an angry look] You spoke of it!
Freddie: [throws cable in air screaming and is chased out of the room by Sam who is also screaming]
Sam: [carries Freddie back inside and throws him on the couch, then hurries and locks the door]
Sam: [in a hurt tone] You swore you'd never tell anyone we kissed!
(iThink They Kissed)

Carly: I'll turn my back, and you guys can resume kissing behind it!
(iThink They Kissed)


Carly: How long was it?
Sam: What?
Carly: How long did you guys kiss?
Freddie: ...I don't know.
Sam: Like... seven seconds?
Freddie: [nods] seven...eight...?
Carly: Oh. And was it fun?
Sam: [gives Carly a look] "Fun"..?
Carly: Yeah, I mean...did you it?
[Sam and Freddie glance at each other. Spencer runs in, leaving the question unanswered]
(iThink They Kissed)
Sam: She's not in love with you, she's in love with what you did!
Freddie: You just can't stand the idea of Carly and me as a couple!
Sam: Very true, it makes me wanna puke up blood. But still... what I said is true... and you know it!
(iSaved Your Life)
{C}{C Freddie: Aw Sam.. if you're in love with me just say so!
Sam: Nyeeh!
Freddie: Nyeeh!
(iWas A Pageant Girl)


Sam: [to Nora] Dude, if I don't get any food in the next hour, I'm going to eat Freddie!
Freddie: [hastily] Get her some food, Nora!!

Freddie: I'd be more offended if I knew what a "stub-rag" was.
Sam: C'mere. [puts her mouth near his ear]
Freddie: OH! Oh! She stuck her tongue in my ear!!!
Sam: Yeah, lucky you.

Sam: Freddie, come rub my neck.
Yeah, that'll happen.
(iBeat the Heat)

Freddie: [to Carly] You literally jump into bed.
Sam: I wanna try it! [Runs]
Freddie: Oh, no! No! No! No! Sam, Sam, wait for me-- [Sam lands on top of Freddie]
(iGot A Hot Room)

Freddie: And look who's late again!
Sam: Don't start with me! [she points to Freddie]
[Freddie gives an eyebrow raise]
(iSam's Mom)


Sam: Show them the prank, Fredwiener!
Freddie: Sure thing...Sam...jerk.
Sam: And that's why you're behind the camera.
(iGet Pranky)


Freddie: Say it! [looking at Sam]
Sam: [sighs] I'm sorry I worked you guys so hard... didn't give you enough breaks... and fed you... you know, animal food...
(iSell Penny-Tees)


Freddie: Wanna putt some meat?
Sam: Yeah, I'll play some meat golf.


Sam: You have got to try this Fat Shake!
Freddie [grabs the Fat Shake out Sam's hand]: Will you get your head outta your Fat Shake and listen to me?!
(iStart a Fanwar )


Sam [to Cort, excited]: You got the job!
Freddie: But... Sam! What about Brad's fudge?! Remember the fudge! [as he tries to feed Sam some fudge]
(iHire An Idiot)


Freddie: [pulls Sam aside] Okay, what's up with you?
Sam: What do you mean?
Freddie: [firmly] You have been nice and helpful and considerate all day - what's your game?
Sam: [flatly] No game. [Freddie stares] Why don't we get on with the project...
Freddie: [relenting] Okay.
Sam: Okay?
Freddie: Okay.
Sam: Okay?
Freddie: Okay.
Sam: Okay.

Freddie: [pops head out of door] Yo yo.
Sam: [sitting on the stairs] Carly sent you to find me?
Freddie: Nope.
Sam: [rolls eyes] Oh so you don't know we had a little argument?
Freddie: She told me about your little argument. [raises eyebrows] I just said she didn't tell me to come find you.
Sam: Good.
Freddie: But Carly's right.
Sam: [groans loudly]
Freddie: Groan all you want!
Sam: [snaps] I don't care what your stupid PearPad app says about me being in love!" [serious] "I'm not into Brad like that...
Freddie: [sighs] Lately, everytime I tell you that Brad and I are doing something together, you wanna come hang with us!
Sam: And that means I'm in love with him?
Freddie: Well you hate me!
Sam: [looks down quietly] I never said I hate you.
Freddie: Yeah you have! --like 900 times! I still have the birthday card you gave me that says "Happy Birthday, I hate you!-- Hate, Sam!"
Sam: [frustrated] Just leeeave!
Freddie [mimics] Fine, I'll "leeeave!"
Sam: Bye!
Freddie: But before I go--
Sam: [Jumps up, heading towards Freddie] That's it! Get out of here before I do a double fist dance on your face!
Freddie: [In a serious tone] You can threaten your double fist face dancing all you want! [Quietly] But Carly's still right! [Sighs] Look, I know it's scary for you to put your feelings out there. Cause you never know if the person you like is gonna like you back. Everyone feels that way! But you never know what might happen if you don't--
[Sam stares at Freddie with an intense and amorous look, gives up fighting her feelings, grabs his shoulders and kisses him midsentence, pulls away after eleven seconds looking shocked]
Tumblr ljeuplKntF1qc8833
Freddie: [With a shocked look on his face] Whu--- I---
Sam: [A bit awkward] Sorry...
Freddie: [Still shocked] It's cool...


Freddie: [to Carly, on computer] See if you can find out whether oranges can crack a spine [glares at Sam] 'cause I THINK THEY CAN!
Sam: Oh, man up. Or at least boy up.
(iParty With Victorious)

Tumblr loa5f8143X1qgrg2oo1 500

Sam: Why'd you come here?
Freddie: To figure out why you check yourself into a mental hospital.
Sam: You wanna know why?
Freddie: Kinda.
Sam: I hate you!
Freddie: Then why'd you kiss me?!
Sam: Cause I...[quietly] I like you...
Freddie: So, you hate me and you like me...?
Sam: Now you see why I need to be in here? Ah, I got problems. I can't think straight, I can't eat, I--I--
Attendant: Sam, we have hot quesadillas--
Sam: [shuts the door and starts eating a quesadilla]
Freddie: Look Sam, I get that you're feeling a little--
Sam: Aww, who cares, so I kissed you. So... so maybe I do like you a little bit. It doesn't matter 'cause there's no way I'd ever go out with you or be your little girlfriend and... dang this place makes good quesadillas.
Freddie: Can I have one?
Sam: No!
Freddie: [to Sam] Can we talk about the kiss?
Sam: Yeah, actually let's never talk about it, alright?
Freddie: Sam... [Sam gives him a death stare] don't kill me... [backs away] I was just gonna say... no matter what happened that night [puts his hand on her shoulder] I'm telling you--
Sam: [without even looking at him] Off.
Freddie: [takes his hand off her shoulder] You're not any more mentally unstable than you have been your whole life.
Sam: You really mean that?
Freddie: I do.
Sam: 'Kay... let's get out of here.
Freddie: Good. [Freddie opens the door for Sam as she dumps quesadillas into her purse before they leave]
Freddie: Sure.
(iLost My Mind)


IMG 0469
Okay look, I don't care how many iCarly fans say I'm not insane for liking Freddie. I know I'm cr--
Freddie: [interrupts Sam] W-w-wait. Let's take one more chat.

Sam: No I don't wanna...
Freddie: Just one more!
Sam: [groans]
Freddie: Here, hold this. [looks to Carly, gives her his camera, takes the Pearpad]
Carly: [whispers] You be nice.
Freddie: [to Carly] Just... [into PearPad, to web audience] Hey, it's me Freddie. So uh... a lot of people have been talking about whether Sam and I should, ya know, "go out" with each other, and it's like everyone's wondering if Sam is crazy for wanting to. But nobody asked me how I feel.
Sam: [to Freddie] We talked about it.
Freddie: No, you talked. You told me how you feel while you ate a quesadilla.
Sam: [to web audience] The quesadillas here are amazing.
Carly: [shushes Sam]
Freddie: [continues] Anyway, yeah, it's important how Sam feels. But, how I feel is important too.
Sam: [to Freddie] OK, Benson, we get it! You wanna humiliate me on the web in front of millions of people, go ahead, just do it, I don't care. Get back at me for all the mean things I've s-- [Freddie confidently walks across the room and kisses Sam]
Sam: [confused, after Freddie kisses her] ...You mean that?
Freddie: [smiling] Mmm hm... so I guess we're both insane.
(iLost My Mind)


Freddie: Okay, I wanna know...
Sam: Whatchu wanna know?
Freddie: [smiles] When you first started to like me.
Sam: Okay, remember the time I pushed you in front of that bike messenger and he knocked you down and hit your head on that fire hydrant?
Freddie: [smiles] Yes...
Sam: Well afterwards, when you were laying there, moaning... blood coming outta your ear...
Freddie: Yeah...?
Sam: I dunno, you looked, kinda cute.
Freddie: Aww, [rubs his ear] then it was worth the hearing loss.
Sam: Well, yeah...
Freddie: Yeah.
[Sam and Freddie giggle with each other and clink their cups together]
(iDate Sam & Freddie)


[Sam and Freddie walk into the Shay's apartment]
Freddie: Good, Carly's here, let's ask her.
Sam: After I get some ham.
Freddie: Some things more important than ham!
Sam: [menacingly] Don't you ever say that to me...
(iDate Sam & Freddie)


Freddie: I think that's fair.
Sam: [sighs] Dideo.
Sam and Freddie: [smile then kiss]
Freddie: [grabs Sam's hands] Let's go get you that ham.
Sam: Aww, Baby. [run out holding hands]<br/ / (iDate Sam & Freddie)


Freddie: Hey, how great does Sam's hair look?
Sam: He brushed it for me.
Freddie: With one of these. [picks up a brush while smiling]
(iDate Sam & Freddie)


Freddie: Hey, Cuteness.
Sam: Lips, please. [Freddie lifts up her chin and kisses her]
(iCan't Take It)


Sam: [to Freddie, cloyingly stroking his chin] C'mon, don't be mad at Mama.
(iCan't Take It)


Carly: [to Freddie] Sam loves you! [looks over to Sam and hits her arm]
Sam: [relunctantly] It's kinda true.

(iCan't Take It)


[Sam and Freddie walk into the elevator from the iCarly studio; waits for the elevator, but Sam pushes the emergency stop button, and the elevator stops.]
Sam: ... So.
Freddie: [turns to look at Sam] She wasn't talking about us.
Sam: [shrugs] ... I know... but... do you think maybe... you and I... are taking some connection we have-
Freddie: And trying to force it into a boyfriend-girlfriend thing?
Sam: ... Yeah.
Freddie: Well I mean... [sighs] I don't know... [chuckles] it's like, after all the years, of us being like, at each other's throats... and you... kissing me... that night at school... it was pretty... intense...
Sam: [scoffs] Hey, you put me in a mental hospital. So... the kiss was... just... intense?
Freddie: [looks at Sam and nods his head at her] And fun.
Sam: [smiles] ... Yeah, I just... [leans back against the elevator's wall] I dunno if you and me really click... thatway.
Freddie: Yeah... [shrugs and smiles] but, you know, maybe one day if... you get a little more normal...
Sam: Or, you get a little more abnormal [Freddie and Sam look confused] ... so did we just break up?
Freddie: ... feels like it... [crowd "awws" and a sweet piano tune plays]. But... you know it was... mutual... right?
Sam: Yeah... [grins] but I'm still gonna tell people that I dumped your butt and broke your nerdy little heart.
Freddie: [smiles at Sam] Fair enough.
Sam: [shrugs] Oh well... [pushes the button again and the elevator begins to go down again; lands on the living room floor, and the door opens; Sam starts to walk out but Freddie says something to her...]
Freddie: ... I love you. [walks up behind Sam, and smiles at her]
Sam: [stops walking; turns around; smiles] I love you too.
Sam: [walks up to Freddie and kisses him sweetly]
Freddie: [takes his PearPhone out of his back pocket] It's only 10:30...
Sam: [smiles at Freddie] Wanna break up at midnight?
Freddie: That works.
Sam: OK [Sam and Freddie go back in the elevator; Sam pushes the down button, smiles, and starts kissing Freddie again; and the episode ends with the elevator door coming down, as they continue kissing].

(iLove You)

Sam & Freddie's Nicknames for Each Other

Sam's Nicknames For Freddie:

Freddie's Nicknames For Sam:

Seddie Fansites

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The Seddie Forum. Join.

Famous Seddiers

(Note: If you are not well-known, please don't add yourself to the list)
  • SarcasticLeaves - She is most famous for her Seddie themed iCarly videos/reviews she makes with best friend LaneTea on YouTube. iCarly's own Nathan Kress is a big fan of the videos.
  • LaneTea - Does videos with SarcasticLeaves on Youtube.
  • SeddieMania - He is known for his iCarly episode previews and reviews on YouTube. Dan Schneider has also invited him to the set of iCarly and asked SeddieMania to make a review for the extended iSaved Your Life. While visiting the set the cast members looked at various fan art. He also went to the Stars 4 the Kids event in Memphis.
  • RobSp1derp1g- He is a Seddie writer and an episode reviewer. He was quoted in a Canadian magazine about Dan Schneider. His blog, RobSp1derp1g's iCarly Reviews, has had over 60000 visitors and has been read by Dan Schneider himself. His reviews are known to have lots of funny moments.
  • Archnemesis, also XxArchnemesisxx on the wiki - Is one of the mods at the Seddie forum. He is well known throughout the forum for his speculating about certain Seddie moments. He is very unbiased as a Seddie fan.
  • DanT- A seddie fan with quality sources. He knew Sam and Freddie kissed the night before it happened. And he had a video of the kiss the previous night that he didnt share.
  • IamMu-chan on, also Nix_Heyns on twitter, and IamMuchan7 on YouTube - She is a Seddie writer and creates Seddie videos. Probably the number 1 South African Seddie Shipper.
  • XxHatexYeahxRIGHTxX also Seddie4theflippinWIN -She's an extreme Seddie writer/Seddie Warrior. She can also be found on Twitter, the Bickering Sidekicks forum, and Youtube (she also makes Seddie Videos) as XxBeccaBeastxX
  • Slicknickshady - He is known for being very strong-minded about Seddie, and often posts screen caps of things that Dan Schneider has said that would point to Seddie. Dan used to respond to him quite a bit, although he and Dan got in a fight and are no longer speaking to each other very often. He doesn't go out of his way to defend Dan anymore, but when some people still insist that he caters to some portions of the fandom, he will defend him. While continuing to love Seddie he had stepped away from the fandom for a while, but as of the airing of iOMG though, he is back full fledged into the fandom. He has written some Seddie fan fiction as well.
  • SeddieBerserker - Outspoken Seddie fan who is known for defending Seddie.
  • KissPunchSeddie- A major Seddie fan known for her Seddie montages on Twitter. She will always defend Seddie no matter what.
  • ZutaraForever12 Known for her Seddie artwork on DeviantART. Also known as xKamiichan on YouTube and Twitter.
  • ColoursOfTheDawn - She makes amazing Seddie videos and posts them on her YouTube channel. Almost all of her videos are Seddie tributes.
    Seddie by clarinda1-d3l8lb2


  • JennetteMcCLove - Inthestars0738 on the seddie forum. A great poster.
  • MidnightAvatArtist8 - The leader of the Seddie Club on DeviantArt.
  • Seddiepopstar (Also known as Glitter64) - She is a major Seddie shipper on Twitter, and on the Bickering Sidekicks, where her username is Glitter64.
  • Snoopy87 - A great poster on the Seddie forum.
  • EverythinggSeddieZoee - (Twitter: @ZoeeWarner, YouTube: FallenAngelZoee, Seddie Blog:, Bickering Sidekicks: EverythinggSeddieZoee) HUGE Seddie fan & shipper. Runs the Seddie & iCarly blog EverythinggSeddie (:
  • Luna101- A really inciteful poster on the Seddie forum.
  • PhantomPearl - A mod on the Seddie forum, who is very respectful.
  • SpuncerShay - A Seddie fan on twitter and goes by HateMe_LoveMe on the Seddie forum.
  • Rebecca Black - Singer of "Friday"; tweeted: "I screamed in the last part of #iOMG.. Is that weird? Yes. Very."
  • Ariana Grande - Cat Valentine on Victorious, obviously likes Seddie, as she tweeted "Looking forward to the new iCarly, #iOMG. I saw a video the other night and cried!!! <3 You all gotta watch and tell me what you think!"
  • Aria Wallace (Mandy Valdez on iCarly) is a big fan of Seddie.

Website Hints

  • In Sam's blog, Sam's Rainy Day Checklist She mentions, "Freddie's sick with some crazy flu...Printed out all of Freddie's old love emails to me and ran them thru a shredder. (Sorry, Freddie, I just love shredding things.)"
  • In this video Sam and Freddie show people their bloopers, laugh together, and play with dinosaur puppets.
  • In this video, Sam and Freddie give baby Spencer a makeover.
  • In this video Sam, Freddie and Spencer do a random debate as hillbillies and the Victorious cast as cheerleaders.

In this poll Sam asks: What Humiliating Halloween Nickname should I give Freddie?
A Dorkola
B Hollow-weenie
C Dr. Janky
D Dweebenstein


This video shows Sam and Freddie pranking Nevel with the help of T-Bo and Gibby. They share glances, sit and stand close

In this poll Sam asks: What should Freddie be for Halloween?
A. A Gorilla
B A French maid
C A Pork Chip
D His Mom

In this video Sam and Freddie prank Nevel again. This time it's into doing a cooking show. They sit next to each other and share. Along with Gibby after he hits Nevel over the head with a meatloaf. They all eat it together.

Freddie blogged about how Sam changed his answers on his NERD application. He says that they've since made up. He even thinks it's funny now and that he has a pretty funny girlfriend.

The final scene for ICan't Take It on is different because the song is longer and at the end Sam and Freddie put their arms around each other.
Tumblr lrph6wrVyV1qf1ifgo1 500

Freddie admire Sam's cuteness and beauty as seen on
Tumblr lroxigRqVi1qb46bzo1 500
Tumblr lroxge8b9h1qb46bzo1 500
Sam and Freddie like making out according to a photo on
Tumblr lrbynl6mcA1qb46bzo1 500

iCarly tweeted So... this just happened. We STILL can't get over that Sam and Freddie are dating! NEW iCARLY in 4 DAYS!" to promote the episode. Sam and Freddie officially start dating in IDate Sam & Freddie

In this video Sam, Freddie, and Spencer attempt to answer a fan's question, but can't because something is wrong with Freddie's laptop. He goes under the table to check the connection and sounds like he is attacked by something. Eventually Sam goes to check on him and is heard scream in terror. The same thing happens with Spencer. Earlier in the video Sam introduces Freddie as "that" and barks orders at him, but he complies.

In this video T-Bo shows Sam, Freddie, and Spencer his terrifying birth mark. They all show no fear at first until T-Bo actually shows them his birth mark. Freddie and Sam often share these little glances and sit very close together. They scream together in terror and continue to do even after Spencer got so much more frightened than them that he fell off his chair.

In this video Sam and Freddie sit very close to introduce the game "What's That Flavor You Slapped My Tongue With" involving Gibby. Sam again delivers the "Why you so stupid" line humorously causing Freddie to become angered and walk away. They eventually get to the game where Freddie introduces the flavors and Sam slaps Gibby with them. Now sitting a little farther apart Sam again delivers the "Why you so stupid" line humorously causing Freddie to become angered and walk away. Their interactions seem to mirror an old married couple's.

In this blog Freddie talks about wanting a new girlfriend, and in the end of the blog he accuses Sam of hacking and editing in that he thinks having a girl pop his back zits is awesome. This can be interpreted as an attempt to repulse other girls, so Sam won't have competition to date Freddie.

In iCarly Word Jumble, Sam and Freddie lay next to each other on a fuzzy pink bean bag chair with a pair of white underpants and play a game of putting 22 random words into a reconizable phrase along with Gibby and Spencer. Many people think they look like a couple in this webisode.

In a video titled iRun it shows Sam and Freddie with Gibby and Spencer as if they had ran a 75-mile marathon. Sam stands next to Freddie and everybody moans and groans in pain and agony after "such a long run." When Sam hugs Gibby for a few seconds Freddie shakes his head as if it was strange to see. Sam then pours water from her bottle over Freddie possibly to either mess with him or just cool him off

Sam Freddie seddie
In the new video for iLost My Mind the screen cap shows them kissing... and the description reads: "Sam + Freddie Update!! You've watched iOMG, now see what happens next! Watch new iCarly episode iLost My Mind, coming this August! The suspense is killing us!" Also there was a marker that read "Sam + Freddie Update"

In the IOMG pictures, one of the pictures of Carly and Sam has a caption saying, "Which of the girls in this pic would you most want to date? That USED to be an easy question for Freddie to answer. Now he's not so sure..."

In Sam's blog called "Sam's Mom Finally Watches ICarly," number 5 says, "That Freddie Benson sure filled out nicely," meaning her mom knows who Freddie is, and she might approve of him. In the iHave a Question with Victoria Justice! video, Sam and Freddie sit next to and stand next to each other, as well as glance at each other often as per usual. They give the same look towards Spencer and are both happy when Victoria Justice arrives. Sam and Freddie squish into a sort of Seddie sandwich hug along with Spencer. They stand next to each other and help measure and stretch Victoria. Freddie doesn't flirt with Victoria, even though on the iCarly Twitter Sam said that Freddie likes Victoria and her songs. Some subtle moments were when Sam would touch Freddie's back, lean into him when stretching Victoria, and Freddie would graze Sam's hand or touch her shoulder. At one point, Freddie looked back at Sam and looked her up and down.

iOMG, which is considered a Seddie episode, has its own tab here which shows the extended promo

In this blog which was supposed to be "Tech Time with Freddie," Freddie, instead of fielding questions about tech stuff, deals with questions related to Sam and their kiss. Notice that Freddie didn't deny that he and Sam kissed, and didn't deny that they aren't in a relationship.

In a new iDrive Thru segment, Sam and Freddie sit next to each in the car while Spencer drives. They do a similar little dance in their seats, often say the same silly phrase and glance back at each other. They smile at each when they really liked the silly phrase and both screamed along with Spencer when Nevel showed up.

In another Bernie: The Depressed Welder video, Sam and Freddie interview Socko's cousin Bernie. They stand very close to each other, glance at each other often, and finish each others' sentences. Freddie wears his "Fudge Control" PennyTee and we know Sam happens to love fudge. Sam and Freddie both feel bad for Bernie. They lean towards each other when Bernie torches the cell phone. At one point, Sam offers to take Bernie out with her and Freddie. Freddie then suggests they go out for some ice cream almost like he'd be joining them on a little date or get-together.

Sam and Freddie do another iNteview with Guppy while he sorts colorful candies. They finish each others' sentences and add onto each others' question. Freddie interupts Sam saying, "You can't say that" and she listens.

In a recent What's Baby Eating: Pea Mush video, they stand very close to each other and feed Baby Spencer together. Freddie wears horizontal red stripes and Sam doesn't mind. Also it shows the Seddie colors red, blue, and purple and the Seddie pattern, stripes. At the end of web segment Freddie tries to get Sam to stay, but then quickly follows after her.

In promotion to vote for iCarly in the 2011 KCA's it shows a clip of Spencer playfully pinching Sam and Freddie from iGet Pranky.

In a recent Nevel Poem: Angry Beavers Sam and Freddie prank Nevel again. They sit together. Sam and Freddie even place their hands the same way. They look at each other. Sam and Freddie look as if they matched outfits in red, blue, black, and purple. They also finish each others' sentences and cue Gibby at the same time.

In Freddie's blog about Fun Football facts, his third fact mentions Sam: If you let Sam eat as many hot dogs as she wanted during half-time, she could inhale up to 17.7 pounds of meat.

In a recent iHave A Question Weird and Random Sam and Freddie both act random when answering Katsky21's question as to why iCarly segments are so weird and random. They glance at each other, smile, and sit together along with finishing each others' sentences as per usual. Sam puts her hand on top of Freddie's head and doesn't hurt him for once. She also gives him two new nicknames, "Freddish" and "Fraud." Freddie doesn't mind when Sam puts her hand on top of his head. They yell at Gibby at the same time with Spencer. They look over at Spencer at the same when he says, "You'd think Carly would be here." Freddie says, "We have the beef."

  • Later, when he asked the fans to send in their facts, Sam replied stating the following. Hey, Freddie. This is Sam (I still have the password to your blog). I got one more football stat for ya: Exactly zero cheerleaders would ever date you. She not only knows his password, but she mentioned dating.
  • Sam and Freddie do a Knackwurst Video with Socko's cousin Bernie. They sing and dance
    Tumblr l92375wIDc1qd1q7go1 500-1-
    around together, they both wear horizontal stripes with red, blue, and black. Sam and Freddie stand very close together, their arms tend to touch each other. Sam playfully teases Freddie in a sing-song voice saying "Nobody cares" but he laughs and says "So now you're gonna insult me in song?" Sam responds with a laugh saying "I'm always looking for new ways." Sam and Freddie finish each others' sentences.
  • In Sam's rap video she says, "And now I'm gonna walk down and give the camera a kiss." Note that Freddie often records the videos and holds the camera.

'Best place to take a date?' poll.

  • In a poll, Freddie asks: Best place to take a date?
a. Groovy Smoothie
b. B.F. Wangs
c. Petrosini's
d. Build-A-Bra

(Note that Sam loves all of those places)

  • In a photo in the iCarly gallery for 2010 Halloween costume pictures from fans, Freddie adds the caption under a picture of a girl in a Frankenstein costume, "Thanks for dressing up like Sam. Boo-yah! Score 1 for Fred-Man".
  • In a poll, Sam asks Where would you LEAST want to be
a. Locked up in Juvie
b. At dinner with the Bensons
c. Stuck in a bathroom stall
d. Trapped in Nora's basement

(Note that she mentioned dinner at the Bensons. She doesn't like it but she she probably had dinner at the Bensons when Carly was in Yakima or that whole afternoon she spent with him because no one came to pick her up)

  • In Baby Spencer Eats Sloppy Joes Freddie and Sam talks about how at iCarly they love babies. Both were acting like an immature married couple. Freddie was seen glancing at her after that and watching her twirl. They finish each others' sentence, coo at the baby together, share glances. At the end Sam says she doesn't want to deal with the baby and Freddie says "Sam C'mon... Oh, nasty baby." after watching it spit up sloppy Joe meat and leaves after Sam. He also calls her Sammy when he says "Tell Freddie and Sammy what we're feeding you." They also speak Spanish and French. They also stand very close to each other the whole time so that their shoulders are touching.
  • In the Nevel's Poem video they sat next to each other, glanced at each other and agreed with each when trying to convince Nevel to read his poem. When the line "The scent of burgeoning love fills the air." is read, the camera cuts to Sam and Freddie. Sam finished with the word Princess, a reference to when Freddie called her Princess Puckett.
  • In iHave A Question Freddie and Sam finish each other sentences and sit next to each other. They both wear horizontal stripes. They share quick glances with each other. When Spencer asks, "Why is Carly never in these videos?" Sam and Freddie look at him together and smile. They also both tickle the pineapples, lotion up and yell at Gibby together. Sam also gives Freddie a new nickname, Fredder.
  • In one of Sam's blogs She said she ate some fortune cookies and one read:
    "You will fall in love with a total nerd." Maybe that nerd will be Freddie. This was confirmed by iOMG.
    Worst fortunes ever!

    Nerd love.

  • Freddie and Sam both wore blue and white stripes when firing George the Bra. They also finished each other's sentences, stood next to each other, sat next to each other, agreed with each other & fired George the Bra together as seen here.
  • Freddie and Sam interview Gibby's little brother Guppy together as seen here. They finish each other's sentences. They both talk to him sweetly and they both agree with each other on questions they ask him. They wait patient for Guppy to answer and for the other one to finish asking the question They interview Guppy finish each other's sentence bring up purple, girls, marriage and Peanut butter & Jelly here.
  • Freddie wrote a blog about Sam saying saying she ruined their flight waiting for her to drink her 120 oz Strawberry Spat, when he tried to take it away, she wrestled him to the ground. Typical of Sam, she wrestles with Freddie. He also puts quotes around the word "friend."
  • Freddie wrote a blog that Sam Has Spencer's Hair in a Jar. In this, it said "Leave strands of the hair as evidence when she does something bad so that the cops blame Spencer." One would rather expect Sam to blame Freddie for her misdeeds, but she doesn't.
  • In the collection of photos from the 'This Week in Lewbert' week, there's a picture of Freddie licking the necklace of ribs that Sam made and also put her tongue on.
  • In most of the segments, they usually wear red and blue and stand (or lay) really close together.
  • In the collection of photos from the iCarly Awards week on, its shown that Sam was putting a sign that said "Nub's Butt" on Freddie's butt, implying that she put her hand on his behind.
  • A caption on a picture also says that, "Sam got so hungry looking at Freddie's 'Special Ham' T-shirt, she ate it right off his back!".
  • In one of Sam's blogs she talks about how she's taking yoga as her elective. One of her reasons for taking it was "The fact that Freddie has to wear tight pants is very funny." She also mentions that she took pictures of Freddie in his tight pants. She obviously likes to see Freddie in tight pants.
  • In one of Freddie's blogs, he says his phone is auto-spell checking and instead of saying "I loathe you" to Sam, it sends "I love you." Sam responded with "I hate you with every inch of my being. Lose my number, jerk-face." This implies that she was angry, possibly because she thinks he is playing with her feelings.
  • Sam knows Freddie's password for his blog and hacks into it a lot.
  • In a Random Debate video, Freddie feeds Sam a meatball for saying he's right.
  • In the gallery "Extreme Pet Pics," there is a picture of Freddie being scared at night. Under it, it says "Sam hid in Freddie's closet for over 5 hours to scare him and take this pic."
  • On one of Freddie's blogs a Creddie fan asked: Carly, would you ever kiss fried chicken? Referring fried chicken as Freddie. Carly's Answer: I dunno! Fried chicken has never been on my plate long enough for me to think about it... thanks to Sam and her insane appetite! So does this means that Sam has appetite to kiss Freddie?
  • In a "Baby Spencer" video, Sam and Freddie are Baby Spencer's parents and feed him mayonnaise. Till Sam gets annoyed and says; "Okay, I'm tired of this." Freddie asks what was wrong and she says; "The baby's got a bad attitude and I don't like it." She throws her spoon down and walks off. Freddie, in between laughs, replies, "Aw, Sa- Sam. Come on, let's just-." Then he throws his spoon like Sam did and follows her.
  • Sam had to spend Thanksgiving with the Benson's because her mom went on Spring Break, and Carly and Spencer were in Yakima.
  • In a "Bra who Tells Ghost Stories" video, George the Bra tells Freddie that some people think that he and Sam should go out. Freddie replies that he, "Will never date Sam Puckett." and adds that "Sam would never date me." George replies that, "Never is a strong word."
  • In the Drive-Thru: Victoria clip , Sam appears jealous of Freddie's attempts to flirt with Victoria. When he asks Victoria if she's dating anyone, Sam appears to become upset (and maybe even hurt) and asks "What is it with you and brunettes in mini-skirts?"
  • In another video of iDrive-Through , Spencer says "I kissed a ham and I like it." At once this was said, Freddie looks away and raises an eyebrow and smiles in a flirty manner. Sam replies "But the ham liked it more" with a kissy face. Maybe this was a reference from the episode iKiss where Sam and Freddie shared their first kiss but is still unanswered whether they liked the kiss or not.
  • In the Disgusting Super Slow Motion: Raw Egg video, Sam and Freddie are getting along even better than ever before. As Freddie interviews Sam on the hood of the car, they are lying close together and he asks her, "Are you excited? Then kick like a motorboat." (This may be a reference to the "crazy motorboat, kid" remark in iLook Alike.) Sam uses the bathroom, and you hear Freddie say: "Aw, close the door!" and Sam says "No!" Freddie very playfully puts his finger near Sam's mouth and she tries to bite it. Sam also says "I want Freddie to crush a raw egg on my forehead!" in this video.
  • In iHave A Question: Sam, Freddie, and Spencer try to answer dizzyizzy's question: Y R Boys Stupid??? Freddie says to Sam, "Do you always have to interrupt me?" Sam replies, "No." Then Sam continually interrupts Freddie until he leaves. Sam then goes "Aww, Freddie."
  • In Terrible Theater with Victoria Justice , Freddie picks up Sam from the floor, and dances with her.
  • Seddie
    In the Disgusting Super Slow Motion: USB Rocket Launcher video, Sam and Freddie both bring up fried chicken, which is regarded by the fanbase as Sam's special code for Freddie. The 'code' was used in iThink They Kissed, when Sam was under the influence of laughing gas.
  • In a "Disgusting Super Slow Motion" bit, Freddie says "Super Disgusting Slow Motion" Sam tells him to say it correctly and when he corrects himself, Sam says "Good Boy."
  • Sam and Freddie always seem to get along extremely well in "Wake up Spencer." Note that it's usually very late at night and that it's just the two of them and not Carly as well.
    Seddie 236
  • While feeding Baby Spencer peanut butter and jelly, Sam and Freddie seem to get along very well. Also note that peanut butter and jelly mix together very well, and Sam and Freddie were saying "We love babies."
  • In a "iHave A Question" segment, Freddie rubs lotion on Sam's arm.
  • On, the description for the clip iKiss is, "The secret comes out. Will one kiss change everything?"
  • On the left side bar of each Sam and Freddie's blogs, they are posing in sunglasses, while Carly and Spencer are not.
  • In an episode of "Wake up Spencer," Sam and Freddie state that Carly went to Yakima, leaving them alone together.
  • There's a video of all three of them singing theme songs to shows. Carly joins Sam and Freddie on Leave it All to Me, but on I Found a Way (the Drake and Josh theme) and Make It Shine, Sam and Freddie are singing on their own without Carly. During it, they both look at each other while singing the line "It's gonna take some time to realize"
  • In that same video, when Sam and Freddie were both singing "I Found a Way" (Drake and Josh theme song), they sang the part where it went like "It's gonna take some time to realize." This could be a referance to their relationship, that it could take some time for them to realize.
  • In "Hey What Am I Licking" Sam says "Here's a blindfold for the lovely lady" to Freddie. Freddie says "rude." and Sam says "I know, baby."
    Seddie 222
  • In "We Eat a Giant Zucchini" when Sam, Freddie, and Spencer are eating the giant zucchini, Sam wraps her arm around Freddie and Freddie doesn't seem to mind, and later that night, Sam's arm was still wrapped around Freddie. Also, when Sam, Freddie and Spencer fall asleep, Sam and Freddie's heads drop next to each other.
  • In "The Jitters ", Sam and Freddie play a married couple. Throughout the video, Sam is constantly putting her arms around Freddie. She also grabs his hand for a few split seconds, and they interact with their two kids, Joe Jitter Jr. (Spencer) and Jessica Jitter (Gibby.) Freddie introduces Sam as 'Judy Jitter' and Sam introduces

    A married couple?

    Freddie as "Joe Jitter." This is the second time Sam and Freddie played a married couple, such as in iLook Alike, when Sam and Freddie played a married couple in a caveman video. They do a continuing sketch of The Jitters where they again play a married couple and use red and blue cups forming the Seddie color, purple.
  • In an iCarly interview with T-Bo with Sam as the interviewer, Freddie started recording before he was supposed to, and Sam just rolled her eyes and continued rather than get angry at him, as she would have in the past. Also, when T-Bo mentioned what he was going to talk about in the interview and Sam tried to end it early, all Freddie did was say, "Come on" and Sam continued with the interview, showing yet again, how their friendship has grown.
  • In a new iCarly random debate, Sam and Freddie were sitting on a love seat couch as they were debating.
  • In Sam's blog featuring her mother one of the comments her mother sends her is "That Freddie Benson sure filled out nicely."
  • In a poll, Sam asks: Who do you like best? 1. Sam 2. Sam 3. Freddie...I mean Sam. 4.SAM! Could this mean Sam was thinking about Freddie while posting the poll??
    Seddie 232
  • In Sam's blog "Fat Cake Madness", she said that she wanted to give Freddie the rest of her fat cakes. She has NEVER wanted to give fat cakes to anyone else. She also called Freddie's mom a freak for not letting Freddie have the fat cakes.
  • On Guess What I'm Giving You Clues About, they are sitting in purple chairs and they are also wearing red and blue.
  • Freddie's blog often focuses on Sam, such as How Sam Ruined Our Trip, or what Sam should do with Spencer's hair, and more.
  • In a Wake Up Spencer segment, Sam and Freddie are sitting on the couch together at 3 AM. Sam has a small smile on her face when she said that Carly was gone in Yakima. Freddie proudly said t
    hat Sam picked the lock to get in. They are getting along and laughing while waking Spencer up. Sam was seen dozing off and smiling after she sleepily called Freddie a nerd. They often glanced at each other and smiled.
  • In one of the Random Debates video, Sam and Freddie sit in a tiny swimming pool in swimming clothing (also, this is the first time Sam has shown her stomach).
  • In iInterview With Guppy, purple, the Seddie color, is said many times.
  • Guppy is also making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, possibly a reference to the Baby Spencer segment, when both Freddie and Sam fed Spencer peanut butter and jelly.
  • In iEat Zucchini, Sam wears purple, Freddie wears blue, and Spencer wears Red. That
    night, Spencer's shirt is both red and blue, making purple. The next morning, Sam is wearing Red and Freddie wears Blue.
  • The tablecloth is also purple.
  • When Spencer asks about why Carly isn't in any videos on their website in an iHave A Question segment, Sam and Freddie don't answer, in fact, they both look at him as though the answer should be obvious, and they just continue on with the segment, maybe implying they don't mind Carly not with them.
  • In Sam's Christmas blog, Sam decides to torture Freddie when she was inspired by "12 Days of Christmas". She says "As the song goes, for 12 days this persons "true love" gave her a bunch of jank stuff.". This then puts Sam in the position of Freddie's "true love." You can also see that Sam knows a lot of things about Freddie, like that he's terrified of swans and has a horrible allergy to onions.
  • On an iHave a Question
    Screen shot 2011-02-26 at 12.10.41 PM
    segment while Freddie is talking, Sam places her hand on top of his head, and Freddie is not bothered by it. Spencer also mentions, "You'd think Carly would be here..." but Sam and Freddie suddenly stare at him as if they don't want him to mention that. Sam and Freddie also seem to move closer towards each other during the segment.
  • In one of Freddie's blogs he states
    Seddie 392
    Pam Puckett (Sam's mom) was arrested for starting a riot by saying Freddie was dating Sam, possibly meaning Pam is a Seddie shipper.
  • Sam's bio page was recently updated, and under her dislikes section, instead of saying "Freddie," it says "Freddie (sometimes)".
  • In the iOMG gallery, this picture was posted:
  • In one blog, Carly is asked whether she would kiss "fried chicken", a possible code name for Freddie. She said it was rarely "on her plate" possibly stating she thought Sam loved Freddie.
  • In the last of the Kids' Choice Awards videos, Sam said she would especially enjoy her favorite wiener, Freddie, while she put her arm around him.
  • A caption under a picture of Freddie and Cat from IParty with Victorious reads, "Sam said she didn't want to pose for this pic with Freddie and Cat because she was afraid someone would steal her onion dip if she left it unguarded." Maybe Freddie had invited Sam to be in the picture, and Sam possibly could have gotten jealous of Cat.

"iCarly" Video Game Hints

  • Carly has a dream and in it she was going out with Freddie, and in the dream, Sam was jealous.
  • Sam responds to a poem Freddie sends her; Sam says: "Thanks for the poem. I have one for you. Carly will never love you. The End."
  • There is an e-mail from the Library to Freddie that says "The book you reserved, 'How To Be a Non-Geek Techie' is now in." There is also one to Sam that says "The book '1001 Jokes About Geeks' is overdue."
  • Some of the main dialogue in the game is Seddie-ish.
  • Freddie tells Sam about a Meat Market. Sam thanks Freddie and tells him if there's a Meathead Market, he'll be the first to know.
  • In "iCarly 2; iJoin the Click," Sam quotes many lines from "iDate Sam and Freddie," such as "Give mama some sugar," and "Should I chew with my mouth closed?!"

"iCarly" CD Hints

  • In Track #1 (of iCarly dialogue), titled "The Countdown" Sam interrupts Freddie when he is trying to do the countdown.
    174px-Nickelodeon iCarly mw3
  • In Track #3 (of iCarly dialogue), titled "What's next, Baby?" Sam doesn't like when Freddie says he wants to stay Carly's baby. Sam tells Freddie that she would love for him to go stay at a motel.
  • In Track #9 (of iCarly dialogue), titled "Sam's second toe" Freddie tells Sam to put her socks back on and Sam says NO. She also says it's a sign of high intelligence- or maybe low intelligence. After Freddie says "That must be why you had to repeat the third grade," Sam jumps on Freddie and starts attacking him with a fork.
  • In Track #11 (of iCarly dialogue), titled "Locked in the closet" Sam tells a story of how "One time I snuck into Freddie's apartment and locked his mother in a closet." and Freddie asked "When?" and Sam replied "Uh, an hour and a half ago." Freddie then yells "SAM!" and while Freddie is running away screaming Sam just laughs.
  • In Track #12/13 , the iCarly dialogue was started by Sam and led into Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne (Track #13), which could mean that this was Sam's feeling on Freddie dating Valerie instead of the girls both feeling this way. The song includes the lyrics "I know that you like me" and "I want to be your girlfriend."

Dan Schneider Seddie Hints

(Dan has made many hints towards Seddie)

  • Dan tweeted "In tonight's @iCarly, more with Sam and Freddie. And in tonight's @Victorious, a big splash of Drake & Josh! #iCarlyAndVictorious RT!" during the premiere of IDate Sam & Freddie.
  • Dan also mentions in his ILost My Mind Fun Facts
  • "And now... for the first time since the kiss... Freddie enters and sees Sam, face-to-face. Dun dun dunnnnn!!!..."
  • Sam makes a major confession in this scene, to Freddie. I can't even tell you here. It's too big to type! Ahhhhh!
  • I don't know why, but I just absolutely love how Sam delivers her line, "Uh, actually let's never talk about it, all right?"
  • I also love the moment between Freddie and Sam where Sam says "Off" (without even looking at Freddie). Awesome moment.
  • As I sit here watching this, I'm just thinking what a great scene this is between Sam and Freddie. Funny... sweet... emotional. Applause to Jennette and Nathan!
  • Freddie's last line in this scene – "Sure" – was not in the script. I added that on stage, while we were filming this scene."
  • This scene is about to get REALLY dramatic. Like, majorly. Wow.
  • And as Sam herself points out in this scene, this is Freddie's big chance to humiliate Sam, live on the web, in front of millions of people. It's Freddie's chance to get back at Sam for all the mean things she's ever done to him. The question is... what will he do with this opportunity, live on the web? I can't tell you here. Please trust me – it'll be better if you watch the episode. I promise :)
  • Dan revealed in his Fun Facts for iLost My Mind a little iOMG trivia as well relating to the Sam-Freddie kiss
  • " Fun piece of trivia: When we filmed iOMG, I shot the Sam-Freddie kiss two ways. In one version, Carly wasn't there – she never saw the kiss happen. In the other version, Carly is there and witnesses the kiss. I filmed that ending both ways because, at that time, we hadn't yet written the next episode, and we weren't sure if we wanted Carly to have witnessed the kiss or not. Obviously, we went with version two, where Carly sees it happen."
  • Dan's tweet of a photo of Nathan, Jennette, and Jerry in costome as Freddie, Sam, and Spencer dressed as hillbillies for what appears to be an iCarly sketch
    267283 10150281203073308 134265793307 7778626 343337 n

    How would you like to come home and find THESE PEOPLE in your closet?

  • Dan's video of the July 22nd, 2011 run through shows Nathan, Jennette and Jerry on-set filming an episode while Miranda is on tour. She was not present during Dan's video and has made no mention publically of filming an episode, The other cast members have made mentions or have either been seen on-set. Many fans speculate this could be the first iCarly without Carly. There is a possibility that this future episode could have a very Seddie-heavy plot line.
  • Also in the same video Nathan, Jennette, and Jerry on-set and in costume as Freddie, Sam, and Spencer all wear red and blue making the Seddie color, purple
  • Dan's blog somewhat talks about the four episode Seddie arc following iOMG
"iLost My Mind – This is the very exciting and hilarious "sequel" to iOMG. If you've been wondering, "So what happens now that Sam suddenly kissed Freddie" then you do NOT want to miss iLost My Mind. And... iLost My Mind will guest star the nuclear-talented star of The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons!

Also, iLost My Mind will lead to three more new iCarly episodes that we think you should put in the "MUST SEE" category. Their current titles are iDate Sam and Freddie… iCan't Take It… and iLove You."

These are the first four episodes we filmed of the new iCarly season. During production, the writers and I often heard from the staff and crew, "These may be the best iCarly iCarly episodes we've ever done." Of course, you guys (the fans) will be the judge of that, but we all feel great about these episodes, because we think you're going to laugh hard, and really enjoy the storylines.

Oh, and if you're a "shipper" – don't go freakin' out on us! Whether you're a Seddie or a Creddie, trust us – you'll have plenty to be happy about in the future of iCarly :)

  • In this video he shows the fans a small clip of him editing for the episode iStill Psycho Sam slapped Freddie in the back of the head to get his tracking microchip to stop working. On one side of the screen she has her arm around him. When she runs to search something in her bag, she grabs Freddie's arm. It is unknown if Sam and Freddie are a couple in this episode, but this shows he has written some character development but has still kept them the same bickering Sam and Freddie. She may have touched his arm and back showing a gentler side. It is noted that Sam wears pink and white stripes while Freddie wears blue plaid making the Seddie color, purple and the Seddie pattern, stripes.

In the dialog of the video you hear Freddie say, "Slapping my head isn't going to make the chip stop working" Carly adds "What would?" Sam says "And hurry we need to get rid of the signal" Then Freddie adds "Uh I guess we need something to short it out somehow" Then Sam runs and gets her bag she wants to "help" Freddie short out the signal.

  • In this Dan confirmed ILost My Mind the continuing storyline to iOMG where Sam and Freddie will talk about the kiss. Also IDate Sam & Freddie told from Carly's perspective where Carly goes along with Sam and Freddie on their first date to mediate just in case. He confirmed those two big Seddie episodes are coming soon along with some new Victorious episodes and a sequel to IBloop
  • Dan tweeted "Video: Oh Yeah!" a link the leads to the ILost My Mind promo the big episode where Sam and Freddie are dating.
  • Dan tweeted this about the continuation of iOMG: During tomorrow (Saturday) night's special iCarly-Victorious crossover, you'll see NEW PROMOS for what happens on iCarly after iOMG! :)
  • Dan recently added this statement to his blog about IParty with Victorious here saying that Now, if you're a "Seddie" (Sam & Freddie) fan, and you want to know what might happen after their BIG KISS in iOMG, you can get a little information on that by CLICKING HERE.
  • Dan's written a whole blog entitled iCarly - iOMG - What Happens NEXT... He begins with "Hey iCarly fans! It's been a few weeks now since iOMG first hit your TV screens. As we all know, that episode had a big surprise ending – Sam grabbed Freddie and gave him a SERIOUS KISS .

Since then, many of you have been asking if the Sam-Freddie storyline will continue. The answer to that question is… YES! :) So, if you're curious to learn how Freddie felt about being kissed by Sam, and if you want to see more about that Sam and Freddie storyline, I think you're going to find the new season of iCarly very interesting.

• Did Freddie like the kiss? • Is Sam happy she kissed Freddie? • Will they talk about it? • Will they deal with it? • Will they fight? • Will they kiss again? • Will they become boyfriend-girlfriend? • If they do become boyfriend-girlfriend, will it last? • How does Carly feel about the situation? • Will things eventually be back to normal? • Will Freddie somehow end up dating Carly? • Will Gibby make friends with a live duck?

Now, please understand, iParty With Victorious was made before iOMG was made – BEFORE Sam kissed Freddie. So, when you watch iParty With Victorious, there will be lots of funny stuff with Sam and Freddie, but nothing to do with the big kiss from iOMG.

  • The majority of Dan's comments are hints toward Seddie, or even direct comments toward Seddie.
  • In response to some iCarly fans who thought Sam hated Freddie. Dan said "You guys. Come on. Think. Did you watch iKiss? Did you see the ending? Did you see how they said to each other: "I hate you." and "Hate you too." Do you really think Sam and Freddie "hate" each other? Do you really think each one thinks the other feels hatred? Or do you think maaaaaybe this is just a game they've played since the end of 6th grade... and they keep playing it...because each is afraid to stop playing it?"
  • In the "Fun facts' for iBeat the Heat," he says, "and to all you fans of Sam and Freddie, don't you worry.

    Seddie holding hands.

  • In response to some iCarly fans who wondered why Seddie fans should be happy with the end of iSpeed Date, Dan commented "I assume most of you like the whole Sam+Freddie relationship. If that's true, the last 60 seconds of iSpeed Date should make you pretty happy. What do you think was the most significant occurrence in those last 60 seconds? Freddie asking Carly to dance? Carly accepting Freddie's invitation to dance? Or the expression on Sam's face when she saw them together, and the fact that she just walked out? Hmmm?"
  • In response to a Seddie fan in the iSpeed Date funfacts that said "The look on Sam's face when she sees Carly and Freddie dancing...she was hurt. Which leads me to believe she may have feelings for 'the dork.'" Dan responded with "Thank you. And I'm glad YOU get it. :)"
  • On Dan's Fun Facts for iReunite With Missy, he wrote "Interesting that Sam comes to Freddie for help, isn't it?"
    Tumblr lf2v3ukMtj1qe16ako1 500
  • Dan posted this on the Fun Facts for iCook: "I don't want to give too much away, BUT... there is a "double-slap" moment in this scene, and I love it. It was not scripted. I added it during the later takes as we filmed this scene. It's a great, weird little moment between Sam and Freddie. And it makes you think: Why do they do this? Where did it come from? Hmmmm."
  • Dan posted a working script of a Season 4 episode that made it very clear that Carly was terrified that Freddie may still love her, and also made it clear that Freddie is not in love with Carly. Who he is in love with is not made clear. Dan deleted it shortly after posting but it didn't stop someone from saving it.
  • Dan once tweeted about a Sam/Freddie video he was linked to. It said "Wow! Someone just sent me this fan-made video of Sam & Freddie. IMPRESSIVE!".
  • Dan once tweeted a Sam/Freddie art he made as well and that said, "Pic! For all you iCarly fans who like Sam and Freddie. :)" In the background of the picture, there is a T-Shirt that says "Love You."
  • Dan, in iSaved Your Life fun facts, mentioned that the reason Sam wasn't more upset was because she knew it wouldn't last between Carly and Freddie.
  • Dan said in the fun facts for iSaved Your Life "For all the fans who love the Sam-Freddie relationship, please notice that Sam was quite upset about the fact that Freddie got injured. Know what I'm sayin'?"
  • Dan also stated that the writers didn't think Sam "at this point in the series" would be upset that Carly and Freddie are dating, implying that she may be bothered by it later.
  • Dan hinted in the iSaved Your Life fun facts that Freddie "thinks" he wants Carly.
  • In the fun facts for iSaved your life, Dan wrote: "Just before Freddie falls in the shower, you see Carly heading for Freddie's closet. When we shot this scene, Carly opened his closet door to find a giant poster of herself (Carly) taped to the inside of the door. It was kind of funny, but I didn't love it. And this episode (the editor's first cut) came in way too long, so I had to cut a bunch of stuff out. As I said, I didn't love the poster-on-the-inside-of-Freddie's-closet-door bit, anyway." He mentions twice that he didn't love the idea of Freddie having a poster of Carly in his closet, maybe he wants to make it clear that Freddie's crush on Carly is fading?
  • Dan made it clear again that he only says what's true in his comments.
  • When a comment was made on the iSaved Your Life Fun Facts that said "Has anyone noticed that Sam called Freddie a 'Momma's Boy' but she calls herself "'Momma'," Dan responded with "Hmmmm :) ".
  • On a recent blog, a comment was posted asking: "Are we going to be seeing more Creddie and Seddie?" Dan replied saying, "And yes, you will be seeing more scenes/episodes that involve Carly and Freddie, and more scenes/episodes that involve Sam and Freddie."
  • In the Fun Facts for the episode iFight Shelby Marx, Dan said: "If you look very closely just before Carly begins saying, "But... why would you want to fight me?" – you can see Sam and Freddie share a little smile. Were they in character? Or was this just Jennette and Nathan being silly as the director yelled action? Hmmmm". [2]
  • In the Fun Facts for the episode iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, Dan said "Wow. Sam and Freddie, hanging out together on bean bags, looking at things, having a fun time together? Hmmm. Once again: HMMMM..." [3]
  • Dan keeps pointing the fact that Sam only likes stripes on herself and that she hates them on guys, but Sam never complains about Freddie wearing stripes (except for once in iPilot)
  • In a YouTube video of Jennette and Nathan addressing two iCarly fans, Dan says (about iKiss) "They loved the episode. They loved that moment between you two guys, they did."
  • Also note that Sam is wearing red whilst Freddie is wearing blue, combining to make purple. Carly is a mutual black.
  • @iCarly's twitter "What would iCarly do for an ice cream sandwich? Well, Carly & Freddie wouldn't do
    much but Sam would prob EVEN hug Freddie!"
  • Dan asked on his twitter and facebook pages "iCarly question: WHO should Freddie fall in love with and date??" A great majority of the fans voted for Sam.
  • Dan posted this video of Nathan & Jennette acting as Sam and Freddie saying he has no explanation for it iCarly: Sam & Freddie - WHAT?!?!?!?!and Dan uses red and purple light, purple being the official Seddie color. Also, Sam and Freddie are really close to each other in the video, something that neither of them would do, which means that they are becoming good and closer friends, such as Freddie listening to Sam. Sam also would've never let Freddie get that close to her, but she didn't say anything, which implies the fact that Sam enjoys Freddie's company and likes it when he's close to her like in the video.
  • Dan Schneider also seems to favor love/hate relationships. In Drake and Josh, as well as Zoey 101, he put the two people who hate each other and are sworn enemies together and made them couples.
  • In his blog, Dan commented that in iThink They Kissed, Sam did not beat up the prisoners because she didn't want Carly or Freddie to get hurt. She actually cares about Freddie and didn't want him to be injured.
  • In Dan's blog "When Fans Assume..." Dan put out 5 examples on what a writer would do, the 4th one saying that Freddie is in love with Sam and the 3rd one suggesting it.
  • Also about Dan's script comment, though he mentioned a lot about how fans should not assume things based on the script, he never said not to assume things based on the previous shows he has written.
  • Dan tweeted "Uh, WOW. An iCarly fan made a really cool video from the show. This is really well done: about 3 hours ago" via web
  • Someone tweeted Dan Schneider and said: "We need a Seddie episode very soon! I can't wait till tonight, I even have my hair curled like Sam's in the spirit of it yayy (:," and Dan replied: "Just wait :) :) :)"
  • Dan's iOMG Funfacts hint a lot towards Seddie:
    • "It's Brad, the guy who almost got the job as iCarly's intern (assistant) in the episode iHire An Idiot – that is, until Carly and Sam decided to hire Cort instead. As you'll remember, Brad loves making fudge for people. He's a good looking, very likable guy who, um, might make a perfect boyfriend for some lucky girl. Maybe. Hmm." (Dan says "lucky girl" which could mean anyone, not just Sam. It could be Carly)
    • "Would YOU eat fresh guacamole that was made by Sam? Is Freddie right to be suspicious of her guacamole? Notice I took the time to create a special white arrow, pointing to Sam's fresh guacamole. That's how much I care. :)"

"At the beginning of this scene, notice the blowing leaves. It's a subtle thing, but I do it because I feel it gives the scene a sense of reality you often don't see in a sitcom."

  • "The way Nathan ("Freddie") delivers his line "Yeah you have!" in this scene makes me laugh out loud, every time."
  • "The two-word line "Hate, Sam" was not in the script. I added that on stage as we were filming this scene. Do you like it? :)"
  • "I'm not going to write much about what happens in this final scene of iOMG. All I'm going to say is... I think you should watch closely. Give it your full attention. I think you'll be glad you did. :)" (He purposely does not reveal the last scene with Sam and Freddie talking outside, and also doesn't show any screencaps of this scene.)
  • After iOMG, a fan asked Dan on Twitter if Sam and Freddie would be dating now and Dan replied "Could beeeee ;)". tweet
  • Dan said that fans will find out about Freddie's feelings. [3]]
  • Dan posted this comment saying "Wow. To whoever made this video, you are very talented :)" complimenting the fan that made this this video which is nice, but also interesting because Sam and Freddie play the married couple in the fan-made trailer like in the "Obsessed" movie with Beyonce and various actors. Carly plays the psychopath vying for Freddie's affection and Sam and Freddie try to keep them and their family safe as in relation to the actual "Obsessed" movie
  • Dan complimented a fan on twitter on making a fan made video for iOMG part 2 . He said "To the iCarly fan who made this iOMG Part 2 promo... EXCELLENT. Very impressive." The video is entitled [Freddie & Sam] - iOMG 2 Fan Promo
  • Dan posted this video of a recent run-through for a yet unnamed episode. Fans get to see a glimpse of the set, which in that run-through showed a purple restaurant for Sam and Freddie's date in iLost My Mind


  • Dan posted this video while filming the follow-up to IOMG reportedly named IDate Sam & Freddie
  • Dan tweeted this photo of Nathan Kress and Jennette McCurdy in Memphis for the 2011 Stars 4 Kids Event, but wrote the caption as follows "There's an INCREDIBLE new @Victorious on THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! Now as a bonus, here's a fun pic of Sam & Freddie"
  • Before IFight Shelby Marx Dan tweeted this photo with a caption "Freddie and Sam a bit shocked by"

Nickelodeon Hints

  • On Nickelodeon's Official Facebook page they posted, "Are you a Seddie superfan? Or do you think Sam should stick to locking lips with humongo ham sandwiches?"
  • In the iDate Sam & Freddie gallery. Their captions were some of the following

Dinner Date
Who would've thought? Sam and Freddie eating dinner together without any insults or bruises? We can't believe our eyes!
Smoochy Sweethearts
Seddie locking lips?! This couldn't be MORE adorable! Love <3.
Sippin' Smoothies
What's a couple in love to do other than sip on a delicious Groovy Smoothy?
Puppy Love
It looks like Sam and Freddie aren't the only ones in puppy love!
Nothing shines brighter than a lady in love!!

  • When advertising the show Friends, coming to Nick at Nite. On the line "We've brought you more than friends." It shows a clip Sam kissing Freddie from iOMG indicating Sam and Freddie are more than friends.
  • Nick's official US Twitter tweeted "Hey iCarly fans, has anyone turned the Seddie kiss into a GIF yet? "
  • Nick's website video of the ILost My Mind Freddie-Sam kiss had this caption, "After getting kissed by Sam and breaking her out of mental hospital, Freddie finally shows her how he feels."
  • The screen capture on the right shows's caption for the second iLost My Mind Promo, which reads "Sam may be a little too head over heels in love..too much that she's losing her mind! Check out this awesome iCarly special Saturday August 13th at 8/7c"
  • In this link for the ILost My Mind trailer It's captioned as this

"Have you been tossing and turning in the middle of the night, unable to eat, unable to sleep, and unable to function like a normal human being because you just can't wait one more measly minute to find out what's happening with Seddie?! We, too. Well get ready to catch those Z's because we're finally gonna find out what happens next! Check out the sequel to Freddie and Sam's OMG kiss, "iLost My Mind"

OMG! Has Sam gone totally bonkers or is Seddie about to be named the new "IT" couple? We'll find out in August! Don't worry's not THAT far away. And we promise, it'll be totally worth the wait."

  • On the official Nickelodeon US Twitter posted here they tweeted #iLostMyMind is coming in August! #Seddie
  • Latino Nickelodeon's "Especial de Amor " (Love Special) has a Seddie hint because in one of the promos for it Sam and Freddie's first kiss from iKiss was shown, while Carly's and Freddie's kiss wasn't.
    Screen shot 2011-02-19 at 3.54.49 PM

    Sam and Freddie.

  • During the 2009 Nickelodeon Christmas Commercial, Sam and Freddie were mostly together.
  • On the 2010 Nickelodeon Christmas Commercial, Sam and Freddie were always seen together, but neither were seen with Carly.
    URL all I need


  • On the Nickelodeon website, there were iCarly printable valentine's day cards , and there is one with Freddie holding a laptop with Sam on the screen, with the caption "URL I NEED." And sometimes when making cards, people tend to use shortcuts such as "ILY" for "I love you," etc. On the card where Freddie is holding a laptop with Sam on the screen it says "URL I NEED" which seems to be a shortcut for "You are all I need." This is also the only card that that has one of the ships on it.
  • Many hints were posted in the iOMG gallery.
  • Also, on, the URL for the iOMG Seddie kiss says " with the link saying "Seddie."[4]
  • In this link with some photos from IParty with Victorious featuring Nathan Kress and Jennette McCurdy on-set as Sam and Freddie with a photo caption "Look out! It's Seddie Krueger! This pair looks downright SCARY in disguise. Don't you think? We just can't wait for this summers super show. It's sure to be a mask-terpiece!"
    Seddie 255
  • In recent news about iCarly, wrote about Nathan's interview with ClevverTv, where he spills secrets about Seddie being more supported and how iOMG was even kept secret from the actors. After Nathan said kissing Jennette would be like kissing your own sister, Nickelodeon wrote:

"Well, maybe Jennette and Nathan don't have sparks between them in real life, but when it comes to Sam and Freddie, it's like the the fourth of July! We just can't wait to see what happens next!"

  • In the recent Behind the Scenes video, the cast was asked if they think Sam and Freddie will end up together. Miranda responded: "I think Sam and Freddie will wind up together." and Noah responded: "There's a good chance that they will."

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