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February 11, 2012

Hey there! Although I've only ever signed up on the iCarly wiki before in 2012, don't let that fool you; I've been a longtime Schneiderverse fan since the days of when TeenNick still aired the last few episodes of Drake and Josh, meaning that I've watched almost every single iCarly episode premiere since then. I mean it when I say I grew up with that webshow.

I was one of the majority of Creddie shippers who watched the premiere of iSaved Your Life, and I'm one of the very few Creddiers who stayed and watched the entire Seddie arc (no matter how much I cringed visibly at the TV screen, especially when iKiss premiered for the first time).

Even though I've been an established Creddier since iKiss (doesn't the irony just kill you?), I'd be happy to talk to both fellow Creddiers and Seddiers alike, even if you don't ship anyone from the TV show.

Love and Spaghetti Tacos,


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