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October 30, 2010

Read blogs: "Remember" and why seddie will happen. 9 min story on Sam/ Freddie. (Churchpantsandparolebaby "I hate you/ I love you: Sam & Freddie") 9 min story (**) GREAT AUDIO

left off finding pics right here: great cite for latest pics and news. is that true? left on page 114.!/DanWarp/status/58633457861001216 24 episodes after iOMG should nathan and jennette be more than friends link...

justjennette page 9, NOvember 5. (check out jennette's cupcake war thingy!

jcrox= new favorite utuber? thai insurance CM- Grandpa with English subs. (so touching and it has nothing to do with icarly)

Questions: How many viewers did iDSF get?

when dan starts making iCarly again, that will be the last one "season," right? (can you reply on my talk page, i'm gonna go now, and this page will be flooded.)

anything new? The reason to why iDSF didn't get as many viewers is because it wasn't as "exclusive." The other iCarly episodes in other seasons got more viewers because it was spread out and it was rare to see it. But now, (so far) we're getting episodes each week and is predictable. Think about it, would a normal person be more inclined to watch icarly if he knew it was every week or if it was only once every month. Truly, he would pick the latter since the episodes are more "rare." This arch will not be as rare as other iCarly episodes in the past season.


About me

Contact Bolivianbacon, Latersgee, and Tash1 for a link to iLMM.

Check out sabrinaschool's older vids and her other utube accounts (manipsproduction?)


iSee a therapist, i'm sick (fight scene MITE be oc but looks really good!), Birdhouse in your soul, and other stories by spinlight (creator of holiday spirit).Firecracker (by spinlight) and maybe iam at home on the range. And we've got all the time by spinlight. (My mistake almost done) Read iloathe you. also read ibreak the rules. iShakespeare is finally finished, and also read iOMF. iam the spawn of seddie?

Finish Birdhouse, My mistake (hopefully will be finished), i'm sick, and iShakespeare (<-- very epic [I hope]). Sequel to birdhouse in your soul? (7 chapters last updated july 13th. Maybe it will be finished. MAYBE).









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(some fanfics i will read) (lol funny seddie :)

iSee a therapist, i'm sick (fight scene MITE be oc but looks really good!), Birdhouse in your soul, and other stories by spinlight (creator of holiday spirit).Firecracker (by spinlight) and maybe iam at home on the range. And we've got all the time by spinlight. (My mistake almost done) Read iloathe you. also read ibreak the rules. maybe iam your colleague. seems pretty ok. not done you lose you win. Heard its very good. incomplete heard very good also. incomplete




I like to watch icarly and i ship Seddie. Well I've finally gotten a chance to just update some random stuff. I'm pretty chill to hang out with and enjoy having fun (like most of you guys)! But I also use logic for debates about random stuff/ blogs! I'm pretty smart, but not as smart as those geniuses/ awesome fanfic writers!


Random stuff: To be honest, I really think I can be a mixture of both Freddie and Sam. At times I can eat... A LOT, but not all the time like Sam. I'm not as skinny as Sam, but not as buff as Freddie, I'm in between! I can make witty comments and am pretty good at making puns xD. I like to make jokes and stuff, but not as far as Sam goes (her pranks are endless...). I'm smart like Freddie... but I'm not as "nerdy" as he is (galatic wars, techy stuff). So ya... just a few things about me!


Also, below are links to random seddie stuff. No I'm not obsessive! I just watch them once and post it here, in case I want to watch it again. Also, it helps me to share with others about some videos/ fanfics! It's a seddie compilation of everything... Anyways, It's very disorganized but it's my profile :). I write summaries for the really good fanfics because it reminds me of how amazing Seddie is.

I'm also a fan of Jennette. She is a very sincere, honest person! I like how she is very versatile in everything: skating, hockey, guns (there is a pic of her with goggles at a shooting range . . . though I"m not sure if it's a real gun!), singing, rapping, witty comments, and she's very energetic! I wish Jennette luck on her music and filming career!

I don't hate Miranda or anyone else part of iCarly. It's more of a preference of someone else over a person Therefore, I prefer Jennette over Miranda's personality... if you understand what I mean gallery pics of her!


{C} :
NICK Live,
: Watch iCarly Episodes Online. (episodes will be posted here i think) (random icarly vids when they were younger!)



{C} live stream! best player link. for the lion king... icarly links to download icarly episodes! best way to watch icarly online ( iPilot episode is watch drake and josh???? look at description. german link But it has all the episode listed under folgen... to watch it online live! to watch icarly episodes.. but unsure if site is safe! to watch online. (to watch it live) link to icarly episode just press ver en linea (watch online). link to a fairy (fairly) odd movie. extended ipilot! to watch icarly episodes! You know your a 90s kids when... link severus snape and lily potter, my immortal. Good HP. to watch it online live! the kiss scene! (not in HD though..) link to iOMG part 2/2. another link to seeing full length videos (season 3 and 4 though)

EWiLMM-2.jpg ilost my mind is on the 13th.



not bad either.



links: (hi def kiss scene) best quality of iOMG so far!

EDIT: THIS ONE IS THE BEST QUALITY SO FAR (thanks to sam and freddie iOMG kiss. fanfiction of iOMG part 2. ibacon (iOMG fanfic. quite good but unrealistic that Freddie would kiss sam right away.) incomplete fanfic if freddie likes sam. heard its good. oneshot freddie admits he loves sam too. seddie iOMG fluff. very good though. iOMG backward playback kiss scene. Quite good :) iOMG sam and freddie kiss full scene HD. Placed backwards, and it is their kiss. quite good. summary of iOMG.



3246249.png 76195_1708562356342_1306568950_31904177_2266284_n.jpg






cute seddie pic Seddie_207.gif

Screaming_Seddie.jpg i date sam and freddie Seddiejathanidsaf.jpg



(episodes from the backgrounds [two months ago])








haha :)







What_is_Sam_thinking_about%3F.gif Enemieslove.jpg



































Seddie_family.jpg cute






































Seddie.PNG lo0c7o1_r2_500.gif tribute to harry potter (nothing icarly related!)





























































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pizap.com10.58101121103391051313366066546.jpg seddie hug. bann.jpg




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Tumblr_lq10kbcYVs1qh9u5n.gif Tumblr_lpyif2Omnr1qaltmpo1_500.gif 296944_266752133350503_100000471564734_1128861_3949703_n.jpg Tumblr_lq07wf81dr1qj4djgo2_500.gif 296944_266752133350503_100000471564734_1128861_3949703_n.jpg




Tumblr_lq4yfb6Lkl1qk2r7zo1_500.png pizap.com10.82920961873605851313710387609.jpg



293693_10150296219953308_134265793307_7922170_5449051_n.jpg 303920_10150296218108308_134265793307_7922113_2302638_n.jpg 314526_10150296217103308_134265793307_7922082_4833021_n.jpg Tumblr_ljm5xkogkb1qesmejo1_400.gif (check out more galleries of Sam)



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Majenta_Seddie.jpg pizap.com10.8516660626046361314147019921.jpg












1511104_EDWEVPRKCGCDCUI.jpg emmy party. Tumblr_lrc1x2YtIL1qesmejo1_400.jpg



































































98uy7tyyui.png If only love wasn't that complicated. seddie.png







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ICarlywikianames.JPG even though my name is not on it lol. Tumblr_lu4x1uDhQZ1qelymko1_400edit.jpg




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after: Tumblr_lv3318EiAl1qhpdtbo2_500.png














Tumblr_lxhy3n6oYh1r8v5a9o1_400.jpg s

eems like it is sam and freddie...(though it isn't :( )



iDSF signed by nathan and jennette! jennette looks so pretty in worldwide day of play! (


lol if they will make it to happy land. sad gif face going back upstairs. pic of jennette and arianna at emmy's

visit Jennette's gallery page :)

these 2 gifs belong together :) most popular gif titled "How to shut a girl up." (80k+ notes or whatever its called) (good link for new photos). (nickutopia supporting seddie). lol. icarly and victorious fun video. (icarly cast singing). photo shoot with bon bon (jennette) nora from icarly?

Lhseddie.jpg good tumblr on seddie. iPWV confetti thingy. cute picture. michelle obama. tumblr gif (sam thinking about freddie). (*great tumblr post) new/ same account of person who updated seddie videos so fast. secret truth behind the end of iSpeed Date. sam and freddie set fire to rain. Really good video by alicia on this wikia. Sam's sad that Freddie doesn't like her and is alone. Later, Freddie comes up to her and kisses her. (*) Jennette cancels her (cruise???) concert because of her mom. Sad news... ican't take it...???? July 7?? just jennette's profile seems to have a lot of stuff! (*) teen choice award is rigged. miranda cosgrove wants tina fey to be the mom.


iLost My Mind (iLMM) links! iLMM links (better quality). extra link in case videobb goes out. if you want a download try these files.



720 better quality than the bad one. icarly season 4 and season 5 links will be posted.

idate sam and freddie (DSF) Links part 1. part 2. idSF sneak peak 1. iDSF sneak peak 2. picture gallery.

part 1:

part 2: &feature=related

part 1:

part 2:

ican't take it links (iCT) part 1. part 2. HD

iLove you links (iLY) HD. part 2 inverted youtube I think. (not HD though but pretty good. (the ending of ilove you). find a link somewhere here. part 1 HD part 2 HD. icarly the ending to iLove You. the ending to ilove you. the ending to ilove you. icarly ilove you part 1 (flipped 720p) icarly ilove you part 2-2. (flipped) this user has parts of the archs! istill psycho!!!! (iSP) iBloop2. iBalls link! just a link about iLMM.

gotta read i keep a secret, i work for spencer, and istow away, 24 hours story, everything else by gabsikle, and ishakespeare. ireunite with missy is the episode where sam's face is sad (usually this is "manipped" to show her sad face when Carly and Freddie are kissing) {C}Check out bbybrina, ColoursoftheDawn, TheRealKarinaB, sabrinaschool, and KrisKros10000's channels!


The assumption that iDate Sam and Freddie is the title of iOMG part II is brought to you from the same people that predicted #310 would be a Seddie episode back in September 2010, found out that it was called iOMG in JANUARY, and found out Brad was coming back by February. Why not trust them?

iCARLY, Episode #402, "iLost My Mind" Episodic 1/2 Hour Sitcom for Nickelodeon AFTRA Executive Producer: Dan Schneider Director: Steve Hoefer Casting Director: Krisha Bullock, CSA Casting Associate: Jenny Treadwell Casting Assistant: Jamie Snow Location: Hollywood, CA Works: 5/9 thru 5/12/11 Pay Rate: Nickelodeon's AFTRA SCALE SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY ONLY IMMEDIATELY NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE. PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE SUBMIT. [FLORA] 30-55 year old Female. Any Ethnicity. She works at the front desk of Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. She is dishevelled and flustered, trying to keep everything in order. MUST HAVE GREAT COMEDIC TIMING. CO-STAR ROLE. [CALEB] 30-40 year old Male. Any Ethnicity. A mental patient at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. Believes he is from the future. MUST HAVE GREAT COMEDIC TIMING. CO-STAR ROLE. [WORKER #1] 20-40 year old Male. Any Ethnicity. Works at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. CO-STAR ROLE. [ATTENDANT] 30-50 year old Male. Any Ethnicity. Works at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. Offers Sam a quesadillas on a tray only to get pushed out of the room, his tray of quesadillas stolen by her. UNDER FIVE ROLE. [CHIEF SECURITY MAN] 40-55 year old Male. Chief of Security at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. Keeps the peace among visitors and patients. Should be strong and in charge. COSTAR ROLE. [NANCY/NATALIE] 30-45 year old Female. Any Ethnicity. She is in Spencer's Book Club. They are making fruit tarts. UNDER FIVE ROLE. [MARSHA] 40 year old Female. Any Ethnicity. She is a mental patient at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. She laughs hysterically at a TV that is turned off, then screams terrified of nothing and runs off. She reappears to randomly scream in terror for no reason. MUST HAVE GREAT COMEDIC TIMING. UNDER FIVE ROLE. 12 iCARLY, Episode #402, "iLost My Mind" page 2 [GARY] 30 year old Male. Any Ethnicity. Current mental patient at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital, former law school student who remembers Spencer. Spencer is undercover, dressed as a woman, but Gary blows his cover and gets him kicked out. MUST HAVE GREAT COMEDIC TIMING. CO-STAR ROLE. [WEIRD PATIENT/SUPER WEIRD PATIENT] 20-40 year old Male or Female. Any Ethnicity. Patient at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. Loves iCarly. UNDER FIVE ROLE. [HUGE SCARY PATIENT] 30-50 year old Male. Any Ethnicity. He is big and scary. Intimidating mental patient at Troubled Waters Mental Hospital. Intimidates the Chief Security Officer into letting the kids do iCarly from the hospital by threatening to reveal his secret. UNDER FIVE ROLE [WAVYBECCA] 16 year old Female. Fan of iCarly. Video messages the kids during their web show and tells the gang she thinks Freddie and Sam would make a great couple. She thinks Freddie is hot. UNDER FIVE ROLE. [GOOPYGILBERT] 16 year old Male. Fan of iCarly. Video messages the kids during their web show and annoyingly shows his support for "Seddie," Sam and Freddie, as a couple. UNDER FIVE ROLE.

24 hours story thingy, iremember (heard it's very good; also created iSam), holiday spirit (heard it's very good!), my mistake (almost finished), (possibly re-read he gets that from me [very good]) iSam? cherries punch (very short, 4000 words by Mizufae) isee a therapist (possibly?)

Check Kwilson's fav. authors/ stories (creator of iShakespeare! it will be about 100 chapters tho!) great video about who Jennette is! (*) jennette mccurdy fansite. read about what are some good stories! iLove You???????

iSee a therapist, i'm sick (fight scene MITE be oc but looks really good!), Birdhouse in your soul, and other stories by spinlight (creator of holiday spirit).Firecracker (by spinlight) (find the iCarly stories. The nominees seem just OK... nothing special except for Stairwells and Steering wheels...but oh well)

Their you go proof of iLost My Mind.

read ispeculate blog.

WATCH... video/blog about jennettes birthday.

follow/followed Devon Anderson's blog on iRun on website. interesting possibilities on seddie arch. the 90s are coming back! awesome if this happens nickelodeon cruise info. for fairy odd parent movie! link to fairy (fairly odd movie) lunchables commercial with jennette. the scoop interviews jennette! (13 min interview) photo album of ilost my mind.!/YaBoyBooGie person who plays t-bo's twitter. new icarly ilost my mind. sam sings a seddie song. (song of seddie) song of seddie :) (cute *) clip.html jennette mccurdy and nathan kress nickelodeon cruise. nickelodeon's worldwide day of play 2011-september 24. some iLMM gifs ( iLost my Mind sam and freddie kiss scene! (*) they're not making anymore vids anymore :/ 3 interviews by lunchables (interviewing jennette) icarly's jennette McCurdy ran two miles to meet johnny depp. miranda cosgrove explains that it will be the last season of iCarly. icarly gets 5.5 million viewers for iLMM. 13 more episodes of iCarly. 5.5 milion viewers. most popular gif titled "How to shut a girl up." (has 80k+ notes or whatever.) best coast's adorable "our deal" with Miranda Cosgrove -extended version. Watch this 10 minute video website claiming that seddie won't end together after the arch. old leaked script for iSD lol prediction sam will date a nerd. jennette 20 things about jennette. website for icarly tumblr stuff. miranda cosgrove interview. liz gilles interview. jennette mccurdy creative arts emmys 2011 in australia! lol video about with dan and miranda. victorious episode link. jennette= #5 on country music thingy.! nickelodeon's icarly stars in DC for worldwide day of play. jennette mccurdy victoria justice, and Josie Loren- E! Roundtable discussion. (harry potter) the love life of ron weasely. footloose 2011 holding out for a hero. jennette mccurdy ustream stuck in traffic Part 3 (watch other parts by justjennette) (nick stars singing christmas songs on 2011 (*) (*) many iCruise with victorious clips... istill psycho!!!! (iSP) iBloop2. Big time rush, victoria justice, and jennette mccurdy wishing merry christmas in italian. icarly istill psycho bloopers! icarly season 6 starts production code. i meet the first lady sneak peak HD new iCarly 2012 first look. icarly season 6... stuff. great I hate you/ ilove you sam and freddie iBalls Link! not that far away from some girl! pretty good! lol funny seddie moment. seddie still has a chance.

JCROXTCFSSOX12's account??=xbaconstripes

Seddie links lucky...(link doesn't work anymore :( ) sam and freddie brighter than the sun (awesome seddie :) ) jennette mccurdy doesn't know she's beautiful (awesome :) ) seddie it's january 3rd... (dead link) jennette and nathan (dead link...) I would never date sam puckett and she would never date me. Pretty cute! seddie so many little possibilities (*) cute and nice in HD. nathan and jennette have I told you lately that I love you? (cute clips from filming, etc... of jathan) Great montage :) sam and freddie perfect. Great montage from season 1 through season 4 of seddie moments. Loved it :) (*). ibloop 2 just the funny stuff. jennette and nathan (jcroxx's account) seddie its january 3rd (*) Great ikissiversary! (January 3rd!) (LOL ending when Nora kisses Freddie) sam freddie nine crimes. (freddie cheating..) jennette goes to the doctors and... (Funny video of jennette getting her mole removed) sam puckett is kesha (AWESOME fan video ([tik tok])! (**) sam freddie running away (pretty good; brings back some memories!) (*). my freddie amore <3 my cherie amour parody (seddie <3) Pretty cute. sam/freddie & Beck/Jade -- Me with no You (*) pretty good and nice pics! seddie let it slide. seddie me with you. seddie the way i loved you. invisalign Testimonial HD Jennette McCurdy from iCarly Jennette Mccurdy at "IN TIME" Premiere Arrivals- iCarly. sam and freddie iLove you (*) good video of carly voicing over their relationship (iLY) and the arch scenes.(Shows final kiss) (*) sam and freddie the way iLoved you (**) Really good! Shows the kissing parallel of iLove you and iKiss. GREAT VIDEO. (put this on blog!) cover of Adele's take it all (jennette singing! AWESOME!) (*) stars of iCarly nathan kress and jennette mccurdy at the 2011 nick kca jennette mccurdy and nathan kress -Australian Kids Choice award 2011 (14 min long of jennette and nathan!) (*) sam and freddie anywhere but here (created by darlinrose16) (**) Video about the seddie arch including many scenes from seasons 1-4. Overall pretty good depiction of seddie. (good balance of the "I love you" scene with incorporation of how they were before the arch. come down with love sam and freddie (pretty cute. Scenes from the arch and a few from like sason 1) exclusive jennette interviews nathan BOP sam and freddie unable to stay unwilling to forget. (*) shows the arch in summaries and kisses. the five seddie kisses and extra kisses. ilove you by jcroxtcfssox12. AMAZING. it shows the last scenes of iLove you and the flashbacks. At the end they say, "I love you." (**) Really good! sam and freddie desperately needed you (the seddie arch). by Xherclearsky. Basically shows all the moments that built up since iOMG to confirming their love. (*). Really good. smiling but we're close to tears, even after all these years. (pretty good [kind of montage of all their kisses during and before the arch]) (*). candycanecheesecake freddie and sam can i have this dance? because I love you (*). looks like a celebration of seddie lol. nathan kress interview fox news atlanta. (gotta watch it) song of seddie since season 1. sam freddie seddie the five year love story. (*) really nice edits and clips! jennette mccurdy nathan kress and jerry trainor talk icarly at the creative emmy's. itake a cruiser or icruise with victorious promo... because beatles cover. jennette mccurdy shine. tribute to jennette. nick worldwide day of play with jennette mccurdy. leave it all to shine iParty with victorious cover. (pretty good singing!) a tribute to dan schneider. Exclusive is nathan kress team seddie or team creddie? (he's "sibby") sam and freddie the seddie story v.2. Really great dialogues that were chosen and inserted (**) Amazing. one hour live feed that jennette did. really cool since it shows her personality. (she thought nathan might be watching + had a crush on jerry). ariana grande impersonating some of my favorite artists with love iLost my mind so happy I could die. pretty good (*) 20 second video. my review/reaction to iLMM. Dan commented on this video. icarly jennette skateboards into jerry literally. Dan's video. don't kill me. Seddie scenes from iLMM :) nice HD ihave a question: (R-Rated Edition) {Spoof} Haha REALLY funny but inappropriate (**). seddie disgusting. Alright video. icarly ihave a question what's under the table? (Funny icarly video) (*) icarly. drake bell sale en icarly. (16 second bit of drake on icarly) freddie benson ice ice baby. watch it (*). ishakespeare seddie trailer (*) watch it after reading it! sam and freddie moonlight orchestra. Okish video. stuck in love seddie. Pretty good. (same author of seddie kiss the secret). OMG the big kiss on iCarly-Twilight breaking dawn poster-Miley Cyrus bowling champ. (Whatthebuckshow). Funny stuff about iLMM. jennette mccurdy on charter local edition. icarly why are you so stupid. (*). Funny video of sam calling freddie stupid. sam and freddie lucky preview. Spencer just eating cereal. sam and freddie liszstomania X 4. (*). pretty good. just seddie relationship with parts of the arch. insanely in love seddie.f icarly illuminated iOMG. (the last scenes of iOMG) (*) ispaghetti yet another song about iCarly. seddie and you don't even know yet. (by littlecoconutnic who created "the scientist" one by coldplay.) addicted to this girl sam and freddie ilost my mind. (*) made by Jcroxtcfssox12. (maybe a new favorite utuber!) sam and freddie seddie robbie and trina tribbie deer in the headlights. sam and freddie smile (*). idate sam and freddie official promo. link to watch ilost my mind (iLMM) on utube. jennette mccurdy and nathan kress on bucket and skinner promo. seddie love makes me crazy ilost my mind. sam and freddie seddie tonight/only girl cover iOMG. seddie the kiss secret. (*). Really good and it showed how everything led to the kiss and how sam was in love. really well done! by jcroxtcfssox12. 7th ilost my mind promo. icarly iLost My Mind The Cast talk about the plot. (where Jennette sings about Sam and Freddie). icarly iLost My Mind Promo #7 in 4 days. (Carly keeps saying that Sam loves Freddie out loud.) And I've lost who I am (Seddie - iLost My Mind). icarly iLost My Mind with Jim Parsons (Miranda says, "His Greatness is exuding out of his pores.") jennette, nathan, avan, leon , and daniella welcome to the nick cruise. (Summer 2011) icarly photo album (19) "My Sacrifice" Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress Cruise Q and A part 1. (Summer 2011) Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress Cruise Q and A part 2. (summer 2011) icarly promo week of icarly Marathon waiting for iLost My Mind. Sam and Freddie; Oh Love (pretty good video of Sam finally being able to fall in love) (*). freddie kisses sam live on icarly important. Just hints to it being on live broadcast (webshow). miranda cosgrove and jennette mccurdy live on charter local edition HLN. Interview about St. Jude's and iCarly. mebesinging right as rain by adele. lol cop's name is samantha puckett. icarly ilost my mind promo behind the scenes. AWESOME promo revealing quite a bit about iLMM! Nick day of play with a small clip of Jennette and Nathan playing tennis. never is a strong word. (*) (Creator of seddie in a blender). jerry trainor talks icarly at comic con. clever tv interview and he talks about how he likes seddie and there's a lot of kissing and making out. cool videos by RobSp1derp1gs!. iomg Sam's in love moments. (By Rob). massy's tribute to icarly. sam puckett wears it well. pretty good. just to prove that he kisses back. proof that freddie kisses back. victorious/icarly greased lightening. cibby/sibby/creddie/seddie Love the way you lie collab iomg part 2 promo HD idate sam and freddie. carly and sam you're the reason. (A cam friendship video!) (*). nathan kress on upcoming season of icarly. seddie come home. (*) good effects. icarly um where's carly (new danwarp video) funny (*). HB commercial Jennette Mccurdy backpack (#1) como sacarse una A en espanol (HB Commercial Jennette Mccurdy #2) nathan kress talks icarly seddie kiss. HEB back to school report-parentisms. seddie somewhere only we know. sam and freddie fire escape. seddie hints of attraction season 2. seddie the beginning season 1. sam freddie you are the music in me. (*) Really nice effects when five fell. It's not icarly related but i heard its a good video. icarly miranda jennette and nathan sing. Amazing voices! (*). seddie fall for you. seddie teenage dream. nathan kress from icarly interview at zookeeper. icarly hollywood hang day 4 & 5 (1/2) icarly hollywood hang day 3. icruise with icarly day 5. seddie hundred day kiss. really good (*). seddie just a kiss. cute. ilost my mind behind the scenes photos and casting sheets. how did you go from hate to... blehblehbleh. (*) Funny 10 seconds on Seddie. seddie kiss montage. seddie disgusting. Really good lyrics and pics that match (*). sam and freddie meet me in the pouring rain. (has a lot of effects). sam and freddie you really slapped it hard. Haha funny stuf (*). and you never know what might happen. Pretty good! (*). sam and freddie only one. you're beautiful sam and freddie. ifall harder than ipunch Seddie. sam freddie no dawn no day. Pretty good. jennette mccurdy happy 19 years. look at us now. Seddie memories from season 1 to 4. (*) Good! lol iBloop episode... disgusting super slow motion: raw egg. seddie kicking and screaming. Just a funny/cute interaction between Sam and Freddie. icarly istart a fanwar promo #5. Lookback. Just a really cool promo I like (*). Seddie through the season. Should finish watching it... funny icarly likes waffles video! my problem is you. Great seddie video with dialogue and piano piece (*). make category for this user... Great videos! icarly style the proposal. seddie you're an idiot. Great video (same as user above. Waiting for more form this person!) About how sam and freddie begin to date. ifail harder than ipunch a song about iCarly.

{C} miranda's birthday. (4min. long. visit just jennette's youtube page for info on stuff like this) pretty good. sam freddie ilove you. inever said ihate you. Pretty good effects. sam puckett a seddie story. (*) Quite cute with the google search on thingy! pretty good. seddie moments season 3 part 2. watch other parts. jennette mccurdy-never alone (fan support video). great fan video for jennette and the tough times she's going through. iLMM promo. iLMM promo. meant for me by chrissy chase. (the song at iSD) michelle obama drops in. nathan kress chats with celebSecrets4u (about iPWV) sam and freddie in this life. sam/freddie kissin' u. pretty good! bubba on the red carpet for american idol. pretty good interview with jennette. iParty With Victorious (iPWV) link. (or this link (or this link: behind the scenes minor details w/ jennette mccurdy. pretty good (shut up and kiss me) kissing montage. i loved you seddie/creddie. pretty good. icarly i lose my mind mini promo jennette gives more insight about her mom. some cool pictures for recent iCarly episodes. seddie kiss montage (ilost my mind). iparty with victorious premiere pics. jennette mccurdy interview with popstar. icarly i lost my mind promo. some interviews with nathan and jennette. victorious episode prom wrecker part 1/2 HD. minor details (movie that has jennette playing in it). check person's utube vids and profile :)

(follow katydidit's blog about memphis :))

  • watch u stream ishattered your life creddie seddie carly freddie sam. Shows how sam and carly regret rejecting Freddie. (*) pretty good. just a dream. pretty good i guess. it gets even more complicated throughout the years. sam freddie. funny seddie vs creddie video (*.) seddie disgusting. pretty good (*?) pretty good iOMG 2 thing by rachim. rex battle! (*) nathan interview with popstar magazine and jennette sneaks up on him. Cute :) seems like a good seddie video but its in spanish. miranda cosgrove 18. really good iOMG2 promo (*) {C} nice "asylum" scene. seddie OMFG. (* great video) jennette victorious interview. {C} WATCH IT. WATCH IT. iOMG promo jennette' im just an ordinary girl. (pretty good) seddie because of you. Freddie decides not to date Carly anymore and kisses Sam at the end. seddie reaction (danwarp posted) beastly movie seddie style. new sneak peak of littlecoconutnic seddie video. nathan kress icarly season 5 icarly/ victorious mashup leave it all to shine. nathan and jennette (dress attire hints for iDate sam and freddie) (interview with tiger beat) . Also some info for st. judes. icarly trubute iomg fan 2 promo. by candycanecheesecake. quite good seddie video. carly and spencer watch sam and freddie kiss. haha funny :) by candycanecheesecake. quite good seddie style trailer. great seddie video by tvFANtastic26. jennette mccurdy generation love. by tvfantastic. (seems like a great vid-maker). Video is about all the nick stars doing random/ cool stuff. icarly Jathan/Seddie nathan kress and jennette mccurdy "the reason" more of a jathan video but it's cute! pretty cool :) trailer icarly (seddie) style for something borrowed. (*)

Great Sad videos

(mostly where Sam dies...) pretty ok imiss my best friend. Really good (Except sound quality/HD). Shows first half of iDon't want to fight, but at the end sam falls and dies (instead of being saved). Later it just shows memories of her (i.e. nathan jennette rap, and "the blowing" [sam's screams]) this one is created by colours. icarly sam slipped away. (doesn't show her dying or whatever) just a short clip where they all miss her and try to deal with the problems.

eh link to iDo awesome behind the scenes outtakes and stuff! icarly cast random animal voices very good video. Seddie fate. pretty good. (icarly high maintenance) Miranda's song seems to describe Sam and freddie's relationship. pretty good another sam freddie collide (not kriskros) them kissing. pretty good. (summary of last couple min. in iOMG) freddie and sam collide by randeship. Quite good. very good icarly remix! link for possible future episodes possible details on ilost my mind (iOMG part 2) heard good fanfic.iGet kicked out. Not sure if OC tho... pretty good icarly video (TGIF) (no seddie though). icarly sam freddie seddie what if. great video another one that syncs with the song. icarly cast troublemakers. great troublemaker theme of icarly! (no seddie). icarly sam freddie seddie hangin' by a moment. Quite good because the lyrics sync with the actions brainsurge start part 2 of five. (check user's profile for brainsurge from 2 nites ago! icarly dynamite. kinda good! 1:34 sec. jennette latest episode brainsurge. i know we know you know we got something. Jathan. kinda cute! we are generation love fan collab gotta finish watching this 13 min interview on jennette beck falls for tori. coketree teardrop on my guitar. Good voice and lyrics! okish gossip girl and seddie? sam freddie baby your all that i want. Quite good. nathan kress ncis seddie all i want for christmas is you. seddie fallin' for you. Shows when they were kid (examples of Jo and Gabe from goodluck charlie.) Quite ok; made from rachim. heard good fanfic heard good fanfic. very new though, with 8 reviews.

(instructions for live video for iCarly. Search for "nickelodeon live stream" on Google and go to the first link - "Watch Nickelodeon Channel Live Stream | PHSTREAM". It's a live stream of the channel, although the audio seems to be just a tiny bit off. Hope that helped! :)" sam freddie firework. WOW it's good! iparty with victorious behind the scenes icarly theme song sped up. icarly theme song slowed. (both are quite interesting.) icarly theme song german. prom trailer icarly version. (quite good) generation love music video. heard good fanfic the way i'd say i love you. Seddie aftermath of iOMG. (okish-good. rachim's speculation. sam and freddie every glance is killing me. by fishstix. quite good. great fanfic i heard. seddie what hurts the most. (okish video) interview on readio. Shows the person talking to jennette is a really big fan of jennette. (just funny and pretty cool stuff) icarly iOMG photos! jennette's live ustream ipity the nevel ipity the nevel seddie jathan could we have a moment. just a great video of seddie and jathan :) jennette mccurdy ustream! good fanfic of iOMG heard its quite a good fanfic seddie manip #1 super funny manip icarly photo album (10) call me. Good photo if iCarly gang. jennette mccurdy reaction to winning KCA okish seddie video. gotta finish watching. seddie somebody to love. okish gotta finish watching. nathan kress and madison hill. (nothing, just posted just as a resource guide) sam and freddie again. great manip of iOMG. congratulations iCarly and Jennette on your KCA wins. quite a good video of them winning :) I love you because seddie. cute seddie with the voice overs. (Gossip girl people talking but its very good!) seddie everytime we touch jathan II beautiful soul. (nathan's ideal girl seems to be describing jennette) iOMG seddie check yes juliet seddie true love (ok video!) by candycanecheesecake. good video. As I am sam and freddie (from oohsofearless). nice video! seddie don't let me fall (check out this person's vids. looks quite good, especially this one.) Episode is all the seddie ones (iTTK, iSPD, iKiss, etc) seddie oh my god. iOMG Promo video. (same person who made the one above) sam's many names for freddie l. sam and freddie can't keep my hands of of you (seddie over the years). iOMG Sam and freddie call me seddie hate you. oh my God [iOMG promo video] nice promo. 3:00 min. long and shows seddie relationship throughout. (rachim's video on iOMG) seddie motivators part two! pictures with captions on them! iOMG song. iOMG song with words on the bottom Seddie Manip Girls choice dance. Sam basically asks freddie to go to the dance with her and he says "k." seddie iThink they kissed Bitter sweet. basically a summary of ITTK. iKiss bitter sweet symphony. Summary of the kiss and what sam and freddie went through!

check out more vids by dejeneresa! by dejeneresa. The pairing is sam and Beck (avian) about how a girlfriend will always be there for their boyfriend. (cute even though its not seddie) breakeven series season 1 promo (also by dejeneresa) It's all the crazy pairings that can happen in both iCarly and victorious! also by dejeneresa (mean girls promo!) icarly seddie. just a bunch of seddie videos! seddie into your arms. just seddie video. just seddieness. repeat each other's words and their names for each other. sam and freddie you belong with me. (*) What a classic... one of the earliest and most viewed seddie video! Basically wat the lyrics say! seddie you care about sam. Sam and Carly talk. Sam shows that she cares about sam. In the past it shows Freddie kissing carly and Sam sees it. Sam leaves but doesn't see Freddie apologize to carly and can't be with her. (background song is white houses?

gotta look at more vids by candycanecheesecake (i.e. [and watch other vids of "just a dream" carly finds out about seddie and they confront it manip. Basically what the title says. sam and freddie running away. "Im gonna get you" quote. Sam and Freddie keep running away from the good times. But they kiss. "I dont know if I"m gonna change. Wasting time another day." iCarly-Seddie (Sam/Freddie) Wouldn't change a thing VO. Mostly about Jathan but cute. Includes some seddie stuff! it gets even more complicated throughout the year... sam freddie. Sam has always liked Freddie and video just shows how things are so complicated all the time. seddie bring on the thunder, iCarly. nice seddie videio. {C} seddie is going to happen (fan question). seddie dream icarly horror trailer the seattle webshow massacre. (part 1) (*) again really good. iCarly horror trailer// the seattle webshow massacre 2. Parody of icarly horror movie. (*) reallly good. istart a fanwar thingy part 1( Seddie version)! freddie just had... Well just watch the video. (they both "do it"). FUnny video but inappropriate for younger people. seddie manip 4# [You care about Sam]. Sam pukes when she sees Carly and Freddie kiss. seddie speak now full version. Nice seddie vid that I gotta finish watching! my heart will go on Seddie. (*) Really sad song... Freddie dies and Sam is sad. She tries to move on and somehow she does. seddie reaction reminder that jennette's best friend is noah munck sam and freddie in the bed together :) twitlong post. and video of phantompearl is here:

and her link on twitter: Sims version of iHaI tribute to the beautiful jennette tribute to Jennette rapping! wizards of waverly place style for iCarly!

24 hours story thingy, iremember (heard it's very good; also created iSam), holiday spirit (heard it's very good!), my mistake (almost finished), (possibly re-read he gets that from me [very good]) iSam? cherries punch (very short, 4000 words by Mizufae) isee a therapist (possibly?)

Check Kwilson's fav. authors/ stories (creator of iShakespeare! it will be about 100 chapters tho!) read about what are some good stories!

iSee a therapist, i'm sick (fight scene MITE be oc but looks really good!), Birdhouse in your soul, and other stories by spinlight (creator of holiday spirit).Firecracker (by spinlight) (find the iCarly stories. The nominees seem just OK... nothing special except for Stairwells and Steering wheels...but oh well) amazing seddie video 7 min long! The 4 Amazing years. Seddie in a blender. Sam Puckett's sad story. Basically she goes to juvie and carly is best friends with missy now, sam has no place to live because her mom ditched her, and sam's boyfriend, freddie, left and went with carly. link for SOME (just a few) seddie fanfics. Read most of them already tho! funny manip. Sam barfs when she sees carly freddie kiss. carly's like huh? "you care about sam." lol. seddie manip 4. you care about sam.

{C} bra who tells ghost stories. George says how Sam and Freddie should be together! 10 things I hate about you different voices. other george the bra ghost stories!

{C} day of kissaversary called Seddie- Your call! Sam and freddie what they go through. in the beginning freddie asks one reason why he should believe her. She says "I love you!" Then video shows their friendship and everything they went through. Cute :) at the end, Freddie's like "I hate you." Sam says, "hate you too." FULL vid on newer preview! Very well done! jennette singing not that far away. Very natural voice :) beautiful! The Ten Things Sam Hates About Freddie. Voice is made by Kate's poem, the Ten Things I hate about you. Good seddie stuff. It shows all the things Sam hates about Freddie yet she loves him! pages for iCarly. most visited!

"the wayback machine" and write down "" website of what it looked like in 2004 etc

iCarly Episode Links! iKiss (if Hulu link doesn't work!) dan's vid for us to watch. {C} ikiss ispeed date ithink they kissed part 1 the whole thing isaved your life go to ifolrgen (iTTK link also works) for main episodes iSYL full parts.

{C}Carly, Sam, Freddie friendship!, Sam, and Freddie, I'm just a kid

DLS43V utube channel of iCarly vids! watch making of not that far away music video on DLS43V's channel details on #310 seddie kissaversary!

{C} faith is restored in seddie!! {C} anti Creddie. Sweet and shows Freddie getting over his feelings for Carly. Seddie Vs Creddie-- Over You and video made by heartofwolf12 -iCarly Christmas promo for 2010-2011 :D

{C} jennette impersonates nathan love like woe. recent one Seddie with dialogue from songs.

ColoursOfTheDawn gotta watch that person's vids! (creator of the RIP where sam dies :((((((( by coloursofthedawn sam&freddie; inside your head. nice nitpicks. ( sam and freddie just a dream. Freddie realizes his true feelings for sam. May be too late tho...

Dan's blog

RANDOM FUNNY VIDEO (supposedly scary lol) gotta watch more vids of foreverseddiexo


Episode where sam and freddie keep looking at each other is iHurt Lewbert??

iHeart Art is when Freddie's like "U wanna kiss me?" and Sam's like "not right now, but thanks for the offer."

Youtube episodes with a lot of viewers

ilook alike is when freddie says newton, sam says balls :D cute :D

==================================================================== Sam and freddie feed baby spencer peanut butter :D

ColoursoftheDawn Vids! Sam and Freddie shadows. You've been sitting in the light. (Freddie is bullied everyday until he meets Sam who helps him. They kiss :) Sam and Freddie inside your head. Just motion blurs of what they go through with each other! Sam and Freddie you can't fall in love alone. Seddie video Sam says she loves freddie. sam and freddie. one kiss one touch. Just freddie kisses sam sam and freddie you'r the best one of the best ones! sam and freddie rip. very sad but so good. crap that never actually made it into a real video.. XD. Just some stuff edited/ deleted from vid! sam and freddie; you edged on my brain. They try to go back to the way things were before but then they like each other and cant help but kiss each other. sam and freddie you cant fall in love alone. sam and freddie throughout the years. sam and freddie nobody understands. Nice seddie video. sam and freddie here and now and ready. basically iOMG what the person thinks will happen. sam and freddie and this matter of time. iOMG kiss. pretty good. sam and freddie she's killing me. Quite good. sam and freddie inevitable. Just shows how they are destined to be together. {C} pretty good seddie video. just about freddie waiting for sam to come back home :) sam and freddie a story part 1/3. (They date and take it slow, but spencer finds out [sam's dad] and stops sam from dating. In the end freddie gets in accident and Spencer allows them to date. sam and freddie a story part 2/3 sam and freddie a story part 3/3 funny but bad language just...seddieness. (pretty good [jokes, name calling, etc) sam and freddie; change of seasons. (*). just a cool seddie video.

ColoursOfTheDawn's Vid called sam and freddie; she's killing me. Shows Freddie putting up with Sam and everything she does, but Freddie will always love her! {C} Sam and Freddie; nobody understands. It's about Freddie understanding what Sam goes through! sam and Freddie RIP. Very sad. its soooo sad but its sooooooo good! Sam and Freddie getaway. Sam has issues with life and leaves to sort things out. She leaves Freddie a note. He is devastated and tries to forget his pain but he can't-and after hearing her voice on the phone for the very first time in weeks.. he realizes that he has to get her back. And eventually he does. cool video by coulours. sam and freddie two is better than one. sam and freddie; my unpredictable girl, you impossible girl. (*). Shows how "Freddie only had eyes for Carly, until the last person he expected, entered the picture."

user recommends this person's youtube: sam and freddie ..and i could write a song. Really nice video of their relationship (romantically during the arch). (*)! Great video! sam and freddie I don't wanna wait until tomorrow. REALLY Good (similar to jcrox's) and it was flashbacks to the elevator scene (**).

KrisKros10000 Vids! sam freddie without you. Life is miserable without one another. At the end, they kiss. sam freddie car accident. Kriskros10000!!! nice. Sam is upset about new boyfriend. Realizes she loves Freddie. by KrisKros10000 called Sam Freddie Fix You sam freddie tonight by KrisKros10000 Just a great seddie video! sam freddie i look to you by KrisKros10000. Sam likes freddie and finally are together at the end. This is where the picture frame at the very end is a picture (manip) of Sam and Freddie together (taken from Jennette's music video) Sam Freddie Cry. (Sam overhears Freddie saying he would never date sam puckett. In the beginning some1 posted vid of them kissing). Sad ending. Called Sam Freddie Cry by KirsKros10000 {C} Sam Freddie, better than revenge Sam is jealous of Carly dating Freddie! At the end Sam kisses Freddie and at the end Carly's all bratty and says! Noooo! lol sam and freddie the heart never lies. They cant hide their feelings from each other! sam and dfreddie back to december. Freddie says, "you constantly cause me both physical and emotional pain." They stop dating I assume. sam freddie marry you. just seddie stuff and at the end, a kiss happens sam freddie... oh the wait was so worth it. Sam likes Freddie then Carly's like you haven't talked to him for three weeks now! Freddie Sam kiss at the end. Carly says, "You care about Sam." at the end. angels on the moon. sam and freddie in car accident. at end, both admit they love each other. sam freddie out of reach. Freddie dreams on the couch and thinks about sam. Cute :) iCarly Breathe (2 AM). not really seddie but about sam being there for freddie and carly. Sam Freddie only human. Freddie's in the hospital and Sam feels guilty of everything she did. (there's a part where Freddie offers her to be his girlfriend. Im assuming she rejected it). Later in the end it shows that Freddie has died. There is a tombstone that shows his name and a picture of him (bottom says Rest In Peace) and Sam apologizes all that she has done to him. (She says, "Look, I'm sorry... about everything"). Very good video! collab part with or without you. They will wait with or without that person. Part 1 by KrisKros10000 collab part with or without you seddie. (This is part 2 made by Pocahontas2500) Continuation of Kriskros10000's video. sam freddie always attract. Sam sees Freddie with another girl. Then freddie kind of tries to talk to Sam. They become closer, and at the end they kiss. {C} jennette mccurdy smile. She makes everyone smile :) dancing crazy colab with starz7744. Victorious + iCarly theme. iCarly the Gift of A Friend. Just friendship vids! But shows seddie kiss :) sam freddie just a dream. good video and freddie thinks its all a dream! sam freddie five days. takes five days to like one another? Oh em Gee. Kriskros's iOMG promo sam and freddie apology. (Freddie apologizes for cheating?) sam freddie one love. Okish but not as good as some of the others! sam and freddie last christmas sam freddie you and I tonight. Very good. sam freddie carly whos that girl? Great seddie video. (2nd part is collab with pocahontas) Fall for you. (*) very good... sam freddie everything. great seddie video :) sam freddie moonlight. one of the best from kirskros (**) sam freddie i can't wait. another pretty good video. sam freddie footprints in the sand. wow amazing. (Carly is jealous of Seddie happening [the title of the video is cut off...]) sam freddie just the girl. sam freddie shut up and kiss me. sam freddie come down with love. Nice manips (in black and white)! sam freddie the reason. Really good actually . (*) sam freddie carly you had my heart. Freddie's dating Carly in the beginning but sees images of Sam everywhere. Eventually he opens his eyes (sam's beauty pageant) and ends up with Sam. sam freddie only one. sam freddie losing my mind. sam freddie 9 crimes. Freddie cheats on Sam with Carly. (*). kriskros recommends this user's videos! sam freddie always be my baby. (mostly scenes from iLMM) sam freddie with you (*). really good and nice effects. (I like the echoing of Freddie's name). (Mostly scenes from iLMM). jilly seddie 9 crimes collab. Okish... sam freddie she's got that light. Quite a good video of sam's beauty (in a way) Sam has "that light." (*). seddie manips (15 second clip but good!) sam freddie closer to you. Pretty good i guess... sam freddie i feel like that. Bette rthan previous one... sam freddie she's got that light. Awesome; nice effects. (*). seddie manips (smooth effects!) sam freddie closer to you. a more somber tone (*). sam freddie my heart will wait. (life won't be easy) (*). Fash? Really? (yea i don't know) cute seddie/ bloopers. sam freddie i can't stop with xbacon stripes. (Cute ) sam freddie best moments. (*) AWESOME :)) ily, ilmm, iomg, ikiss, sam freddie hold me now. Great video (*) on their relationship/problems. sam freddie i'm here (*). I like the concept of them being broken up but still have feelings for one another. jennette nathan closer to heaven. Cute jathan :) sam freddie take a chance on us. (cute... seddie basically (*). sam freddie. who kisses better? (sam asks freddie who kisses better haha (*). AWESOME MANIP sam freddie i won't give up. Great seddie video (both like each other) (*)

Pocahontas2500 video

{C} sam and freddie (seddie) animal. Sam's an "animal" lol. seddie slaps Sam and Freddie better could ever be. just cute seddie fluff! sam and freddie smile. Just them smiling and enjoying themselves :) Jealous cause I love you Sam and Freddie (collab with candycanecheesecake) Sam gets jealous I think. candy's collab work. another of candycane's cheesecake's vid. but you never know what might happen iOMG. shows seddie stuff from iOMG sam and freddie stop standing there. Just great seddie moments. (very good video!) {C} sam and freddie you can shake the mountains. Great seddie clips. Great video! sam and freddie star. iOMG, seddie etc :) jennette tribute. sam freddie almost a fairytale (one of the classics [like Seddie in a blender]). newer preview FULL video of the preview above! Called "Seddie:: Nobody said it was easy." Very well done about Sam liking Freddie who finally realizes that he doesn't like Carly (while they're dating) but likes Sam! (*) (made by itzxlucy). collide sam and freddie (*) this user makes amazing vids :D


{C}user who used the manip of sam freddie kissing in school :)

{C} sam freddie collide :)

{C} great teenage dreams video!

{C}Soccontagious1910 video (maybe...)

medicine vs garbage (*) disgusting super slow motion, raw egg :D You belong with me Sam and Freddie lyrics Sam sees Freddie and Carly dancing...:( carly cheats on freddie carly is with freddie. at the end sam is jealous and their not friends :( Kind of Jathan tho...but its cute to think of as Seddie cute just a regular seddie video {C} this has one of the best manips ever!! Especially at the end how jennette puts a pic of nathan and herself!! another by kriskros10000 (sam dies at the end :( suicide??) another by kriskros10000 great seddie vid!!!!!

{C} by iCarlylover77 Sam will be loved[Seddie] :D


Sabrinaschool Vids sam and freddie seddie. the way you slipped away. (*) Freddie dies and Sam misses him. by sabrinaschool amazing (white houses :D) (**). Really great video...Amazing!

{C} by sabrinaschool (freddie dies and sam misses him :( by sabrinaschool (freddie misses sam ) by sabrinaschool (sam likes freddie but he likes carly) {C} by sabrinaschool (reason for the teardrops on my guitar) freddies talking to sam about how much he likes carly by sabrinaschool (sam fights carly for freddie) by sabrinaschool (upside of seddie, downside of creddie) {C} by sabrinaschool (Freddie says sams not in love with the end they r and they kiss[nice manips :D]) by sabrinaschool the sad seddie video but at the end sam and freddie get together (called icome in pieces) today was a fairytale by sabrinaschool (sam and freddie are a couple ) by sabrinaschool "Seddie I'm with you" sam chooses between freddie (a new guy who saved her life) and jonah by sabrinaschool "Seddie the nicest thing i've ever seen" (sam likes freddie but freddie=w/ carly) by sabrinaschool "Seddie I"m letting go" Freddie falls for Sam instead of carly in the beginning. by sabrinaschool "Seddie while she's still around" (sam freddie dating but broke up. Freddie doesnt take her back at the end :( ) by sabrinaschool "seddie until you're resting here with me" (freddie is murdered, sam misses him a lot) by sabrinaschool "seddie isn't something missing" (sam freddie live together but because of all the fights, sam leaves)

{C} sam and freddie just put your hands on me. (*) Freddie loses his memory and forgets everything about how he and sam dated. Sad video, but at the very end, he says, "Good night... Princess."

{C} sam and freddie seddie at the beginning with you. Just a nice summary of seddie. Cute and very nice song and video! Shows friendship/ Seddie from the younger age to now! sam and freddie seddie [whiskey lullaby]. Freddie kills himself by shooting himself because he can't bare Sam being with another guy. When Freddie dies, Sam soon realizes how much she loves him. She then drinks poison and kills herself. After that it just shows the happy memories of Sam and Freddie. Very sad but a great video! sam and freddie seddie back to december. Carly is Freddie's brother, Spencer and Marissa is Freddie's mom. Sam freddie's date goes rocky and kinda looks like they broke up. They then get together again and kiss. {C} trailor obsessesd icarly style. Carly's obsesesd with freddie but freddie loves sam

{C} cool seddie love triangle.

{C} sam freddie carly final hour. Not really seddie but quite neat. sam and freddie seddie just a little girl.(*) Sam and Freddie have been dating for awhile, but Sam always cheats on Freddie, and Freddie knows, but he loves her. In the end they break up, and Sam realizes at the end that she's "in love" (doesn't specify who though...) sam carly freddie who am I living for. Sam is dating Freddie. But, Carly begins to like him. And the two start a fight. (what a beautiful pilot / ironic)

In the end, Carly realizes she has to leave Freddie Sam. And they become friends again. sam and freddie seddie here with me version 2. (*) Freddie & Sam have a fight. Soon after, Freddie is murdered. He was in hospital for a few days, but could not resist. And now Sam has to try to live. Who says she can? sam freddie seddie something you want to forget about. Really nice video in HD (*). sam and carly on the titanic. Funny since in the beginning its all serious, but at the end, its comedic. (from i want more viewers) sam carly freddie I got your crazy. Sam and Carly fight over Freddie (*). sam freddie perfect. Yay after 4 months... (*).


ColoursOfTheDawn's Vid called sam and freddie; she's killing me. Shows Freddie putting up with Sam and everything she does, but Freddie will always love her! {C} Sam and Freddie; nobody understands. It's about Freddie understanding what Sam goes through! sam and Freddie RIP. Very sad. its soooo sad but its sooooooo good! Sam and Freddie getaway. Sam has issues with life and leaves to sort things out. She leaves Freddie a note. He is devastated and tries to forget his pain but he can't-and after hearing her voice on the phone for the very first time in weeks.. he realizes that he has to get her back. And eventually he does. cool video by coulours. sam and freddie two is better than one. sam and freddie; my unpredictable girl, you impossible girl. (*). Shows how "Freddie only had eyes for Carly, until the last person he expected, entered the picture." user recommends this person's youtube:

==================================================================== good one {C} by randeship49 how sam and freddie were together, now theyre not. (sad ending :(



the running away seddie video.

Fishstix1987's Video

{C} sam and freddie cause maybe if i felt it once then maybe i could somehow feel it again. seddie video from iOMG.

==================================================================== :
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[ (so sad :( one of my favorites tho ]

PROMO istart a fanwar (even tho I didn't like it here's a link if u need it)




iwon't be seventeen forever (kind of [haven't read that many yet])

gotta read iShakespeare :D over 900 reviews on that >.>?? hope its good

iam reckless think i read it. one shot and its good!

iget revenge is really good :D and its by KuroiOokami89 so sad :((( but its good Freddie is actually dead but his son doesn't know/ believes in it. Sam is still sad about his death. meaning of running away by AM 5,4,3,2, why no 1? Wedding date The Greatest Secret (have to read it) 900reviews?! WOW very nice short story. Carly is actually dead :O?? Sam likes Freddie. Freddie likesCarly? 606 reviews??? pretending to be married pretty good! Footsies not a game my couch :DD Very funny and stayed true to their characters even until after marriage :D loved reading it! also created by basco57! (life of relationship of sam and freddie since like 14 to marriage! Quite Good! icant stand her =wow my favorite. By basco57; sam and freddie stay true to xters yet express their love for each other! Cute ham scene. Sam's literally trying to rip the package of ham. Freddie becomes exasperated and sighs. He then gives her the scissors and Sam's like, "thank i know you're useful for something." Cute! Well written! imake him squirm 1 shot showing how sam needs freddie 2 :D also by basco57 icarly's own MLP FINISHED and made by Luna Moody VERRRRRRYYYYY GOOOD. (Freddie losing bet to Sam. He's her "little pony" Hence the meaning "my little pony" At the end. They kiss on the ferris wheel. (All of heather's plan , well only for Gabe and Allana) Very well written!(also the concert but meh doesn't cout :P) BTW writer received second place for this story! also created by Luna Moody! 3rd place at the awards thingy! Like goldilocks and the three bears: Grandpa Shay, Spencer Shay, and Freddie Benson are the bears. Sam is goldilocks! lol. She hid in the truck and followed them until they found her lol. Relationship-wise Freddie/Sam already like each other but scared to actually date. At the end they finally do kiss at ch 9. at ch 10, the epilogue, they kiss 3 more times. so 4 times total! read later my mistake read later work for spencer. Finished reading it! Cute. Broke art sculptures. Spencer made them do a total of 3 sculptures. Cute :) At the End, Freddie kisses Sam, they kiss each other, and Sam kisses Freddie. (only small typos but story uses simple, overused words. Good story overall! Only the beginning made it seem they were FULL blown enemies, even though in season 4 they aren't. Overall they developed into character and expressed their feelings for one another :D) seems good >.> FINISHED with 611 reviews. Amazing! about sam and freddie keeping the relationship a secret for at least 3 months! (two months, three weeks, 2 days since day one) Carly finds out because she sees them kiss! (Madison is freddie's date) Sam's mom=first one to know, madison then finds out, then gibby, then carly and spencer, and then the world! At the end Carly says she wants to date Freddie and tells Sam. Upset, Carly confronts sam she's dating freddie. Sam runs to freddie's door and carly confronts both Freddie and Sam. Sam and Freddie apologize and in school they let their classmates know by kissing each other! Sam wears the necklace that symbolizes their love to school. (Sam still loves freddie even though the "thrill of the secret" was gone) At the end they kiss and the whole school sees and is shocked. Epilogue Sam goes to Freddie's room and Sam is now 25. They're about to get married and Sam doesn't want to wear heels (she originally came to (last time for the dance, Sam also didn't want to wear heels). Sam loves the honeymooon for the cruies to the Bahamas! Sam jokes ditching the wedding day and goes to the honeymoon. (She says "It'll be our little secret" which reminds us about their secret about sam and freddie dating in secrecy) At the end Carly takes sam to get her nails done and leaves freddie in his room to prepare for the wedding. In remembrance of the first time meeting sam (iPilot?) Freddie says, "Never in a thousand years would I have thought I would be in this situation about 12 years ago. I guess things change…a lot. Sam smiled again before turning and walking down the hallway. I leaned against the frame of the doorway and watched her walk away. She glanced back at me and grinned again, shaking her head. I smiled to myself and sighed.

I wouldn't change anything."

Outtakes and extras includes 1) Freddie instead threatens Reuben, and Sam attacks Madison. 2) flashback of Freddie making out with Sam at BF Wang's (she sneaked into the restroom and texted Freddie to go there. They make-out but Freddie's mom catches them and faints and forgets everything. 3)instead of Carly not getting the truth from Sam, sam admits she is dating freddie and explains why it's wrong for Carly "wanting to ask him out(carly was only pretending). 4) Originally sam and freddie were going to slow dance outside when Freddie was kicked out of the dance.

fanfics by gabsikle maybe (A lot can change in 12 months, another 12 months, summer vacation, summer vacation 2) stairwells and steering wheels o.o 300 reviews. Chosen first place for awards. Gotta read it soon!! Gotta read it, got first place at the award thing! AMAZING. FINISHED READING IT. Story spans from August 19 to August 18 (epilogue is September 27). Beginning is the prologue. Later Sam takes some boys boxers and puts it on the flag hold etc. Ch 2 Sam happy about getting shoes for b-day from Freddie, but Freddie upset that Sam forgot to go shopping for Freddie's mom. Ch 3: Close friends because Freddie and Carly goes to the carnival and can't find Sam. He gets very angry at sam. Freddie regrets everything he says and apologizes. Ch 4: Freddie gets in a fight with sam's boyfriend (who didn't cheat but they broke up) Intimate moments when sam heals freddie's face. Ch 5:Sam and Carly fight. Sam goes and drives off with Freddie. They listen to music and almost kiss while dancing with each other. Sam and Carly are friends again. Ch 6: Sam visits Freddie's apartment, she feels lonely. They just talk. Ch7: they drive off to spokane to pick up spencer's stuff. They are stuck in traffic and have to stay in a hotel together. They sleep together, (freddie thinks sam's hot in her boxer and t shirt) and Sam makes Freddie put his arms around her etc. Ch8: Carly comes back from her college thingy. Sam has been hanging out in Freddie's apartment since like a month. sam eats vegetables (carrots) and makes money from daycare thingy. When Sam leaves Carly confronts Freddie and asks whats up. He admits he likes sam. Ch 9: Sam is late for iCarly and finally arives. Carly confronts her about her feelings. Carly says Sam likes Freddie. Sam gets upset and punches Freddie. Ch 10: Freddie calls sam to meet up and discuss about everything. She says that now is not good time and keeps saying no. Freddie sees sam's new "boyfriend" and becomes frustrated and leaves. Freddie sleeps and thinks how their relationship would even work. It's impossible. Sam comes up and talks to him and says that her date was nothing, didn't do anything. Freddie's still upset with Sam. Sam says she didn't actually date her boyfriend was cuz of Freddie. Freddie becomes very happy. Sam is about to sleep at Freddie's place, she gets up and Freddie turns her around and kisses her. (Say's "cant you ever just shut up" before he kisses her) Sam receives a text from Carly and tells Freddie that Sam visited Carly before confronting Freddie. Epilogue: Freddie is tested by Sam to see if Freddie will fall in love with Carly. He passes the test and confronts Sam and asks her why she cant trust him. Sam jokes y they cant date other people. Freddie says "Iloveyou" to Sam and Sam finally admits she tested him and they both smile. Freddie's still upset about the testing thingy but Sam pushes him off the stairs. He gets up and they r now face to face. Sam kisses Freddie (says "freddie..." and kisses him). They all go to the Groovy Smoothie. THE END pretending to be married... wow just read it. Very good and cute :D iam unseen 300 reviews o.O this is where gibby kills sam and stuff..., also same author wrote iam finished. 191 reviews. i heard this is reallly good w 40 reviewers all about seddie, guess i'll read it later, with 16 reviews incomplete with 58 reviews. About Freddie

being drafted :D incomplete but it looks good >.> complete but looks great incomplete but looks good sounds like ican't stand her. incomplete with 37 reviews but still looks good. 24 hours 564 reviews and only been out since august! Gotta read it

ishakespeare link (edit over 1500 reviews and about 100 chapters total) {C}

cruise control heard its good gotta read it. its uncompleted tho. and cruise control is also created by the same person who made "Point and Shoot." one shot cute: Freddie names what he hates about Sam. sam kisses him and shows they like each other. funny. one shot. freddie is on a date because of all the shipping wars. He actually enjoys it and kisses Sam. sam/freddie secretly dating. What will happen next? Gotta read it w/ 266 reviews (episode is in order after iTTK. shows how they're doing it secretly)

ihave a messed up life- omnistar 58 reviews. completed. same person who created iwork for spencer. gotta read it later 160ish reviews. heard its very good! FINISHED! String of one-shots over the development of Sam and Freddie's relationship. Note that they are all juniors in high school. Chapter 1 is on New Years. Freddie goes outside in the backyard pool to escape the music, drinking, etc. Sam sees him and pushes him in the pool. She takes a cannonball and is now in the pool with Freddie. Sam says that Freddie should learn to live. He says he can and the countdown for a New Year begins. He kisses Sam on the cheek, and Sam in her Sammish way, just wipes it off in "disgust." They both head out from the party.

Chapter 2 is Valentine's Day. They are in the school gym and Freddie brings some girl as his date. Later he sees her making out with some other dude, but Freddie doesn't care that much. Sam offers to "break her[Ashley, the cheater's] kneecaps." Freddie says no because Sam would get in trouble. Sam admits her date also sucks because he just keeps talking about basketball. Freddie jokes and asks if Sam wants to be his Valentine. The pair moves out of the gym and Sam mouths a warning to Ashley (who soon becomes scared/nervous). They are outside in front of Sam's car and Sam tells Freddie to look away while she changes. Freddie knows Valentine is all about marketing, but he says it makes people feel happy. They just walk around and are on the football field at the 40 yard line staring at the stars. Freddie is worried about Sam's future, but Sam says she wants to explore after high school.

"It continued on like that. Sam and Freddie hung out there for the rest of the night, into the early hours of morning. Hours filled with sitting around. Small talk and jokes. Teasing and mild violence. Filled with comfortable silence and day dreaming. Valentine's Day was an alright holiday indeed, even if it was created with the intent to make money. The message still got through. {C}They managed to find some happiness."

In Chapter 3, it is St. Patrick's Day and they go to some pub and Sam wanted to go there just to listen to the band, "We Set Fires." Freddie has all sort of red marks (from pinching) because Sam kept saying he wasn't wearing green (which he was wearing). Freddie is beginning to notice that Sam keeps touching him (i.e., on shoulder, grasping on wrist to drag him somewhere). A couple hours later, he has ice pack on his eyes because some dude hit him by accident during "We set Fire's" performance (Freddie survived three songs I think). Sam is the one taking care of his bruises. Freddie says Sam can go back there and party and rock out to the music, so she goes. Freddie then sees her dancing with her hair whipping back and forth!

He admits, "Sometimes he had to risk life and limb to hang out with Sam Puckett. Most of the time it was worth it."

Chapter 4' is April Fool's Day. They are "stuck" on an elevator. Hours have passed and Sam is staring intently and admits that she's trying to mentally blow up his head. They talk about Freddie's past dates with Wendy and Sam says Wendy was very boring. Sam finally goes to the elevator control box and presses some buttons. Three hours later they are "free (was stuck on elevator in Bushwell). She says, "Happy April Fool's Day, nub." Freddie questions why she would make herself stuck with Freddie for that long, but she admits she isn't "too" evil. Next she leaves and Freddie's mom reprimands/ yells at him for being late.

Chapter 5 is the 4th of July (remember after July is Aug and that means they will be seniors in school). They were kissing each other passionately and Freddie notes how Sam's mouth tastes like vodka and sour apples. Freddie abandoned listening to his conscience. They kiss for like four or five minutes, fueled by aggression and alcohol. Soon Sam just gives a small kiss on his lip and sees her walk away. Freddie knows she's running away. Two hours prior to this, they are in the park watching the fireworks. Carly left to go to Mark's party or something. Soon Freddie realized that it's just them two and was surprised to see her sneaking in vodka. Sam challenges that Freddie can't drink it, and so Freddie drinks it just to prove her wrong.

Now, "They were best friends now, like officially. She didn't try to hide it or cover it with insults- though there was still insults, and violence, and everything else. But for the first time in ever, he felt like she gave a chiz about him and that this friendship was finally a two way street. Since school let out, they've literally spent everyday together during the summer. It didn't matter what they did, they did it together. A lot of the time they hung out with Carly but a good amount of the time too, it was just the two of them. They went to the arcade, the pool, sometimes the movies but mostly they just got food and sat around different places and made fun of the people that passed by. It was refreshing to be able to join in on the taunting instead of being the victim of it all the time."

While watching the fireworks he instinctly drinks the vodka (thinking it was some other drink). Hours later, 4 1/2 bottles were finished between the two. More and more, Freddie liked it when it was just him and Sam alone. He notes that Sam seems to be at ease more with him. They then make fun of Carly's boyfriend, Mark, and both agree that today was fun. Freddie escorts Sam to the bathroom and when he's done he waits.

"When it felt like he had been standing there for a few hours, he pushed off the wall with his foot and moved to turn around the corner and directly collided with the blonde herself. His hands wrapped around her arms instinctually, keeping her from falling backwards to the pavement. They stayed frozen like that for a moment, just staring at each other and maybe it was something in the moment, or the amount of alcohol he had consumed but right then, he had never wanted to kiss someone so bad in his life. And it seemed like she might feel even a hint of what he was feeling by the way she was looking at him. And then the way she was leaning into him, pushing off on her tip-toes, bringing her face closer and closer to his own. And then they were kissing. "

Chapter 6. It's Yom Kippur a Jewish holiday (celebrated Sept. 27th ish). Freddie is in the coffee shop reading Catcher in the Rye. Just then Sam pops up and peers over his shoulder. Since their kiss, she avoided Freddie for three weeks. Then all of a sudden she talked to him, pretending nothing had happened since then. He didn't know how to react so he just went with it. Sam was wearing a "We Set Fire" T shirt and ripped jeans. They just talk about what each other has been doing. Sam was on her way to celebrate Yom Kippur (she's Jewish in the story). Sam offers for Freddie to go, and he accepts. She takes out a stick of ham and starts chewing on it. He's still a little bit confused about what they mean to each other, but since the "buzzed kiss," Freddie wants to kiss her, and he still doesn't understand the urges. Right as Freddie was about to talk about the kiss, Sam seemed to have read his mind and cuts in. She asks him to hold her ham and she then rides on Freddie's back. Sam then smacks Freddie with her stick of ham because Freddie says, "If it were only so easy, would have done it years ago."

Chapter 7: Halloween. Freddie is at another party at Kaya Lawrence's house. Freddie was wearing his Galaxy Wars suit while Sam wore a not too modest Buffy the Vampire outfit (short top and leather pants). Sam comes up to him and tells Freddie to drink something. She has her chin on his shoulder. Freddie contemplates that it must be Sam's goal in life to confuse him (still mixed signals about the kiss.) Freddie finally drinks the drink Sam gives him and is disgusted by it. Sam says that freddie's gonna barf.

Freddie then says, "I'm not gonna barf. I didn't barf the last time we drank. Which was a good thing because of what happened."

Sam hurriedly walks away as an excuse to find Carly. A couple hours later, Freddie gives up finding Sam. Wendy (Michaelson) his old girlfriend then kisses Freddie, and then Sam violently rips away Wendy from him and drags Freddie into a room and locks the door. She asks what all that was about. He says it's none of Sam's business of who he kisses. Sam then agrees in a harsh tone and is about to walk out but can't since Freddie blocks the door. Freddie then questions the point of bringing Freddie into the room. Freddie wouldn't move out of Sam's way until she's getting quite angry. Right as Freddie said, "No," Sam begins to passionately kiss him (again). After about a minute, Sam says that she has to go but Freddie says, "Not this time." Freddie's voice became strained and said,

"You don't get to run away from this twice." She refused to meet his gaze and that in turn added more gasoline to the fire raging in the pit of his stomach. He was so sick of whatever this was between them. "You wanna be a coward and you wanna mess with my head, fine. Whatever. But I get to walk away from you this time." He spit out with venom. "It's my turn."

He pulled open the door and walked out without another word or look back."

Chapter 8 and It's thanksgiving; it's been 25 days since they talked to one another. Both ignored one another and GIbby was Freddie's provisional best friend. Carly was trying to spend equal amounts of time with Freddie and Sam, but Carly usually stayed with Sam. Carly knocks on the door and invites Freddie to come to Thanksgiving, but Freddie refuses because Sam will be there (Freddie will be having Thanksgiving with his mom, which won't be quite fun). Freddie agrees to go later when he feels like it. Carly leaves. Later Freddie goes to the kitchen and hears a knock on the door and sees that it was Sam. Freddie doesn't answer the door and Sam just rolls her eyes and goes away. Freddie goes back to his room and closes it.

"Freddie tucked his hands behind his head, eyes staring up at the blank surface of his ceiling. It wasn't easy anytime he saw Sam, always like a match to the gasoline in his stomach waiting to burn up and heat his skin. He had to fix himself, get rid of all these feelings. He had already spent years of his life pining over a girl, he wasn't about to do it again."

Soon he sees Sam climbing from his window. He demands that Sam leaves but Sam is reluctant. Just because they kissed, Sam argues, she thinks nothing has to change. Freddie looks at her and tells her that it, in fact, does mean things have to change.

Freddie just tells Sam to go away but then Sam quietly says, "Maybe I like kissing you or something."

She says she does like it, but it doesn't work. Sam's not like Wendy who has wholesome values etc. Freddie is astonished and argues that he doesn't have a "type." Freddie offers if Sam wants to go back to before when they were friends, but she says, "No." They then both agree to take it slow and don't have "labels" (i.e. girlfriend, boyfriend) for one another.

Then "After shifting her weight a few times, she seemed to come to a decision and slowly made her way over to him. He was about to say something but he was quickly at a loss for words when she sat down in his lap, hands gripping at his shoulders and thigh against thigh. No one pulled away this time when their lips met and entered a battle of dominance that Freddie knew he had no chance of winning. They continued on like this for a few minutes before backing away for gulps of oxygen."I thought," He began, inhaling deeply. "we wanted to take it slow."She grinned a very Sam Puckett grin at him; cat-like right before leaning in and kissing him again, real long and slow, dragging her teeth against his bottom lip, adding a slight lick before barely pulling away."How about that? Slow enough for ya`?"

Chapter 9 and it is Christmas time. It's Christmas Eve and they're both trying to find another Christmas tree because Spencer managed to burn the other one down.

"They- meaning Sam and him, had been doing exceptionally well being together. More so than he ever thought possible. By not trying to label and set rules, Sam didn't feel trapped so she wasn't trying to constantly run away. They were still Sam and Freddie but now they made out a lot more with hints of groping (Sam doesn't know how to keep her hands to herself, always calling him prude boy' whenever he stops her)"

Sam then disappears for fifteen minutes and says she has to use the restroom. He hears rustle in the bush and Sam scares Freddie and they both fall on the ground. They both argue about his sounding like a girl. He then stares at her and caves and kisses Sam. Sam's still on top of him and finally lets him up if he makes her egg-nog tonight and tomorrow. Sam said that she had already found a tree. He doesn't give a piggy back ride to Sam so Sam pushes him back. Then she goes up to him and a smile forms on Freddie's lips (thinking about another kiss). Then Sam pushed Freddie into the trees...again. Later at night, Sam texts Freddie to open the door and it is 3:23 AM. They both exchange gifts. Sam gives Freddie a high end galaxy wars pear pod skin and Freddie gives here a "We Set Fires" hoodie. They both enjoy their gifts very much. Sam says they should go to another We set fires concert but Freddie refuses. She says that she can change his mind and then they both kiss. They break away from the kiss and Sam says she has to get back to Carly's. Freddie offers for her to stay so Sam finally decides to stay.

Sam "watched him with a searching look before resting her head back against his chest. 'Your funeral.'" (Sam says).

Chapter 10 is New Years' Eve Redux. They are at a party and Sam is talking to Kaya Lawrence at her party. Freddie comes up and gives Sam her drink. She wanted 95% rum, but it was just plain old coke. Carly left to go to some chick's party (Amy Colden's) with some guy who was a decent person. Sam makes fun of his masculinity and Freddie's about to leave. She grabs Freddie's shoulders and holds him by the waist. Freddie cautiously grabs Sam's shoulders. He reminds her that it is touching in public, but then Sam says, "No, this is touching in public" and squeezes Freddie's butt. He notices that Sam had been drinking, but she says it was only two drinks. They both decide to ditch the party and Sam grabs his wrist so she doesn't lose him. When they're both outside they're holding each other's hand side by side. Freddie's now just thinking about what a crazy year it has been, and Sam just agrees that it's been alright and says that she wouldn't really change anything major. They both arrived at an empty park. Sam wants Freddie to seesaw with her but doesn't want to because of "last time."

"The two of them stood there in a stalemate, a few feet between them. Sam tilted her head, lips pursed together before a light grin reshaped them. {C}"You ready for that New Years kiss?" She asked, slowly starting to cut the distance away with small, leisure steps.

"It's only eleven." Freddie stated, trying to figure out what she was getting at.

"Ten, nine, eight." The blonde started to count down, still moving forwards, locking eyes with his.

"What are you playing at, Sam?"

She only grinned wider. "Seven, six, five."


"Four, three, two, one." When Sam finally reached him, she pressed flush against the front of his body. Her arms were hanging at her sides and her hands found his that had come fumbling out of his pockets instantly, intertwining fingers. They stared at one and other, as they had become accustomed to doing right before certain things happened. The blonde rose on her tip-toes, tilting her head to the side and placing a understated kiss to his cheek before whispering in his ear. "Hint of things to come. You gotta wait till midnight though." She paused. "And meet me at the top of the jungle gym for the real thing."

That's when she took off running towards the jungle gym.

And he followed like always. THE END of Holiday Spirit! only 3 chapters but by same person who made holiday spirit same person author is spinlight and made the 2 stories above: holiday spirit. we've gotall the time. :D Great fanfic! Freddie cannot sleep at night because he has troubles and always thinks about Sam. She is a firecracker (dangerous but beautiful). In the end Sam finally accepts to go out and they have lots of fun. Throughout the story Sam did not back away from Freddie; kinda gave it a chance. (visited his apartment, park, etc). sam gets kicked out. Incomplete so far with 300ish reviews! incomplete w/ 100 reviews and only on ch 7 so far. about how ridgeway is going down hill! Published in October! iSam by ColorsoftheSky101. Sam =mad and makes up her own iCarly.completed with 172 reviews! Completed by ColorsoftheSky101"So now, she would finally answer her own question; return to what she remembers loving, to whom she remembers loving." Heard its really good with 494 reviews! Outdated a little bit since both were made in 2008... hope its good. Completed. Wow... This story was so well done. I can imagine this being an iCarly movie special. Just wow... mindblowing. Another favorite story next to stairwells and steering wheels. Amazing... Sam signed a contract three years ago with these two guys and now regretted every moment of it. They treat her very badly but control her. She is now 16 (remember made in 2008) and goes to Seattle because she misses everyone so much. Carly has changed into those snobby people, Spencer has changed into a serious lawyer, Freddie has changed into a person who doesn't care about grades anymore, Freddie's mom looks depressed, Socko has no sock job anymore (now a taxi driver), etc. She manages to talk to everyone and convert Carly back to her old self. Freddie and Sam still have a lot to discuss. Just when things seemed to be getting better, those two guys found her thanks to Valerie and are going to take her tomorrow. Despite this Sam and her mom make up and are together stronger as a family. They both miss Sam's dad (he died in 9/11 plane crash). They have bonded strongly and Sam's mom is not so negligent and it's obvious she loves Sam, now. They both hug each other and cry and remember Sam's dad. They both miss him dearly. The next day, they are in the airport and Sam says her goodbyes. She's about to board when Freddie finally comes at her side. Jaryn Frund the younger brother lets Freddie offer a negotiation. Malcom Frund, the meaner older brother exasperates but agrees. Freddie says under the contract they didn't rename her name to Puckette (accent on first e) and could sue them. The iCarly gang and Spencer and people who care about Sam are protecting her in a circle. Jaryn Frund demands the contract and says that under it Sam must do whatever they say. Jaryn says, "I order you to... rip this in half." Sam rips the contract and is finally free. Jaryn did it because his brother was the boss of him, and Jaryn realized Sam did not like her job. Later, they go to the groovy smoothie and it's like 1 A.M. Sam goes outside on the bench to get some fresh air. Freddie goes and sits down next to her. Finally Sam hears what she wants to hear and Freddie says, "I remembered that I never wanted to let you go." This shows Freddie had actual feelings for Sam. iCarly memories rush to Sam and Freddie. Freddie in his mind says, "I don't know how to explain it. Except that I care about her more than I'm willing to think about." 'Sam doesn't know who leans in first but they kiss. In the end Freddie's "diary" reveals his true feelings he had for Sam. Sam read part of it because part of it was ripped. It reads, ---"I have officially gone crazy. Nothing is going right for me. Sam is gone, and iCarly is so messed up. It's really not fair. I'm trying to engulf myself into my school work, which, by the way, I used to love, but now I can't seem to like it. I want, I really want to forget about her, but Sam's not someone you can forget easily. She hasn't answered any of my emails. Maybe I was a jerk for missing seeing her off, but after what happened with my dad, it would've hurt too much. I was too late. I'm STILL too late. It's like she's forgotten about me altogether. So maybe, I guess I should do the same, even though it's completely possible that I've fallen in love with her. Whoa, wait, did I really just say that? -Freddie" ---In the epilogue, everything seems to be going back to normal, except for the crazy fans who were after "Samantha Puckette" (accent on first 'e'). Malcolm is pissed off, Valerie gave 2 million dollar check back, and Sam gives check to Jaryn Frund (Sam hates Malcolm). School=can be somewhat hard. Some will ignore, some will go all crazy over her since she WAS famous. Freddie is Sam's boyfriend and are preparing for iCarly. They stare at each other (glare) and see who "cracks" first. Freddie usually cracks first and says it's because Sam's so pretty. (Note: Epilogue is set two weeks after kiss.) Sam remembers, "It's clear to me now that the past is the past. And no matter where you go, what you do, or who you are, there's no way to change it. Because it's done. It's over. All you can do is learn from all those used to be's, accept them, and move forward." Then she says, "Samantha Puckétte, and her life, will never really be gone from me. Maybe, years from now, no one will remember her at all. But I'll always remember what it was like to be famous like she was, whether I want to or not. It's a part of me." Her next quote is, "There's no point in wishing you hadn't done this, or you hadn't done that. There just isn't. Save all your hopes and dreams for the future, what's to come, where they might actually come true. There's always that chance. Really. I would know." The ending is this, "Freddie smiles gently at me. "Are you ready?" {C}And now, looking back, I don't regret it at all. Any of it.

I give him a half-smile, and he squeezes my hand. "Ready, Freddie." I take my place next to Carly in front of the camera, and camera man, that I know so well.

The fact is, if none of it had happened, I might not have become who I am right now. But now that I know that under all the rules, all the paparazzi, all the tears, all the heartbreak, all the haunting memories, was something absolutely amazing, I'm grateful for it. All of it.

Because I'm here.

So I take a deep breath, ready to show it.

"In five, four, three, two…"

I think you can remember what happens next."

{C} incomplete with 33 chapters. "Sam Puckett has a huge secret, a secret that comes out when she, Freddie and Carly go to her Auntie Amanda's horse farm. Will the illness of one of the horses bring a certain tech geek and a certain blonde haired bully closer?" 172 reviews! incomplete i think they are all grown up. Not sure... about reading it... made in august 2010, and since then only 5 chapters yet with 40 reviews! Point and Click sam and freddie in photography class. 194 reviews...made in 2008. heard it's very good tho! complete written by mizufae. Wow finished it, and it is very well written. Amazing :) Summary will be posted later (hopefully).

read the one shot... i am reckless. Heard its verrry good 112 reviews! freddie has to be bad boy, sam has to be girly. reviews shows its only okish but o well... 200 reviews (about) same author as above. Heard author=6th grader?! with 530 reviews. Better than the other story above but not sure if its THAT good tho. finished 432 reviews. Heard its very good :) (not super ultra good XD) 14 chapters tho!. UPDATE: Finished reading it. It's just ok. In my opinion not too much interaction between sam and freddie; the kiss was not passionate :/. The therapist and her husband acted too much like "seddie" and it seemed like their characterization was forced. Still, the plot was ok. some magical glass. 194 reviews! not bad i heard! Hmm actually reviews say its really good! pity ham. 38 reviews... heard its verrry good tho! 17k words! complete with 6 chapters! FINISHED. VERY good story. In Chapter 1 Sam is crying outside and Freddie tries to comforts her but she changes the topic and finally Freddie lets her in his house (Freddie previously couldn't fall asleep because of the thunder and heard some noises outside). In Chapter 2, Freddie tries to talk to Sam about what happened to her but she kinda ignores it. Later, they are tired and sleep on the same bed, and Freddie is shocked an surprised by this. Sam asks for a change of clothes cuz she's wet. In Chapter 3, while Sam's changing, Freddie is conflicted with his feelings. He never thought he cared THIS much about Sam. Sam kind of confronts Freddie in a joking/ smirking way. At the end they share the bed and "fall asleep." In Chapter 4 they actually weren't asleep and Sam finally tells Freddie how she got her bruise. She explains her mom's boyfriend hit her. Sam is nearly crying when she tells Freddie this and he's trying to comfort her. They are now facing each other on the bed and Freddie leans in and kisses Sam. Chapter 5, Sam kisses him back but then pushes him and runs to the fire escape. She says not to pity him but Freddie says he didn't; rather he WANTED to kiss her. He says that he doesn't like Carly "that" way anymore and hasn't liked her like that since over a year. They talk about the kiss and Sam later forcefully kisses Freddie "in a Sammish way." They both realize they enjoyed the very first kiss. After this realization, Freddie wonders how their whole friendship/relationship will be but Sam assures it will be the same by saying, "I still think you're a nub." They both go back to bed and fall asleep (4:00 AM when they sleep). In the last chapter, chaper 6, Freddie's mom wakes him up. Freddie freaks since he thought Sam was there but she left. Freddie is going to walk to the Shay's apartment (in hopes of finding Sam there) and clarify their whole relationship status. Sam finally comes and the two are alone. (Spencer=in shower, Carly=buying sandwich at a deli). Freddie asks if they are together but Sam kind of makes fun of Freddie for doing that. Freddie feels very discouraged that Sam has totally forgotten about the kiss and their feelings for one another. Sam finally admits that she's new to the whole "relationship" thing and decide it's best to let their relationship flow naturally (baby steps). They both relax and Sam leans on Freddie's shoulder watching TV while Freddie's arm is wrapped around Sam's shoulder. When Carly comes back they pretend they're "frenemies" again. They still make fun of each other and stuff and do iCarly bits. Finally Sam takes Freddie into a closet on Monday during school and Freddie "can get used to this." They both grin while they make out in the closet. (All this seddieness was possible because Ted [Turd] hit Sam and bruised her face!) Good stories i heard. imiss sam looks to sad to read tho. very little reviews/ chapters. only like 4 chapters, 1 chapter, but imiss sam has like 22 chapters with 77 reviews. all are incomplete! random seddie 1 shots! also by Mizufae (creator of "Point and Shoot" and "Cruise control [unfinished for a while]). About Sam asking Freddie to prom? 3 chapters, 4000 words. Heard it's very good! not sure. Incomplete but 182 reviews at chapter 10. Carly is of character... maybe. I'm sick. heard it's very well done I think. but it's a little OC for freddie since it was made in 2008. Fight scene is off character I heard. itexts. Heard its quite good with 754 reviews. 86 chapters, 55k words! iphoto album. Interesting story but reviews say it's quite good. not THAT good. birdhouse in your soul People keep saying it's their favorite fanfics and that they'v read a lot. Also there's a sequel to it. heard it's very good. sequel to birdhouse in your soul. Good but only chapter 6 so far... iam the bachelor. Freddie is 24 and is trying to find a girl..but Sam is also there. Heard it's a little off character but interesting to read. iwant to move. Both Freddie and Sam's mom have been driving them crazy so they want to control their own life. Heard it's quite good... Sam straighten things out when fans thinks she loves Freddie. heard it's good with 164 reviews. Carly leaves on a trip. It's sam and freddie by themselves. 141 reviews. Freddie becomes a girl. Iam Your colleague. One chapter is still missing. Freddie works for Sam. Heard it's good. good but off character a little. 192 reviews.Off character because it brings out Sam's softer side. quite good. only 86 reviews.. chapter 9. author hasn't updated since... october '10. characters are evil here... 390 reviews and completed. Not sure... maybe.

3 stories below. 525 reviews since nov. 2009. maybe reviews=unclear if it's good. complete. part 2 of I will be there for you. 309 reviews complete part 3 of i will be there for you. 178 reviews. incomplete. {C} incomplete chapter four. Four chapters updated since 1/17 and today is 2/3/11. Heard it's a very good story though through the reviews. (not long reviews, but all say its very good!) 44 reviews so far! only four chapters but complete. Reviews say its good! 44 reviews! pretty good also with 159 reviews. complete.


re-read iam reckless. It's very good. ifollow the list. Carly is actually dead when Sam and Freddie go to California for a fun adventure. Veryy well written and sad that Carly is dead. iHe Gets That From Me. So sad. Freddie is actually dead and Traven is sam and Freddie's son who is 7 years old. Freddie died in a car accident and it has been six months. Traven still believes his dad is still alive. creator of iPhoto album and iSee a therapist. {C} Twisted Symphony. Sam sees Freddie and Carly dance with each other. She's sad and knew it was inevitable. Later she wants to sleep at Freddie's place because her home life isn't doing so well. Sam doesn't want to stay with Carly because she knows Carly can be moody after a break-up. Then another night Sam again wants to sleep at Freddie's. Freddie admits that he knows Carly is in love with him but he's not in love with her. Then Freddie leaned in to kiss Sam. Everything feels so right even though Sam kinda knew it may be wrong since Carly wants Freddie. At the end Sam says, "How could something so wrong feel so right?" reason why Freddie leaves out the one! {C} Sam keeps pretending she hates Freddie. At the end Freddi'es like "I hate you." and Sam says, "hate you too." She's very cringed and can't take it anymore. She finally goes because she can't pretend hating anymore. heard (iwrite a blog) is okish though... {C}I_heart_freddie.png heard its quite good. heard good fanfic. not sure if its one of the best though. heard good fanfic. very new though, with 8 reviews. heard good fanfic great fanfic i heard. AMAZING. just finished reading it. pretty okish. great one shot! (continuation of do Frogs Dream) pretty good. carly pretends to be drunk. incomplete though incomplete though. heard its good.. but rated M. maybe good. heard its good; future version of them. Check faves by sam is dead; freddie is lamenting her death. 1 shot but it is really good continuation of beach weather but unfinished. check user's favorite stories AND authors. seems pretty good. incomplete though. seems ok. He's thinking about proposing to sam. seems to be really good. made by champagne scene. heard its really good. very good. I really liked the epilogues :) Basically how Freddie tries to irritate Sam; in the end they get together. I really liked the two prologues. heard its a great one-shot. heard its quite good.

cruise control by mizufae still not updated, and maybe read the Greatest Secret (945 reviews, but a lot of xters in it).

continue reading spinlight and coyote's fav. stories. heard its really good.

if running out of stories, read favs by favorite authors.

(finished: firecracker, we've got all the time, and most stories by the person who wrote do frogs dream) made by colours (who made iRemember) but idk about reading it. Its kinda like incest... (they are secretly twins etc). sam freddie reborn into carly's children. Again idk about reading it... (same reason as iTrap) made by magicboots. seems it could be good. (person's other story is quite angsty and wasn't that bad) possibly good fanfic. seems ok. iOMG continuation stuff. I heard its really good. 89 reviews only 4 chapters so far.

MAYBE inever wanted this... (weird story where bad guy makes sam and freddie do "it..." Still... even though i heard its good, sounds weird. maybe it'll be good. heard it's kinda good story! maybe good. possibly good. one shot. one review. maybe. maybe. heard its really good. eh maybe. heard its quite good. heard its quite good. (Cabal of authors=many authors writing it.) {C} heard its a really good one shot.

{C} funny but pervy fanfic lol heard its pretty good maybe... maybe good. heard pretty good start. possibly good. heard its really good. sad story... doubt i'll read it :/ could be really good. might be good.

GOOD FANFIC POSSIBILITIES?? maybe. 5 reviews but it could be good. heard its pretty good. longer reviews show that it's a good fanfic. hmm.. the reviews show that its good. eeh not finished yet though. maybe... incest themes of brother and sister loving each other... might be good. Wait until more reviews for the story to end. maybe.. another story about a baby with sam and freddie. this one seems to be really good. but its nearly finished! heard its quite good by cali-chan. Hmm.. probably will read it in the future. Edit: reviews say it captures the typical teenage boy. So... it must be good then! wow the reviews seem amazing. Will read it! Edit: Finished reading it. Very good story. Author is very clever for making it revolve around phone calls until they become united in the end. I like the capture of the realism in the story (accurate monuments, colleges, buildings, etc). Everyone was in O.C. (brief summary: Story is after iCarly is finished and everyone goes to college. Sam and Freddie stay in contact with one another and talk more and more each day. The last chapter is when Sam visits Freddie for some food when they're about to get married. This story is very similar to stairwells and steering wheels and holiday spirit. Might read the other story by cali chan[boyshorts]. Read other stories by cali chan. (not all are Seddie couples [i.e. one is Cam]. maybe. it's about e mail messages between sam an freddie. {C} maybe. (what happens after iKiss). really good. by cali-chan. Read this after boyshorts (it's a sequel) another great story by cali-chan. Gotta read it. overall pretty good. (unavoidable that they will wind up together after iKiss). {C}These 3 fanfics could ALL be good. really good reviews, but they are short. pretty good. pretty good. {C} Heard its really good. one shot iLMM. Hmm really good? hmm... maybe :)? Heard its really good, "top three..." etc. Its finished... so wait more for some more feedback to see if its really good! possibly... I'm not too sure yet! heard its agood one shot by purple xx maybe..It's incomplete... which means there aren't any outstanding reviews yet. incomplete but reviews look amazing so far. maybe. Same person who wrote i cant fight without you. another maybe. Same person as above. All these are incomplete though. ugh... maybe. looks good but it's incomplete! Ehh nevermind? possibly really good. just funny one shot. a lot of reviews but not sure if its good. maybe a second try. (Guy forces Sam and Freddie to "do it"...[ 1145 reviews..] similar as above.. except I THINK Sam gets kidnapped instead....

meh peruse through Purple Xx's fanfics (made oberation scabst and iFake Date a Dork) maybe. really good reviews but rated M good fanfics by this user (created Panopticon and Do Frogs Dream?) pretty good reviews but... this user stopped writing since 2009.. hmm looks really good. again great reviews. maybe this one shot.

Breakeven by champagne scene.. Read it. when its done. not bad one shot. its inappropriate (rated M) ;O

read colourofthesky's fanfics,(the one shots I heard were quite good) could be good, lol maybe, heard its really good... eeh probably not though. {C}(note: download some of the good iCarly episodes?) maybe eeh maybe. maybe. maybe maybe. Hmm.. possibly... reviews are decent... There's a sequel but thats not finished yet. maybe visit this user's account. good fanfic one-shot? maybe maybe. Hmmm... possible. maybe. if it will ever be updated... Its really good I heard from the reviews. by Basco.. so it should be really good :) Hmm possibly. 781 reviews. Hmm... the reviews seem quite decent. Maybe read it for fun (take away the tension from "birdhouse in your soul") meh. sci fi so... idk famous stories from this person. hmmm possibly.. quite possibly. meh. meh.. about sex and stuff. maybe. maybe. one-shot and seems really cool. another one shot with a lot of making out. yea possibly. maybe. maybe check person's favorite fanfics.

My fanfic Plans: i'm sick, in the land down under, and those one shots or short stories. (My mistake??? when it's ready) itexts? Beach weather? maybe. maybe. maybe. cliche the seddie story. Hmmm... seems ok so far.Seems really funny but incomplete. Gotta read it when its done! maybe. seems pretty good. maybe. seems good fluffy seddie stuff :) (one shot).

Some nice short ones to read... seems really good. meh. meh maybe. maybe. seems ok. very little reviews but seems pretty good. heard its quite good. has potential. maybe by purple xx maybe. possibly... 201 reviews heard it was good...? meh. maybe. possible. meh. sad i heard... 347 reviews and its not done yet! Read it! FINALLY COMPLETED! MUST READ! 180 reviews by COLORSOFTHESKY101! Seems very good maybe but the fighting is violent. 129 reviews since july. has potential with 60 reviews. maybe with 100ish reviews. 5 reviews. meh. maybe. maybe. maybe seven reviews. maybe 7 reviews. haha really funny on how freddie tries to get sam to talk to him (*). (one shot 10 reviews). 1 review. maybe maybe 3 reviews. maybe 12 reviews. maybe 38 reviews. maybe 16 reviews 23 reviews has potential. 4 reviews... idon't cry. heard it's really good with 4 reviews. Should read it (about iLove You) 3 reviews but it seems to have a lot of potential. Read it. the breakup at midnight. Really good story. They decide not to break up and decide they can still be boyfriends and girlfriends, while also being best friends. doesn't make sense. haha 11 reviews but it's a funny "satire" because they break up for no reason...pretty okish and funny procrastination. Really good 1 shot (they keep sayig they'll break up later) cute one shot! Read it i guess! maybe. 30 reviews in a day. 423 reviews so far and it's not finished yet. Pretty good reviews so far. seems to be good (has potential [11 reviews]) THE OLDEST SEDDIE FANFIC. quite good even though it only had 16 reviews. Check out these Seddie stories!!!!!Where Are They Now, by Eat-Sleep-Read This story is about Sam and Freddie meeting ten years after their breakup!! It is good.Just the Girl, by WriteAllNightAndDay This follows the next ten years of the Seddie relationship, and it is amazing.You can get the links on the Seddie Fanfiction page!!! Check them out!! maybe i will check them out. maybe seems good. many reviews... must read. meh maybe great potential! (15 reviews) idk wat this is this user maybe... maybe. into your gravity seems really good! iProm seems like it could be really good (96 reviews)

iGo to the Hospital wow 1700 reviews but sadly no seddie of any sort...just regular comedy

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