aka Kogan - kendall and logan ship (Amy)

  • I live in On the planet of Big Time Rush, Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt - why am i telling you this? STRANGER! STRANGER! HEEEEELP *throws computer out of window*
  • I was born on November 19
  • My occupation is being the founder of the random chiz wiki. also i'm a kogan shipper. you may have already guessed. i am also an AWESOME rusher
  • I am uh AMY. AMY. what sort of sex is named AMY? guess what. im a sim.
  • Αмуяσ¢кzℓιкєвтя

    Amy, Scarlett (amy's sister) , Emily, Toadette, Lizzy, Holly (toadette's sister), Jon (Lizzy's cousin) Cheese (makes first appearence in chap 3), Lina (makes first appearence in chap 3)

    TV news reporter: IT IS HAVOC AT THE MUSIC FESTIVAL! Fans everwhere, you wouldn't want to get lost in the middle of this AMAZING 1Direction performance, live at the WikiWeb Studio!

    "URGH I HATE 1D!" Amy complained.

    "well, there they are on the tv." Jon, Lizzy's boring and annoying cousin.

    "there you are on the sofa and you can shut up. Lizzy, why does he have to stay anyway?"

    "it's not MY fault. mum's just saying that we havent seen him enough-"

    HE INTERCEPTS MY WEBCHATS. i think ive seen enough of him."

    "well i can't help it if my mum's a wicked pain in the rear …

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