Poster for the episode Idea I madeNote: The person in her hand is none other than Missy Robinson.

I thought it would be really funny if there was an episode that was an Icarly parody of Attack of the 50 foot Woman.


The 1 hour episode begins with an average day at Carlys place. Carly and Sam are trying to figure out where bacon was first invented. But then Freddie tells them that a meteor has crashed into their Icarly studio. Carly, Sam and Freddie go to their studio to investigate and the meteor cracks open and reveals a piece of radioactive bacon. Sam's love for meat compelling her, she eats it. Later on, Carly and Spencer AND Freddie notices Sam, who was sitting on the couch, feeling dizzy. Then Suddenly, to the surprise of herself and everyone in the room, she begins to grow taller and taller until she is 48 feet tall. Spencer calls a doctor. The doctor comes and relocates her to a warehouse outside of the city does an xray examination and discovers that the bacon from the meteor was radioactive. But, all Sam cares about is that a solution is found quickly. The doctor explains to Carly Freddie and Spencer that the strain of her heart to sustain her new size would make it difficult for her to go through stress, which gives a spying Missy(who managed to get back to Seattle somehow) an idea. As time goes on, Sam becomes more confident and willful, empowered by her size and strength. Meanwhile, Carly, Spencer, Freddie and the doctor are creating a syringe that can cure Sam's condition. Then Missy comes in, and confronts Sam and insults her to the point where she faints from the stress. Missy then heads home, and Sam awakens. She heads towards Seattle and goes on a rampage in Seattle, destroying everything in sight to seek revenge on Missy and kill her. She finds Missy and captures her and climbs up the Space Needle(in a reference to King Kong). A bunch of helicopters come in and start shooting at sam. Carly, Spencer, Freddie, and the doctor, arrive with the syringe and inject Sam with it and Sam returns to her normal size. And then everything returns to normal.

Tell me what you think.


This would be the ONLY episode where someone grows 48 feet tall.

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