im not bashing i promis but i know that all the seddies are most likly doing backflips all over the wrold right now ill admit im one of them and ive read some of your guys comments in the past, that if seddie ever happen you would never watch icarly again im sorry but i have to say thats very stupid. Remeber what they said in ISAFW dont let it rule your life ok? i have never let it becom my obsession! I know dan dosent want to lose you guys as well you all are still fans of the show and dan dosent want to lose you!!! please if you dont want to watch for the ships do what you did befor you shipped and watch for the laughs you get!! please still come to the wiki and watch icarly thanks!!

P.S if at any time there is a seddie shipper being mean and trying to rub it in that is on this wiki you turn them over to me and ill take care of them *muscle pose* >.< grrrr and take it straight to the admins!!

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