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Dan Schneider+Slutty Outfits=?????

123glamma January 6, 2011 User blog:123glamma

I don't know if it's just me, or did I notice a LOT of revealing outfits on Dan Schneider's shows (iCarly, Victorious)? I mean, yes, teenage girls LOVE to wear revealing or SLUTTY outfits or bikinis, but WHAT is the purpose of showing of these young girls bodies on a KID'S NETWORK? Here are some examples:


Wears bikini on webshow (iHatch Chicks)

iFight Shelby Marx slutty bikinis


iHatch Chicks bikinis

Bikini on webshow AGAIN (iSaw Him First)

Wrestling bikinis (iFight Shelby Marx)

Bikini-style 80's shirt (iBelieve in Bigfoot)

I think there's more, but those are the ones I can name off the top of my head. Oh, and did I mention the Season 2 title sequence ending? You, know, the belly-thingy from iWanna Stay with Spencer? I sure did! And did I mention that in the Kissin U music video Miranda wears a little off-shoulder belly shirt? Yeah, he directed that music video (I think). Also, I found a pic of Miranda performing wearing a belly shirt. A-ha!
Tumblr ldd0anRO721qfxummo1 500

Kissin U MV


Miranda performing

Now, I don't know where to get started with Victorious. I honestly think some of these photos I found online of [1] and Elizabeth Gilles (from Victorious) aren't Dan's fault. Sorry, Dan. But did you see the episode of Victorious, Stuck in a RV? OMG, that was just slutty madness!

Please tell me your opions on these "scandalous" Victorious girls photos! Thx! :)

Ariana's controversal photo

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