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Hi, everyone. Most of you may not know me (I'm not a very popular wikia-er ;) ), but I am the person who made the page about Dan Schneider and Sl***y Outfits. I apologize for that outburst. However, I've come to the conclusion that iCarly is a rude and ridiculous show for kids and should be taken off the air immediately. I actually stopped watching iCarly a few months ago, because of how rude and childish I thought it was. So the other day I decided to watch it to see what lame and tastless things might happen next. So I watched the episode, and I was completely APPA'LLED' about how rude it was! Apparrently, Nevel was yelling at young kids and parapheligics for no reason. That was last week, so I decided to quit the Wikia because I no longer have intrest whatsoever in iCarly, this rude, tasteless "comedy" you call a TV show. For KIDS!



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