PROLOUGE: So, in the end, will he have to make a choice? And will the scene be intense, both girls staring, a mixture of loathing in both pairs of eyes? And he'd just stand there, blubbering, but he knew the answer. He knew who he loved. He opened his mouth, he's gonna say it-

"Sam? Where are you? Sam?" I asked, running through the halls,searching every classroom, every closet. She wasn't even in the cafeteria. I flipped out my phone. Where are you? I texted. I swallowed and waited. I looked around anxiously. Where's Sam?

"Freddie!" came a voice. I turned, hoping to see Sam there...but it wasn't.

"Oh, hey Carly," I muttered. "Have you seen Sam?"

"No, but hey. Wanna be lab partners?"

My phone beeped. Text from Sam; Bathroom. Wanna b lab partners? I need lotz of help in class.

Uh oh. Carly; a smart, faithful friend who is a straight A student. Sam; a lazy, not-so-smart girl who is a straight D student. Sam needs your help, I reminded myself.

"Sorry, Carly, I already have a lab partner." I said.

She crossed her arms. "It's Sam, isn't it? I don't mind you two dating but you should tell me about it! Your broke up, you told me. You get back together, you don't tell me!" she shrieked impatiently.

"No, Carly, it isn't like that, we're not-"

"Gonna tell me any more of your secrets, Freddie? No? Then we're done here!" And she stormed off.

Man, girls are complicated.

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