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Carly and Gibby

Icarly is a television show on nickelodeon. It is about a girl named Carly Shay who lives with her older brother Spencer Shay in Seattle at the Bushwell apartment complex. Thier father is in the military. Carly does a live webcast with her friend Sam Pucket and Freddie Benson who works the camera and technical equipment. Freddie lives across from Carly's apartment with his mother Marissa Benson. Freddie's mother is very over protective and ussualy embaresses Freddie. Sam lives with her mother in a house. Sam is always bullying Freddie and constantly goes to juvy. Sam and her mother don't get along very well. Sam has a love for meat and a pink pastry known as fat cakes.

Secondary characters in the show include Gibby Gibbson,Guppy Gibbson,Nevel Papperman,Chuck Chambers,Terrence Jeter Bo,Lewbert Sline, and Socko. Gibby Gibbson is a friend of Carly,Sam, and Freddie. In the earlier episodes of ICarly, Gibby constantly took his shirt off. Guppy Gibbson is Gibby's little brother. He always follows Gibby's lead. Nevel Papperman is a boy who owns a website called Nevelocity. He loved Carly until she dummped a bowl of toppanod on his face. Now Nevel always trys to get revenge on Carly. Chuck Chambers is a boy who Spencer met while taking Lewbert's place. Spencer told Chuck to stop bouncing a tennis ball on the wall, but he didn't and his father grounded him. Chuck is always doing mean things to Spencer.Terrence Jeter Bo, or T-Bo is the Occupation Manager at the local smoothie place, The Groovy Smothie. He tends to try to sell things on sticks at the Groovy Smoothie. Lewbert Sline is the manager at the Bushwell apartment complex. He has a large wart on his face which is why Carly and her friends think he's wierd. Also, Lewbert tends to be in a bad mood. Socko is Spencers friend who makes multicolored socks that light up. Although Socko is never seen,he is constantly talked about by Spencer.

Normal 2

Carly,Sam,Gibby, and Freddie

If you have any new info on Icarly, please tell me and i'll put it up. P.S. i'll mention you.

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