here is a cast list of people on Icarly.

Miranda Cosgrove-Carly Shay

Jennette McCurdy-Sam Puckett

Nathan Kress-Freddie Benson

Jerry Trainor-Spencer Shay

Noah Munck-Gibby Gibson

Mary Scheer-Marissa Benson


Tim Russ-Principal Ted Franklin

Jeremy Rowley-Lewbert

Mindy Sterling-Ms. Francine Briggs

Colin Spensor-Wesley

Reed Alexander-Nevel Papperman

Mary Ann Springer-Wendy

David St. James- Mr. Howard

Andrew Hill Newman-George the Bra

Deena Dill-Charlotte/gibbys mom

Ethan Munck-Guppy Gibson

Joseph Buttler- Mr. Stern

Ryan Ochoa-Chuck

Abby Wilde-Stacey Dillsen

Nate Hartley-Jeb

Chris Harper-Mr. Chambers

Victoria Justice-Shelby Marx

Mathew Moy-Shawn

Greg Mullavey-Grandad Shay

Lane Napper-Ernie

Wendy Braun-Mrs. Papperman

Dylan MoLaughlin-Benji

Doug Brochu-Duke

Sean Smith-Dr. Dresdin

Phil Abrams-Marty Klemish

Amie Farrell-Candice

Aria Wallace-Mandy Valdez

Christopher Michael- Officer Carl

Leon Thomas |||-Harper

Jake Farrow-Gavin

Christopher Astor- ripoff Rodney

Valerie Azlynn-Veronica

George Doty |V-Dr. Doty

Emily Ratajkowski-Tasha

Drew Roy-Griffin

Danielle Morrow-Nora Dershlit

Justin Prentice-Brad

Comment if i missed anyone which i probaly did.

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