I was thinking of posting another blog post, then I forgot what it was. So I thought about it, and this question popped into my head. So does Carly get a lot of attention? I mean sure she is a main character, has a show named after her, and a lot of boys like her. I mean 752 guys wanted to go to a dance with her and she still got a dance with Freddie. Random fact I know. Carly got to sing twice and in iParty with Victorious she'll sing again along with Sam. I don't get that at all and what about Sam.

What does Sam get? Sure she is the main character to, not many guys like her because she's mean. I mean Jonah just had to kiss Carly and Pete. I wonder what happened to him, maybe she dumped him. Don't get me wrong, Carly is cool and stuff. I just remembered that in a comment post on You Tube someone posted that Carly is the main character and that she should get everything she wants.

Random sentece of the day:

Three Days Grace rocks!

Signing out now.

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