I was thinking and read comments about that Mrs. Benson probaby likes Sam more than Carly. We all know that Sam used or is still abusing Freddie and Mrs. Benson doesn't seem to mind that at all. Mrs. Benson hates Carly now because Freddie saved Carly's life and he got hurt because of it. Now Mrs. Benson hates that but Mrs. Benson used to like Carly and now she hates her. At first Mrs. Benson liked the thought of Carly and Freddie dating. Mrs. Benson doesn't seem to get mad that Sam abuses Freddie and I think that Mrs. Benson calls Carly names is pretty funny. Why isn't Mrs. Benson or as I shall say Marissa mad at Sam for hurting her little Freddie. Is Marissa a Seddie shipper? I mean Marissa smiled at when Sam trired to make Stephanie laugh by making Stephanie look at Freddie's face. Comment me on what you think of this.

Bethany out. Peace.

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