Carly is a person that everyone loves. Sure Carly gets straight As, has boyfriends, and has a cool brother. Carly seems so prefect. I mean Carly threw a tantrum just to go to a MMA fight and threw a tantrum when she found out that Sam and Freddie kiss. In iSpeed Date she got 752 guys, she uses Freddie for attention, and she looked a little pleased that Spencer got thrown into a table in iLook Alike but mostly worried. Sam has to fight for what she wants because of her horrible family and mom. Carly got a brand new room because she needed one and it's bigger Spencer's room. I mean Carly's a star of her own web-show and the show revolved around Carly and her bedroom. Also in iGet Pranky Carly knew Spencer had an addiction to pranking but she brought him into pranking again anyway. Don't get me wrong I like Carly but not as much as Sam. Carly is cool but I'll perfer to hang out mostly with Sam. I think Carly is a little spoiled and bratty. To me she is anyway. What's your thoughts readers?

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