Ok. For those of you who don't know what bipolar is, bipolar is a disorder were you can't control your temper, getting angry all the time.

So I was thinking and I saw how Carly snapped at Freddie in iBelieve in Bigfoot, where Freddie said that the Bigfoot on the news is a guy in a costume.

Also in iSpace Out where Carly was freaking out and Freddie told her to calm down, Carly yelled at Freddie to shut up.

Then in iSpeed Date, Carly yelled at that guy to leave and she soon was calm after that.

And in iGiving away a Car, she yelled at Sam and Freddie arguing.

Ok. Either Carly is bipolar or has an attitude. Maybe she takes pills to control her anger. I would probably yell at my friends to stop fighting to. So I just need your opinion on this.

Don't yell at me about stupid this blog is. I just need your opinion.

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