Hey. I was just taking a shower and then this question popped in my head. I guess I'm a little like Spencer. I get ideas when I'm wet. Ha-ha. You probably didn't need to know that. Anyway. I think I read a comment saying that when Sam was getting replaced by Missy from iReunite with Missy

Carly didn't believe that Sam said Missy is out to get Sam. Well I think Carly and Sam was friends longer than Carly and Missy I think. Sam went to Freddie for hope and he did believe her, after it probably took a while.

Also I want to point out that in iHate Sam's boyfriend Carly didn't want to tell Sam that her boyfriend tried to cheat on her when Freddie wanted to tell Sam. Best friends tell each other everything. Even when their boyfriends or girlfriends are lying cheating stub rags. Comment me.

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