Full title: Is Freddie the least appreciated in the iCarly world?

In iTake On Dingo, he said he was a big part of iCarly to. Sam said that the writers was stealing Carly and Sam's jokes. Carly didn't even defend Freddie just told him to go with Spencer.

In iGo To Japan he even looked up interesting Japan facts, then Carly and Sam mocked him, then left. Carly also slapped him for giving her a weird look when the lady in the hotel asked them if they're a married couple. Carly could have told her they're not. Then Sam and Carly never thanked Freddie for helping them win the iWeb Award. I think maybe they did, but I'm not sure.

Also we've been told that Carly always tells Freddie that's important to the webshow but we never seen her tell him on screen and we have Sam who told Freddie he's important to the webshow and then gave him a wedgie. But we've never seen them be nicer to Freddie like them telling him good stuff about the webshow.

He named the webshow, created it, download the effects, made everything work, and everything else.

Also how come Carly and Sam don't use Freddie's ideas if he's a big part of the show as Carly says?

Imagnie how he feels. Getting bullied by Sam, getting turned down by Carly, getting used by Valerie, and having a bunch of girls that probably like him because of his looks.

I want your opinions on this. Is Freddie the least appreciated character in the iCarly world?


Also in iTwins how Carly and Sam pulled that prank on Freddie with Clown Day, and that lettuce thing for B.F. Wangs, how Carly said that Sam made her do it.

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