I was thinking and Sam seems kind of like the girl next door. Carly's popular, get boys, star of her own web show, she pretty, everyone loves her and Carly probably gets want she wants. Maybe Sam secretly hates Carly, but doesn't do anything because she probably wants a friend. Sam had two boyfriends and we don't know what happened to them. Jonah just had to kiss Carly and Sam probably dumped Pete because he probably talked about Carly trying to get close to Carly through Sam. No one doesn't like Sam because she's tomboyish. Ever thought of why Sam acts like that, maybe to get attention from people because they're to focused on Carly. Sam probably secretly wants to hit Carly, but she doesn't because she wants a friend. I mean if Sam stays over at Carly's house where does she sleep. On the couch or on the floor. I saw a comment saying that Carly is like a girl next door. Come on. Carly gets what she wants. Carly gets a nice family that cares about, a new bedroom, a crazy but funny artist as a older brother, a lot of viewers on her web show, been in a long lasting relationship and has popularti. Sam gets a mean family that's either in jail or parole, a mom that doesn't care about, friends that care about her, and boyfriends that cheat or use her. How can Carly be the girl next door? I mean it. Explain it to me people. How can Carly be the girl next door?

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