Ok. Here's my theroy for the episode iHire an Idiot:

Carly, Sam and Freddie are looking for a replacement for the tech producer while Freddie goes somewhere. Carly and Sam hires Cort because Cort's so good looking. During the web show Cort keeps messing up but the girls don't care because they can't take their eyes off of him.

Meanwhile Spencer and Gibby try to get the Bottle Bot into an art exhibit but the cops and owner come and say that Spencer copied last year's winner but Spencer denies it. Spencer tries to show the cops and owner the iVideos and iSnaps pages but Cort accidentally deleted the two pages. The cops and owner ask him to pay a fine.

Carly and Sam still likes Cort because he's hot. Carly and Sam tells Cort that they have a crush on him but Cort choses Carly over Sam which makes her angry. Freddie comes home and finds out that Carly and Cort are dating which Freddie doesn't care. Carly and Freddie have a talk in the hallway. Sam listens through the door finding out that Freddie has a crush on her and he went away to take care of his sick uncle who explained that Freddie loves Sam who didn't know it.

Meanwhile Gibby and Spencer is still having trouble about the fine. Gibby learns that Freddie fixed the iVideos and iSnaps pages so Gibby shows the pages to the cops and owners. The owner and police apoligize and tells them that Spencer doesn't need to pay the fine so the Bottle Boy gets into the exhibit. Spencer and Gibby finds out that Cort and Carly are dating they also learns that Freddie has feelings for Sam which makes Spencer happy dance.

Remember this is just a theroy.

Comment me on it if you like it or what you think about it.

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