I had a werid dream on Monday and last night. So this is a litte random, so these are my weird dreams.

My first weird dream:

My mom got a phone call and some strang man with blood on his face was whispering 'Hello' repeatedly walking around his bed that has blood on it. Then next thing I know my parents' bed was in a corner and my mom kicked my dad through the bed, disappearing. I walked my grandma to her car and that's very weird.

My second weird dream:

This one boy and girl finished making-out or something. They went in the boy or girl's restroom and the boy was saying something and this group of football players walked in then said something that I don't remember. Then I was in some store and some guy took away my jacket and backpack because it involved vampires and zombies.

Then a bell rang and I left. The next thing I remember was that I'm standing on a edge on rail road tracks and I grabbed a guy's wrist that looked like the same guy from a episode of Good Luck Charlie from the disney channel. And some other guy grabbed my hand.

Then we walked for how many miles or something and the guy whose wrist I kept holding disappeared, then me and the guy found out that he died or something. Then we somehow got in a conversation about science teachers and then we kept jumping out of the way of on-coming trains. Then me and the guy walked in the train station to find patches.

The boy says something like 'we need to get three gold and the tabs.' Then this girl named Autum that I happen to know says something like 'I was here first that doesn't make you a winner. I know why because you're a failure' or something like that, then a bell rang which made me wake up.

That's very strange right? I think I need to stop eating Jolly Ranchers before I go to bed and the thing was for my second dream I wasn't thinking of trains, I was thinking of my first strange dream. I don't even know who the two boys was and for some reason Autum appeared in my dream. Weird right? The tabs looked like patches for Girl Scouts.

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