Anyway I read some comments saying that it's wrong for Carly to play with Freddie's emotions to get what she wants. Like in iFight Shelby Marx Freddie liked another girl.

Carly said "I thought you wanted me to be your future wife."

Freddie said, "Could it happen?"

Carly said "Could not happen." What's the point of getting mad at another girl just to turn him down. Sam is abusing Freddie physically and at least she cares about him. Carly abuses his emotions. Maybe Sam doesn't want to hurt him emotionally because Freddie gets enough of that from Carly. I mean Carly manipulates his emotions which is down right wrong. Don't get me wrong I find that shelfish and bratty. I mean the 'please? For me' thing is always leading Freddie on and just to have Carly turn him down. I would be happy if some guy does things for me and I would pretty much give him something in return.

End of this blog,

Bethany AKA 1seddiefan out.

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