I read a blog's comments stating the Carly is being bratty and shelfish in this new season. Especilly in iStart a Fan War and Carly said 'oh god no' when Adam asked if Creddie is going out. Carly said that like Freddie is a pyscho patient or rapist.

I mean Carly didn't even care about the sandpaper that Freddie is telling her about and basiclly had her mind wrapped up on Adam. Carly never apoligized for ignoring Freddie at the end and how does that make Freddie feel. Useless, pummeled, crushed, absouletly destroyed? I mean if Carly really did love Freddie she would give him a chance? I mean the whole 'please? For me?' thing was funny at first then got annoying. I know she doesn't do that anymore. Then that whole 'freddie loves me' thing to get him to side with him.

I think Carly is holding onto Freddie just as an reminder that someone loves her. I mean it was so weird that Carly was clingy to Freddie in iSave your life, and then acts like Freddie isn't real anymore after they broke up. Also in iStar a Fan War Freddie was so nice to Carly and flattering her, she turns to Adam who she probably doesn't even know his last name, who flatters her. Even more weird.

When Carly dated Freddie it was because he saved her life and it wasn't even for him. I mean how did that opened her eyes, that she loves Freddie. It was a heroic thing that made her fall for Freddie. Ok enough Carly bashing here.

I think that Freddie's crush is very unhealthy. Also physcal pain is less painful then emotional because you could get used to physcal pain but you can't get used to emotional pain because it hurts badly. Freddie needs to get over her. Why can't he see Carly will never love him?

I just want Freddie to be happy and find true love even if it's not with Sam. Maybe a nerdy girl that loves Freddie for him. Anyway I like Creddie a little. No fan wars and yelling at other people or me.

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