I mean the web-show on the internet, iCarly. Carly's barely on it, because Miranda is really busy. The only time Carly is on it when they show clips from the actual episode. Seriously why have a web-show named after you if you're not going to be on it? I know Freddie named it after Carly because they all liked the idea. Sam, Freddie, sometimes Gibby, T-Bo, and Spencer all keep the web-show alive. I think they should rename the web-show to iSam and Freddie. And I'm talking about Carly not Miranda. I'm trying not to bash Carly or Miranda but I really think they should rename the internet web-show the series name.

I know that Miranda is really busy, so please don't put the comment.

Random question time:

Why do you think of this video? Click the link if it works.

It's called I Don't Care, by Apocalyptica feat. Adam Gontier from the band Three Days. The song is awesome.

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