I know this isn't iCarly related but I wanted other people to read this beside my mom.

Chapter 1

Four teenagers walked down the dark corridor, their footsteps echoing down the silent hall. They were wearing white tee shirts, blue shorts, two dog tags, had different sneakers on. The youngest and shortest boy, Dylan had his hand out and held a green glow stick that was their only light, creating a small eerie glow.

Dylan was fourteen and was 5’1. He had blond skater like hair that had blue, red, and purple streaks in his hair. His eyes are violet and had an amber ring around the pupils. He crouched down in front of an air vent, and looked at the other boy behind him.

His friend Tyler was fifteen and stood at 5’3. He has short brown hair and has eyes the color of grass. Tyler knelt beside Dylan in front of the air vent. It took him three tugs when the cover of the vent fell off. He then let Dylan in.

The tallest girl Anne pushed her shoulder length black hair over her shoulder then glanced at Dylan in the vent, who seemed to be waiting for the other three, with her wide brown eyes. “You coming, Ashley?”

Ashley nodded as she looked at Anne with her gray eyes. “I’ll follow you.” Her medium length brunette hair fell over her shoulder. They crawled in, followed by Tyler.

They had found out they were designed and trained to kill. The scientists, who created them, didn’t expect that they were going to develop emotions and learn that killing was wrong. One day Dylan was bored, and decided to hack into the computer system, finding out what they were supposed to do after reading the emails. That was the final straw for them, after being poked, prodded, and being treated like animals. It was then Tyler started to plan the escape.

Tyler carefully placed the vent cover back on and started to follow after his friends.

“Do you know where we’re going?” Anne asked, wanting to know if Dylan knew where they were going.

“I’ve studied the blue prints in our spare time. I know where to go.” Dylan said, the four teens’ dog tags slightly dumping into each other, making jingling sounds that sounded louder in the silence that followed. The blond stopped crawling in a three way fork in the vent and then pointed to the vent on his left. “The exit is down there.”

Tyler went first and the other three followed after him. Tyler leaned back and started to kick the vent cover. After the fourth kick, the cover came off and he crawled out into the fresh night air. The other three followed after him and they looked around, trying to find which way to turn.

A few minutes later a siren came on, a light started to circle the perimeter, and they heard the faint sound of dogs barking. They started to run through the forest, the full moon passing through the gaps in the trees, lighting their way.

They would use their powers, but they’ve been injected with a blue serum that curbed their powers for twelve hours while they slept, so their powers don’t get out of control when they have nightmares.

Anne had a nightmare and she accidentally placed nightmares in her friends’ minds. Dylan’s nightmare almost caused a city wide blackout. Ashley’s nightmare made her teddy bear come to life and it tried to kill her. Tyler had a nightmare that made things to start flying around his room. Their powers had gotten so out of control, it gotten to the point that the scientists created a serum.

They started to try and run faster, from the scientists.

Run! Faster! You’re faster than them! Dylan told himself and looked at a tree.

Dylan climbed a tree, and the others followed after him. Ashley sat on a tree branch and wiped sweat off her face that started to run down her face. Anne did the same and Dylan sighed.

“I wish I had my powers.” Tyler managed to growl out, punching the trunk of the tree out of anger.

Ashley said sadly, “Me to.”

“Yeah,” Anne said and their breathing evened out, as they heard loud cussing from a few feet away. They listened as the footsteps faded away, and they climbed down the tree. They started to walk away from the facility they used to live in after they were created from DNA. They weren’t sure who their parents are, and why they were given up or if they were test tube babies.

Dylan replied sarcastically, “And I wanted people who didn’t extract my DNA like I’m some type of freak. Did I get that? No.”

Tyler spun around, to face the boy he considers a brother, also irritated. “You can control the elements, environment, darkness, shadows, and electricity. You’re much of a freak as all three of us.”

“Don’t argue with him. He’s just mad because we woke up him up at eleven to leave this place.” Ashley said, not wanting a fist fight to break out. The four of them were grouchy from getting one hour of sleep. They didn’t know when they were going to break out, if they did, they would have packed the things that they needed.

“Yeah, I know. He punched me in the stomach for trying to wake him up.” Tyler said while Dylan just smiled innocently up at them.

“We need some sleep. Dylan looks like he’s about to pass out.” Ashley said and the others nodded in agreement. They looked back at Dylan who started to walk slowly, and then fell face down on the dirt. Anne winced at the loud thud. “Never mind.”


Anne and Ashley woke up on the ground of the forest, as the sun started to rise. For a moment they were confused, wondering where they were, and reality hit them like a ton of paintballs, coming at them at a hundred miles per hour.

They knew how that felt, because the scientists used paintballs to stimulate bullets, just in case they ever got in a situation that requires them to doge bullets.

“Did we just escape?” Anne asked standing up, wiping the dirt off of her clothes.

Ashley smiled happily at the thought. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Anne helped her off the ground. Ashley proceeded to wake up Tyler, and went to wake up Dylan. The two boys got off the ground and started to shake the dirt off their clothes.

“What time is it?” Tyler asked, wiping the dirt off his face and Dylan looked at a tree. He willed an apple to grow on the tree, but it didn’t work and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“Well, it’s not nine yet.” Dylan said and the other super powered teens groaned frustrated. They started to walk away from the spot they slept on, and tried to guess what time it is. “How long have we been walking?”

“Probably about one hour.” Tyler said, and thought about it. Ashley thought about the time.

“Feels like two.” Ashley said, waving her hand over her clothes, the dirt disappearing. Ashley did the same to Anne.

“I guess our powers are powers are coming back slowly.” Anne said, watching amused as Ashley tried to finger comb Dylan’s hair.

“Dude!” Dylan snapped irritated and pushed Ashley back.

Ashley sighed with defeat, and went to get rid of the dirt on Tyler. Dylan willed apples to grow on a tree. Once they were ripe, he pulled them off the branches. Dylan handed his friends the apples and they started to walk around the forest, eating the apples.

The trees were normal sized and the leaves were dark green. The dirt was a slight golden brown color and looked like no one has ever stepped on it before. The only sound was their talking and the dirt crunching beneath their shoes.

Tyler started to hear a really annoying buzzing sound, “What is that sound?” Tyler looked around frantically, trying to find where the sound is coming from.

“Probably flies.” Anne answered and thought about it. “Large flies?” Ashley became confused at what Anne had said.

Ashley looked at Anne weirdly. “What would large flies be doing in a forest?”

Tyler thought about what Ashley said. “Maybe the scientists got bored of experimenting on us and decided to experiment on flies.”

Dylan took off the dog tags he was wearing. He never really thought about what they said. He looked at one of the dog tags. The front had a picture of an atom and in the middle it read The Facility. He flipped it over and read what it said below the bar code.

Experiment 4.

Four out of four.

Dylan looked at the last dog tag, the front also had a picture of the atom, and in the middle it also read The Facility in the middle of the atom. Dylan flipped it over to read what it said one the back.

First Name: Dylan

Middle Name: Joseph

Last Name:

Dylan put the dog tags back on and he looked at his three friends. “Have any of you ever wondered why we don’t have last names?” Dylan was honestly curious.

“They were probably to busy to actually give us last names.” Anne answered.

Dylan nodded, not buying what she said. “I guess.”

Ashley looked back at the young boy. “Don’t worry about it, okay?” Ashley patted Dylan’s shoulder, in what Dylan guessed was her way of trying to comfort him.

“Okay.” Dylan replied and rubbed his scarred upper arms. Ashley, Dylan, and Tyler had needle scars from being injected with the serum every night nearly their entire life. They also had scars from being poked and prodded. There were also some small lines from where the scientists had cut their arms.

Anne didn’t have any scars because she could heal herself, and was still learning how to heal others. They weren’t sure how long they walked or how far away they were from the Facility, they managed to find a fence and Dylan climbed it.

The others did the same and they looked down at the deserted road. They looked down the road and a truck drove by, honking the horn loudly. They jumped backwards in shock, hitting the fence. Once it drove by Dylan placed his hand over his heart, feeling it beating fast.

“That was scary.” Dylan gasped out, his breathing hard and they nodded in agreement. They started to follow the truck, in silence. They weren’t sure where they were supposed to be going, but being far away from the Facility is good enough for them.

Chapter 2

The next week went by so fast, it was like a blur to them, and they couldn’t exactly remember what had happened except for escaping the Facility. They had a feeling Anne had something to do with it. They remembered being placed in an orphanage, after finding their way out of the forest, finding a bus stop café, and getting a map to get their way out.

The four of them were in Tyler and Dylan’s room. Anne and Dylan were sitting against Dylan’s bed. Ashley and Tyler were sitting against Tyler’s bed.

“I didn’t even know orphanages still exist.” Ashley said, looking at her hair, feeling that it was time for a change.

“I know.” Dylan said, looking at his black pants. At least they got to buy new clothes. The boy looked at his dog tags. No matter what he couldn’t bring himself to throw it away and he knew that the others felt the same about their dog tags.

The police had found them trying to break into a store, and the teens told them that they don’t have any family or parents, it is the truth. The police placed them into an orphanage called Happy Orphanage. It was a red three story building, with Happy Orphanage written on a wooden sign above the door in large green lettering.

The headmistress Anderson decided to place them in high school, even though they didn’t want to. It was hard for them to explain that they couldn’t because they weren’t supposed to let the world know they exist, so they just kept quiet and let the woman place them in high school. They had gotten lost on a few occasions, and some of the students teased them, especially Dylan for his eyes because it has two colors. He was so upset he had accidentally caused a rain storm, and it took his friends a while to calm him down.

“School stinks,” Anne said.

When they lived at the Facility, the scientists didn’t have them go to school, but some nurse had given them books and tried to teach them as much as she can, till she disappeared. They knew she was dead, and the scientist pretended she didn’t exist.

“At least we can make friends.” Tyler said and Dylan rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, with people who call me, ‘Freak Eyes’.” Dylan replied very sarcastically and shrugged. “I heard worse insults coming from Dr. Kevin.” He rubbed his upper arms, which Anne noticed he had goose bumps. “Man, he sure loved to stick us with needles.”

“Yeah. He was such a b-” Tyler started to say.

“Don’t finish that sentence.” Anne ordered, interrupting Tyler, who sighed, looking around the slightly messy room, that had clothes, papers, and some trash were thrown around. Anne and Ashley for some reason want to act motherly towards the boys, especially Dylan since he was the youngest.

“Okay. I won’t,” Tyler said and held up his hands in surrender.

Anne nodded. “Good,” she said and looked at her watch. Ashley looked at her hair again, still wondering what she should do with it, and noticed Dylan seemed to be deep in thought.

“What are you thinking about?” Ashley asked.

“When I woke up I thought, ‘My llama’s birthday is ready’. I really wish I knew what I dreamt about.” Dylan said thoughtfully and his friends looked at him weirdly.

“That’s…weird,” Anne said and the blond shrugged his shoulders, as if to say, ‘whatever’.


The next day Dylan walked in his Earth Science classroom and chose to sit at the front left table against the wall. He sat at the aisle chair, a habit that he had picked up from somewhere. He took out his book, as the room started to fill up. There were some whispers about them having a substitute teacher. Three teens sat at his table and a girl accidentally hit Dylan’s arm with her bag.

“Sorry,” The girl said and Dylan shrugged.

“It’s okay,” Dylan muttered and the brunette girl shrugged. Once everyone was seated and the bell rang again for everyone to already be in class. The sub didn’t show up yet and soon some kids started to get chatty.

A woman, that was about 5’4, and had black hair tied up in a bun. She wore red lipstick and black glasses. Dylan instantly recognized her as a scientist who disappeared from the Facility. She was the one who taught them and told them that killing was wrong.

Dylan and the ex-scientist, Dr. James’ eyes meet briefly. She looked away quickly and grabbed a blue dry erase marker. She uncapped the marker and wrote ‘Miss. James’ on the board. She looked at the students and started talking about the things that she will not put up with while she was a substitute teacher. Some of the other classmates sighed, and took out some paper as she started to teach them about plants and photosynthesis.


Once the class emptied out, it was just Dylan and Miss. James. The teen walked up to Miss. James, his black and red checkered backpack slung over one shoulder.

“Yes Dylan?” Miss. James asked, shuffling some papers around and the boy fidgeted a little. He felt like he was going to throw up, a feeling he always had gotten when he was nervous, which was rare.

“Do you remember me from The Facility?” Dylan asked. If she didn’t, all he could say is that he had gotten her mixed up with someone else.

“Yeah. How can I not remember the hair?” Miss. James said, reaching over the desk, and started to ruffle Dylan’s hair. The boy smiled, and slightly sighed, relaxing a little. He’d seen those movies that when people mysteriously disappear, and then reappear, they have no memories of the person they’re talking to, and suddenly at the last minute they suddenly remember them, then they start to go out or something.

“You just disappeared. What happened?” Dylan asked. He really was confused.

“I had gotten fired for ‘corrupting’ the ‘Experiments’.” Dr. James said using air quotes and the teen looked on in confusion.

“What is ‘this’ nonsense?” He replied, also using air quotes. Anne, Ashley, and Tyler appeared at the door.

“Dylan, let’s go.” Anne said waving Dylan over, and then noticed Dr. James. “Dr. James?” Anne smiled and walked over to the woman. Anne hugged Dr. James and the other two teens, except for Dylan, was giving Dr. James hugs. Dylan stood there awkwardly watching as his friends ask Dr. James questions.

The blond looked out the small window, when gray clouds suddenly appeared, covering the sky, and unleashed water. He walked over to the window and watched as the other students start to run across the campus to get protection from the sudden rain storm.

Where the heck did that come from? Dylan thought and willed the rain to go away, but the rain continued to fall. Dylan felt his throat become slightly sore, and he stared out the window trying to get the rain to go away, but they stayed put. He wasn’t quite sure how long they lost track of time, but the bell rang, jolting Dylan out of his thoughts. He ran out of the classroom, leaving his friends and Dr. James looking on in confusion, at Dylan’s sudden departure.


English wasn’t any better, because the rain kept falling, Dylan started to feel under the weather, he felt tired, and he was sitting on the right side, to a boy he couldn’t stand. Every time he raised his hand, the boy, Jack, mockingly raised his hand. Some classmates always sighed, and the blond wasn’t sure if they sighed because he raised his hand or Jack raised his hand. Dylan rolled his eyes and looked at the rain lashing against the small square window that was across the room.

The teacher got done talking about poetry in class, and having to do a mood poem assignment for homework.

“It has to be ten lines.” The teacher said and Dylan raised his hand to ask a question, and then watched as Jack mockingly raised his hand, jumping around slightly in his seat. Dylan rolled his eyes, turned in his seat, and kicked Jack out of the desk. Some people stared for a few seconds.

Dylan turned back in his seat, and everyone in the class started to laugh, and the teacher went to her desk, and started to write on some sheet of paper, then told him to go wait outside. Dylan went out of the classroom, and looked out of the window willing the rain to go away again, but the rain continued to fall. Dylan coughed into his shoulder and wished time would go faster, so he can get to Happy Orphanage and sleep.


“So you just kicked the guy out of his seat?” Ashley said, in a disapproving tone and Anne nodded in agreement. They were walking along a dirt path, to get to Happy Orphanage. There are rows of trees that dotted across both sides of the dirt path.

Tyler rolled his eyes. “I would’ve done the same thing.” Ashley looked at Dylan, who seemed more quiet than usual.

“Are you-” Ashley started to say, and Dylan sneezed. Suddenly a bolt of purple lightning came out of nowhere, nearly striking the teens. Tyler grabbed Dylan’s shoulders and pulled him close, out of harm’s way. Anne pointed where the lightning bolt struck, electricity filling the air, and Ashley nearly toppled to the ground in shock.

“That almost hit us!” Anne shouted over the sound of thunder. Dylan removed Tyler’s hands off his shoulders.

“Let’s just go.” Dylan muttered and sneezed again. Another bolt of strange purple lightning struck in front of them again, thunder clapped, and Dylan jumped away from the lightning. Ashley suddenly wrapped her arm across Dylan’s neck, as if she could protect him from the odd lightning strikes that seemed to occur every time Dylan sneezed. Dylan removed Ashley’s arm. “What’s with you guys? It’s just weather!” Anne pointed at something on the ground.

“Is weather supposed to do that?” Anne shrieked and Dylan looked at the purple scorch marks caused by the purple lightning. Anne realized something and by the looks of it, Ashley seemed to have come to the same conclusion.

The first time he sneezed, it just happened. The second time, it was a coincidence. The third time- Anne thought and Dylan sneezed again, the purple lightning again struck somewhere along the sky. “You’re causing the lightning!” Anne pointed accusingly at Dylan.

Dylan looked offended. “I don’t mean to!”

“I have an idea!” Tyler interrupted and they looked at him. “Let’s get out of the rain!” They nodded in agreement and started to walk away in silence, the occasional noise of Dylan’s coughing, sneezing, and thunder.


Anne, Tyler, and Ashley stood in the infirmary of Happy Orphanage. The infirmary had light green walls, a window was on the left wall next to the chair Dylan is currently sitting in, and there was a cabinet on the opposite wall of the window. They were watching as Headmistress Anderson managed to get a thermometer in Dylan’s mouth, after much fighting from Dylan.

Dylan’s muffled voice came out from the thermometer. “I swear I’m fine.” He noticed a glare from Tyler, which made him quiet down. Headmistress Anderson took the thermometer from the teen’s mouth and looked at it.

“99.1.” Headmistress Anderson said and looked at the teen. “Collect your things and go to the attic.” The two left the room and Dylan looked back at his friends.

“We’ll visit you.” Tyler called to his friend, as Dylan entered the room they share.

Chapter 3

Anne, Ashley, and Tyler are sitting on a bed in the attic with Dylan. There are four beds against one wall, and four beds against the other wall. The eight beds had one small dresser next to the bed for clothes, until the sick person is feeling better, then they leave. There is one window against the far wall and Dylan looked at the white ceiling.

“This stinks.” Dylan said, and looked out at the pouring rain. “I hope it lightens up.” Ashley nodded in agreement and Headmistress Anderson appeared.

“You three have to leave. Dylan needs his rest.” Anderson replied and the three left leaving Dylan alone in the attic, where the thunder seemed to be louder.

“I’m so lonely.” Dylan whined to no one, and fell backwards on his bed, sighing. He then sneezed and he guessed lightning struck, because he heard the thunder. I hope this ends soon, I don’t want to go to bed listening to thunder all night long.


“Hey Jack!”

Ashley called to Jack the next day, and seemed to be in a bad mood. The three teens are standing under the roof of the cafeteria and some other students are standing under it, trying to get out of the rain, to stay dry.

Anne and Tyler are walking behind Ashley, who seemed dead set on finding Jack. Dylan was still sick, the rain and lightning hadn’t lightened up yet. Once he feels better and comes back to school, he has to serve two lunch detentions. He got one for kicking Jack out of his seat and gotten another detention for disrupting another class, that the teachers won’t tell them about.

“What?” The boy called back irritated turning to face Ashley who slapped him. Tyler, Anne, and the other students looked up in shock at the sound of someone getting slapped, then stared at the angry brunette.

“Nobody messes with my friends and gets away without feeling the wrath of the Ashes.” Ashley spat out and turned away. “Come on.” She left, but Tyler and Anne stayed put, not over the shock yet. Once it wore off, they ran off to Ashley who was standing next to a pillar at the library under a roof. They ran to the library, trying not to slip in the puddles, and they made it.

“Why did you slap him?” Anne demanded once they got to the library and Ashley faced the girl she considers a sister.

“He messed with Dylan and got him detention. I think Jack deserves to get slapped.” Ashley said and Tyler shrugged in agreement.

“She does have a point.” Tyler agreed, leaning against a pillar.

Anne seemed confused about something. “Ashes?”

Ashley defended herself, “It sounded cool at the time.” The girl shrugged and looked at the rain, wondering when it’ll lighten up.

Anne nodded. “Me too. Seems like Dylan being sick caused it.”

Tyler stared at them. “You’re just figured that out?”

Ashley pointed at him accusingly. “If you’re so smart why was the lightning purple?” Tyler shrugged.

“Maybe it’s because his eyes are violet, and the lightning in turn became purple.” Tyler said. “I don’t know.” He walked towards the 200 building and Anne noticed some people staring at them, listening intently. Apparently they heard what they just said about Dylan causing the rain.

“What are you looking at?” Anne snapped and the students looked away, whispering to each other. The two girls rolled their eyes and headed towards the 500 building, where they had English together. They stood outside the door, waiting for the bell to ring to start the day and they leaned against the wall. “Some people are just plain rude.” Ashley opened her white and black checkered backpack to make sure she’d done her history homework.

“I know.” Ashley said and closed her backpack. “I feel sorry for Dylan. He got sick for the first time in fourteen years.”


Once Anne, Ashley, and Tyler made it to Happy Orphanage after school, they immediately headed towards the attic. Headmistress Anderson allowed them to go up to visit Dylan and they climbed the stairs to the attic. Once they climbed up, they watched Dylan and a little redheaded girl sitting on a bed talking. Apparently the little girl had gotten sick to, coming from the fact that her nose was a little red.

The redheaded girl, Amy, was another orphan that showed up three days after they did. She has green eyes and a small overbite. She was touching the needle scars on Dylan’s upper arms. “What are these from?”

“I got bitten by mosquitoes a lot…back in Minnesota…where I used to live.” Dylan told her lying, his voice was a little nasally, and instantly felt bad for lying to her.

It was odd though, they never talked to each other, on occasion where they say ‘hi’ to each other, but now when they had a conversation, he instantly felt a connection with her then felt like he should protect her at all times. Anne and Tyler sat on the bed opposite of Dylan, while Ashley took the floor in front of the bed.

“Hi.” Amy said cheerfully and waving her hand in a frantic ‘hi’ motion towards them.

“Hello.” Ashley said giving her a small wave back.

Tyler looked at Dylan and instantly had a feeling that something bad will happen to him. He shoved the feeling down. “You have two detentions to serve when you come back.”

“Why?” Dylan asked.

Anne shrugged. “Oh I don’t know. Maybe because you disrupted a class, and kicked Jack out of his chair.”

“How did you disrupt the class anyway?” Tyler asked, looking at his hands, the feeling gone and then looked back the blond, and the feeling came back. He looked back at his hands.

“I may have gotten mad and threw a dictionary at some guy shouting ‘verbal abuse’.” Dylan answered.

Ashley looked at him confused. “Shouldn’t it be physical abuse because it’s a book?”

“A dictionary has words in it.” Dylan said.

Ashley pointed at Dylan. “I see what you did there.” Dylan smiled at them.

Tyler glanced at the blond again who tugged down his black wristband that had fire around it and the feeling that something bad was going to happen. From the corner of his eye he noticed that Anne gave him a quick glance.

She felt that? Tyler thought and noticed Anne nodded slightly. That’s not creepy at all. Anne gave the boy the evil eye. Tyler held back a shiver.

“So?” Dylan asked confused looking at his friends. “This is a nice conversation.”

“We brought you homework.” Ashley said, pulling out the math book, and paper from her backpack. Tyler looked at Dylan and he got the bad feeling again. The bad feeling intensified and he suddenly saw blood.

He wasn’t sure what happened in the next few seconds or he got out of the attic, he was suddenly leaning against the orphanage wall, breathing hard. Anne and Ashley were looking at him concerned.

Anne was worried. “Are you okay?”

“No.” Tyler said, trying to get his breathing under control.

Ashley stared at Tyler. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. Every time I looked at Dylan, I get a feeling that something bad will happen to him. The longer I looked, I started to see blood.” Tyler said and looked at his hands. He felt bad that he was thinking thoughts about Dylan getting hurt.

“Do you think this might be a new power coming in?” Anne asked and Tyler shrugged, looking thoughtful.

Ashley rubbed her chin, looking thoughtful. “We have to look out for Dylan.”

“You know, I think he hates it that we look out for him because he’s younger than us.” Tyler said and they looked at him.

Ashley looked at her shoes. “I just want to stick up for him.”

Anne looked at her. “Why?”

“He’s my little buddy.” Ashley said, shrugging.

Tyler rolled his eyes. “You act more motherly towards him.”

“If I remember correctly, I had to pop his shoulder back into place after you dislocated it.” Ashley snapped, remembering the feeling when she popped Dylan’s shoulder into place, and remembered that Dylan was almost crying. Dylan was seven at the time, he had a right to cry, but he didn’t. He wanted to show that he can be strong too.

“He forgave me.” Tyler said and thought about it. “Two weeks later.”

Anne hated that Ashley and Tyler fight. It was annoying and they fight over the stupidest stuff.

“Can we agree on that we care about Dylan and want to protect him?” Anne said and they looked at her, as if they just noticed her for the first time.

“Okay.” Ashley agreed and looked back at her friends. They agreed to watch out for Dylan, though they weren’t sure what to watch out for.


That bad feeling stayed put, and Tyler tried hard not to show his worry. Dylan seemed to end up having a cold and was returned to school. He had to stay behind in the 200 hundred building to serve lunch detention with Jack and a guy named Max who turned out to be the one Dylan threw the dictionary at.

“Two guys who hates Dylan. They’re alone in a room.” Ashley said, chewing on a lock of her hair, at which Tyler looked on in disgust. “They might beat up Dylan.”

“Teachers won’t let kids alone in detention.” Anne said trying to comfort Ashley.

Tyler nodded. “Yeah. The teacher would stop any fights for breaking out.” Tyler thought about it. “And I’m sure Dylan would knock them unconscious for nearly four hours.” The teen shrugged. “Like how he knocked me unconscious when he was eight years old.”

“I thought he did that to you because you dislocated his shoulder.” Ashley said.

Anne instead looked at her. “No, I thought it was because he called Dylan, ‘Dill’.”

“Let’s establish that he kicked me so hard that I was unconscious for nearly four hours.” Tyler said. He didn’t want to go into depth about being knocked unconscious by an eight year old kid.

Ashley nodded. “Okay.” Tyler rolled his eyes and went towards the cafeteria, the other two girls following him. Ashley still hoped that Dylan would be alright in detention with two kids probably coming up with a plan for revenge against Dylan.


The next day the rain was lighting up, the bad feeling intensified for Tyler, which he ended up throwing up. He had to stay behind at Happy Orphanage, much to his annoyance. Tyler hoped that Anne and Ashley would be able to protect Tyler from whatever was to come.

Anne and Ashley are waiting outside the 200 building, for Dylan to finish his lunch detention. It was one of the few times they can have some girl talk without the two boys around. Dylan sometimes usually goes off to hang out with Amy when they were at Happy Orphanage, and Tyler sometimes goes off to hang out with other teenaged orphan boys. So the two girls have each other to hang out with.

“So, how about Tyler’s weird soy sauce obsession?” Ashley said.

“It’s…weird.” Anne said. “I tried to crawl into his mind to see why he likes it, but I got nothing.” Ashley held back a smile.

“Don’t use crawl like that in a sentence.” Ashley said and the short black haired girl looked at her.

Anne seemed to want to say something, but didn’t. “Okay, I won’t.”


They were hanging outside in the forest, the rain lightening up a little. A bunch of scientists had come out of nowhere. There was no time to act. They were trained not to think, just act. So Anne launched herself at one, and roundhouse kicked a scientist down. One thing about the scientists is that they trained them, so they can withstand the hits.

After that Anne landed another blow and got punched so hard that her head snapped around, and felt blood in her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ashley standing her own against a scientist, till two more ganged up on her, and went down.

Tyler was still upright, but his lip was already split and she leaped toward him, only to be grabbed again. A scientist pinned her arms behind her back, and another punched her in the stomach.

A massive pain that felt like her insides exploded, and she doubled over. She dropped like a stone.

Dimly, she recalled, she hadn’t seen Dylan in the fight.

Get up! She told herself and trying to suck in air. Get up!

As weird, superhuman kids, they were much strong than regular grown-up humans. The scientists outnumbered them, and trying not to throw up, she staggered to her feet. Two scientists held Ashley’s hands and feet. One injected the blue serum into her arm. They swung her around hard, and she went sailing, hitting a tree. She cried out and crumbled into a couple of bushes.

Anne looked around trying to find Dylan and saw some scientists surrounding Dylan. Tyler was unconscious on the ground, a scientist apparently knocked him unconscious and then injected him with a blue serum judging from a small drop of blood on his arm and she ran over to save Dylan.

Two scientists came out of nowhere and fell on top of her. One pressing a knee on into her chest, and she struggled as the scientist injected her arm with a serum. She looked back at Dylan and everything was like in slow motion. Much to her horror she saw a scientist holding Dylan’s arms back to keep him down, as another female scientist covered Dylan’s mouth with a cloth which has chlorophyll on it.

No. Not Dylan. Anne thought. She saw Dylan struggling to break free from but his body went limp falling forward into the scientist’s arm, and she scientist carried him away bridal style into the forest. I have to save him. He’s my best friend. Anne started to struggle to break free.

“Get off of me, you stupid b-” Anne started to say but got slammed down again.

The last thing she saw was a black boot coming down, and connecting with her head. Her head jerked to one side. I failed. She thought before everything went black.

Chapter 4

“Anne?” A scared voice said above Anne.

A horrible, dying whale kind of sound came out of nowhere.

Where did that come from? Oh that came from me. Anne thought and looked up at Ashley and Tyler, concerned etched on their bruised, bloody faces. They look like they were stuffed in a blender that was set on chop.

“I’m okay.” Anne said, not really sure if she was or not. Her memory came rushing back to her, and she stood up, leaning against Ashley for support as she nearly fell over. She looked everywhere. “Where’s Dylan?”

Ashley looked ready to kill. “He’s gone. They took him.” She burst into tears that mixed with blood, and she covered her face with her hands. Tyler clenched his fist, and punched a tree. Normally his super human strength would have sent the tree tumbling to the ground, but it didn’t. The rain however stopped, since Dylan had been injected with the blue serum.

He remembered being seven years old and looking out through the window that had three bars covering the window, like a cell. He remembered seeing chimpanzees being used as bait for some type of maze. The chimpanzees screaming in terror and pain etched in his mind.

That’s who Dylan is with now. Tyler thought angrily.

“Why take a fourteen year old? Why not me? I would’ve stood a chance!” Tyler shouted at nothing and Anne awkwardly patted Ashley’s head. “I should’ve saved him.”

“I should have saved him.” Ashley said.

Anne wanted to stop a fight before it broke out. “All three of us should have saved him. He’s all our responsibility. We were knocked unconscious. They’re probably long gone by now.” Tyler and Ashley nodded. The three started to head back to Happy Orphanage in silence because they were planning on how to rescue Dylan.


Anne, Ashley, and Tyler were in the kitchen. Anne was opening a can of ravioli and grabbed a fork.

“How are we supposed to tell Amy that Dylan is gone?” Ashley said.

Tyler looked up from looking at his hands at the counter. “Who?” Ashley rolled her eyes. “Oh. She’ll be heartbroken.” Tyler leaned his head against the counter.

He was picturing Dylan on an operation table, getting needles full of clear liquid being injected in his arms, or being chased by mad rabid geneticists, or getting mauled by vicious, rabid bloodhounds that would enjoy ripping Dylan to shreds. What pleasant thoughts. Tyler thought sarcastically.

“What are we going to do?” Ashley thought. “We’ve only been gone, for what, two weeks?”

“We have to return to the Facility, to rescue him.” Anne said and they looked at her shocked. “Yeah. I said it.”

“I don’t want to go back.” Ashley said.

Tyler looked at Ashley. “We have to go back to get Dylan back alive.”

Anne nodded. “There’s no use fighting. We have to rescue him, by going back to the Facility.”

“What do they want if a fourteen year old anyway?” Tyler asked and Anne shrugged.

Anne pointed at the boy and couldn’t help herself. “Maybe they’re going to cut-” Anne got cut off when Ashley grabbed the front of her shirt and the brunette had a murderous look in her eyes.

“Don’t you dare say that they’re going to do that to him, got that?” Ashley growled out and Anne nodded, too stunned to say something. Ashley released her and left the kitchen. Anne looked at Tyler who looked surprised.

“Now, where did she head off to?” Tyler asked Anne, who shrugged.

“I’m a mind reader, but I so did not want to read her mind.” Anne defended.


His mouth was dry and his head ached. In fact everything ached, even Dylan’s brain ached and he was sure that wasn’t possible. He blinked several times, trying to wake up, and get the bright lights to fade away.

Once his vision cleared, he noticed the cement ceiling, and smelt the disinfect smell. One he recognized to well. He looked across at the room at the cell like door. Like a prison, he thought bitterly, my prison. He knew that no matter had much Tyler had tried to break the bars off to escape, it didn’t work and he noticed two other kids that looked younger than him, in cells like his, across from him. They stared at him through the bars on the door.

“Hello.” Dylan said and they stared back at him. “My name is Dylan. Do you have names?” He expected them closer. They looked to be boys and one has leaves sticking out of him.

The last one looked to be a mistake; he had extra fingers and toes. He had no neck. Where are Anne, Ashley and Tyler? He wondered. Where they in cells like him too?

Dylan sighed and leaned against the wall that had blocks made out of concrete to go with the prison cell decoration.

A door opened and footsteps sounded on the floor. Dylan noticed the two other boys trembling with fear or anxiety. Two scientists stood in front of Dylan’s view.

“Oh my God – Jones was right,” the female scientist said, staring at Dylan through the door. “They got him! Do you know how long I’ve wanted to get my hands on this one?” She turned excitedly to her male partner. “Did you read the report the Principal gave us when we got him?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t believe it,” he replied. “Are you saying this is Experiment Four? This little boy?” There were a couple of things that Dylan hated being called: Dill, and short.

“I’m not short!” Dylan snapped, and the Scientists ignored that comment.

The female rubbed her hands together with glee. “You’re looking at it.” Dylan watched as she took out a key out of her lab coat pocket, unlocked the door, and slid open the cell door. The male and female grabbed his arms roughly. “Come on little thing, you’re wanted in lab eight.” They dragged him out and the female closed the cell door loudly. He was pushed forward and his dog tags clinked together. He’d forgotten that he was wearing them and he looked back, noticing the two boys sighed relieved that he was being taken and not them.

I don’t blame you guys one bit. He thought as he shoved through the open door.


Anne and Tyler were planning on how to break in the Facility, rescue Dylan, and get the heck out of there without being caught. They were in the main room, sitting at a coffee table, a stack of paper next to them. Ashley was nowhere to be found, and Anne assumed that she was taking a walk to calm down.

Tyler was drawing blue prints on a sheet of paper, from memory, though it was hard, since they’ve been in some parts of the Facility. T

They looked up as the door closed and saw a new blonde Ashley. She looked at them, and their jaws dropped in shock.

“Oh my God.” They both said slowly, and Ashley glared at them. Anne and Tyler looked at each other; their mouths still open in shock, and then looked back at Ashley, still in shock. Ashley looked back at them.

“You like it?” Ashley said and they finally closed their mouths, getting over their shock. Anne blinked and Tyler finally looked away.

Anne cleared her throat. “I thought Dylan having blond hair was his thing.”

“So, what are you guys doing?” Ashley asked sitting on the floor next to the coffee table.

“While you were off, dying your hair, we were trying to come up with a plan to rescue Dylan.” Tyler explained, taking a double take at Ashley’s platinum blonde hair.

“For all we know, he could be dying right now.” Anne said and her two friends looked up at her, with matching horrified expressions. “Sorry.”

“Why do you have such dark thoughts?” Ashley asked, still a little horrified at mental pictures of Dylan’s pale lifeless body strapped down on an operation table getting his limbs chopped off.

Anne shrugged. “I don’t really know why I have them.” Tyler couldn’t help but picture Dylan being tied down to a table and being injected with some powdery substance or drugs, or some other torture thing.

“Get rest, we leave at dawn.” Ashley ordered standing up.

Anne looked up in confusion. “Why tomorrow?”

Ashley looked down at her friends’ faces. “We need rest and we’ll go save Dylan.” Ashley went up the girls’ staircase on the left, leaving the other two behind. Anne sighed and followed Ashley and Tyler went to the right staircase, which was the boys’.

Tyler didn’t want to sleep in a comfy bed while Dylan was probably getting needled and being forced to undergo a lot of painful tests. He didn’t want to waste time, while Dylan is probably getting killed or something.


Tyler was just sleeping, then everything shifted and bottles and packets of soy sauce started to sing ‘It’s a Small World After All’ in a high pitched voice, while Tyler just sat there covering his ears, shouting, ‘I loved you’ repeatedly.

Someone then started to smack him hard with a pillow. “Get up!” The voice repeatedly ordered and he woke up, staring at the faces of Anne and Ashley.

“What the heck?” Tyler asked more to himself about his dream instead of the girls. He started rubbing his eyes to get the sleep out.

“Get dressed. I told you, we leave at dawn.” Ashley said and Tyler noticed the light barely streaming in through the window. He threw off his covers and the two girls left the room.

“All I wanted was to have nice parents and a good house, but no, I end up getting created by mad geneticists who likes to torture us to see how we would react.” Tyler muttered to himself, putting on a clean shirt through sleep hazed eyes. Don’t worry Dylan. We’ll rescue you. Tyler thought, frantically finding a clean pair of pants, and put them on.

Even though Dylan did sometimes get on Tyler’s nerves, he had to admit he did miss the blond kid, even though he doesn’t show it like Anne or Ashley. He shoved on his sneakers and tied them quickly.

Once he exited the room, they left the orphanage, and walked down the dirt path which is now muddy from all the rain Dylan accidentally caused. Anne knew this was a thrown together plan and wasn’t given much thought, they were just in a hurry to go rescue Dylan before he ended up six feet under.

“The Facility, which do you think is worse? Hell or the Facility?” Anne asked and the other two looked at her. There was no denying it, the Facility seemed worse.

“Do we have to walk there?” Ashley whined a few seconds later.

Tyler shrugged. “I could throw you there.”

“Knowing my luck, you’ll throw me all around the world into Florida.” Ashley said and Tyler nodded.

“Okay, so how are we going to do this?” Anne started to say. “Do we wait till dark and sneak in through the vents like how we escaped, then get Dylan?”

“They probably bumped up the security, since we escaped.” Tyler said.

Anne looked crestfallen. “You’re right, they probably did.” Tyler sighed, looking thoughtful.

“If they came to take us back, why did they only take Dylan, and left us behind?” Tyler asked and Ashley became surprised. She hadn’t thought of that.

“That is weird.” Ashley said and tried not to think about the types of torture being used on Dylan. “Did they take him because he’s the youngest, or does Dylan have some type of power that he didn’t even tell us?” Tyler and Anne looked at Ashley.

“Maybe.” Anne agreed. If Dylan really did have a secret power, how come he didn’t tell them about it? Did he trust them at all?


About an hour later, they made it to the town. They looked around, the sun rising, and they looked as a white Pontiac, double door car pulled up into a gas station. A worker got out, closed the door, and walked into the gas station. The three looked at each other.

“So? Who else agrees on ‘borrowing’ the car?” Ashley asked.

Anne looked at her. “Should we leave money for rental fees?” Ashley and Tyler looked at her, weirdly. They went to the car; Anne opened the door, and then found the button to pop the hood. They managed to start the car and Ashley got in the backseat behind Anne, while the boy got in the passenger seat, leaving Anne as the driver.

“So…uh…do you know how to drive?” Tyler asked buckling the seatbelt.

“No.” Anne said pulling out of the gas station and over the curb. Tyler’s head almost hit the window.

I’m so glad I didn’t eat anything. Tyler thought as Anne drove nearly full speed down the street, laughing like a maniac as she almost hit the other cars, while the drivers honked and cussed angrily.

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