Like the title says, why are you shipwarring over a TV show? Who started the whole shipwarring in the first place?

I'm getting tired of hearing that Creddie will happen because Seddie broke up. I'm getting tired of hearing that Seddie is endgame. I'm tired of people bashing Creddie and Seddie.

I know it's fun to ship but try to do it in a friendly manner instead of saying, 'Seddie broke up even though they said I love you. They love each other as friends.' or, 'Creddie is dead. Sam and Freddie love each other. You can see it on their faces and eyes.'

What can't we just move on to the new episode next week? It's a TV show people. We're letting a ship control our lives.

How about we say that Carly and Sam don't deserve Freddie? They're better off as friends.

Let's stop shipwarring. Let's agree that Carly, Sam, and Freddie are awesome characters.

Let's move onto the new episode and eagerly waiting for the friendship of Carly, Sam, and Freddie.

Love is an emotion, people are humans not presents. -- Bethany Ainsworth AKA 1seddiefan, a book loving freak.

No time for lies and empty fights. -- Lyrics from You Fight Me by Breaking Benjamin

Why can't Creddiers and Seddiers get along???

1seddiefan A book loving freak 21:19, September 27, 2011 (UTC)1seddiefan

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