Like the title says, what is you favorite TV show quote and which episode you're favorite quotes came from. You can do one quote or more. For an example I'll use one quote from iCarly:

Spencer: This machine must have been in the junkyard for years.

Carly: What makes you say that?

Spencer: (takes out a dead cobwebby racoon from the back of the Pak-Rat machine by the tail)

Carly: EWE!

Spencer: Hold it.

Carly: No!

That's just an example.

Here's my favorite one from American Restoration Lights Out:

Ron: You are a serious moron.

Kowboy: (About Tyler) The moron's the one on the trailer, dancing.

Tyler: (Dancing)

Another one from Cooler Kings from American Restoration:

Someone: How long as that hole been there?

Rick: That hole's been there a year and Tyler keeps running over it.

Tyler: Well if you would fix it.

One from Suds and Duds also from American Restoration:

Tyler: (makes a weird face at his phone)


Tyler: (Talking on the phone) Oh my god you are a saint.

Comment away, even though I think this blog won't get much comments or none. I think none of you heard of American Restoration because it's on the History channel and it only comes on Fridays but I use the internet to find the episodes. I know I'm not known popular on this website or something.

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