My first blog in a long time.

Basically the title speaks for itself. I just want to know who's your favorite and give reasons on why they're your favorite character. No bashing characters.

For example:


She's funny because of all the insults she gives Freddie, how she gets in trouble, how she's addicted to food, the way she talks about her mom, how she insults Freddie's mom, and how she insults Ms. Briggs and Mr. Howard.

She's cool because she doesn't let anything or anyone hurt her. The way she walks around like there isn't a care in the world.

She cares about her best friend because she hasn't physically or emotionally hurt Carly, how she's there for her, and how she lets herself at home by walking in the house. They're close like sisters even though they have their fights.

Something like that. And if there was a blog like this I apologize for copying it. It was an accident and I didn't know. Again. No bashing characters to make you character look good.

1seddiefan A book loving freak 20:15, September 14, 2011 (UTC)1seddiefan

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