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Who is the better actress Miranda or Jeanette?

1seddiefan September 16, 2010 User blog:1seddiefan

I just want to know who acts better, Miranda or Jeanette. I did my research and it turned out that Miranda hasn't been in drama shows like Jeanette. Is Miranda a emotional actress were she played a disturbed kid? I don't think so. I counted and Jeannette been in twenty one shows. I counted and Miranda been in fourteen shows. I personally think that Jeannette is a better actor and singer. Well that's my opionion. I saw that Jeanette and Miranda started acting in 2001 but Jeanette starred or guest starred in most shows. I think that Jeanette has more exprience in acting. To me I think Jeanette is a good actress but this is my opionion anyway. Your opionion is good to. I won't hate you if you like Miranda better Jeanette. Anyway comment me on who you like better.

Bethany is out. Peace out wiki lovers.

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