I was looking at some comments on the iStart a Fanwar page and saw some comments bashing Miranda/Carly. Sure Miranda doesn't really hang out with Jennette, Nathan, and Jerry maybe she's just shy. Why hate a person who's shy? I'm shy, well not really shy, just not very talkative. She seems like a cool person to hang out with. Sure her voice might sound autotuned, but at least she guts to pursue want she loves.

Some of you say her acting seems fake, at least she tries. Remember in Drake and Josh she acted evil, a prankster, and horrible. That took talent to do. Remember in iSam's Mom she was in the therapy box and was making those strange noises, that took talent. How is her acting faked?

Some people here hate Carly because, she's spoiled, bratty, she threw a tanturam like in iLook Alike because Spencer wouldn't let her go to a MMA fight, and she's a Mary Sue. Carly isn't a Mary Sue. A Mary Sue is someone who is really prefect. Carly isn't. Carly is obessessed with Bigfoot. That's a flaw. Carly yells to, but that's flaw. Carly's not really perfect.

Remember Carly's dad is in a airforce, or in the Navy somewhere in a submarine. Try waking up everyday worried that your dad might die or go to school worried you might get a letter or phone call that your dad is dead.

Can you please give me an explation why you hate Miranda/Carly?

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