I know my blogs aren't popular but I need some opinions. Would you be mad if no ship happened at the end? I'll state my reasons why Freddie doesn't need Sam or Carly.

Reasons why Freddie doesn't need Carly: Why would Carly wake up realizing she loves Freddie since she rejected him? If Carly really loved Freddie why didn't she give him a chance instead of rejecting him? If Carly really loved Freddie, she needs to stop flirting and dating other boys, then start to date her true love. It may seem that Freddie needs Carly because it seems that she is the one that he wants and when they briefly 'dated' did it look like he was truly happy with dating her in iSaved your Life? They'll probably never go out again because they never brought it up, maybe in a new episode. In iSaved your Life Carly kept kissing Freddie, even when he had to work on iCarly. It's like that's all she had on her brain, that's not what relationships all about.

Reasons why Freddie doesn't need Sam: It seems like Sam's not a good person to date, because of her tormenting Freddie and they both care for each other. Freddie even thinks of them as close friends in iMake Sam Girlier but that doesn't mean they will date. Who wants to date someone who abuses you? Remember the kiss, did it look like they were enjoying it? So what if Sam's behavior towards Freddie lessend, she still torments him, like shocking, slapping, and spanking him.

Maybe they need each other as friends. Maybe at the end of the series Sam found someone just as bad as her, Carly found someone with the same personality as Freddie, and Freddie probably found a geeky girl who can put up with Sam's behavior like Freddie. Who knows? Would you really be mad if no ships happened at the end of the series?

Would you want your favorite characters to be happy even though your pairing doesn't get together? I sure want Freddie to be happy, even though it's not with Carly or Sam. I know my blog post might be stupid.

Any thoughts, comments? Agree, disagree? If you disagree state your reasons.

Random question time:

Do you know that saying 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words never hurt me' is false? My older brother calls me blonde, and it hurts. Well people tell dumb blonde jokes it hurts. I admit some are funny but mostly it hurts.

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