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iMeet Freddie's brother

This is my first blog in a long time. This the second episode.


Freddie's little brother Jason gets out of Juvie and brings in secrets that Freddie wanted to be kept a secret.


Gibby and Spencer get in trouble for prank calling Mrs. Benson and she gets revenge by taking them to a anti-bacterial convention.

Creddie hints

  • Carly gets mad that Freddie hangs out with his brother more than her.
  • Carly get jealous that Jason brings up a girl named Ashley that Freddie used to like.
  • Carly holds Freddie's arm during a horror movie.

Creddie qoutes

  • Carly: Who's Ashley? (seems jealous)
  • Carly: (Mad) Stop hanging out with your brother.
  • Carly (Holding onto Freddie's arm) Change it, change it.

Seddie hints

  • Sam seems impressed that Freddie isn't scared during the movie.
  • Jason wears purple shirts throughout the episode
  • Sam seems concerned for Freddie and Jason's dad

Seddie quotes

  • Sam: (surprised that Freddie isn't scared throughout the movie)
  • Freddie: (notices Jason wear a purple shirt) What's with the purple?

Jason: (looks at his shirt) I happen to love the color purple.

  • Jason: (to Freddie) How come you weren't at dad's funeral?

Sam: what happened to your dad?

Cam hints

  • Jason likes the idea of Carly and Sam dating
  • Jason implies that two girls at Juvie are dating
  • Carly and Sam smiled at each other in a flirty way

Cam quotes

  • Jason: I opened the closest door and seen two girls that looks like you two making out. (smiles)
  • Freddie: (talking. Carly and Sam smiled at each other.)
  • Jason: (looks at Freddie) I don't see what's wrong about two girls dating. It's normal.

Plot quotes

  • Carly: (looking at Jason) Who's this?

Freddie: My little brother.

Sam: He's cute.

Jason: Call me cute one more time you'll wake up in handcuffs in a very awkward position. (Sam backs away)

  • Carly: Why was Jason in Juvie?

Jason: (Smiling) Let's say a school ended up in smoke and flames.

  • Jason: (Arguing with Freddie) Hey. I wake up everyday to see your ugly face. You don't hear me complain about it.

Freddie: That was mean.

Subplot quotes

  • Spencer: That was torture

Jason: Hey be lucky it was less torture than Juvie.

  • Mrs. Benson: I will take you two to a anti-bacterial convetion. (Spencer and Gibby groan.)

Do you like it? Hate it? Did you like that Mrs. Benson got revenge?

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