First of all, this is a Seddie leaning blog. If you ship Creddie or just don’t like Seddie, you are not going to like this blog. If you want to stop reading now, fine. If you continue reading, fine. But either way, you have been warned.

I noticed lately that a lot of people are quoting Dan when he said that everyone will be happy when the series ends to support what they think will happen. I don’t know where he said that. I do remember reading it somewhere, probably in his fun facts for one of the episodes, but I don’t remember which episode the fun facts were for. But what does Dan really mean when he says that?

Basically the how you interpret the statement depends how you define everyone.

The most common interpretation of that statement is that all the fans will be happy. They think Dan means all the fans and ships when he says “everyone”. In other words, both Seddie shippers and Creddie shippers will be happy in the end. It kind of makes sense that people would interpret it like that. Dan often says that to reassure one side when it looks like he’s favoring the other or just to try to quell the fan wars. That is most likely not what he means by that, because if that is what he means, he’s either unaware that not everyone will be happy in the end or he’s just lying to the fan base to get viewers. What I mean by unaware that not everyone will be happy means that he doesn’t realize that there are people that won’t be happy unless their preferred ship happens. Since Seddie and Creddie can’t both happen, he can’t please everyone. Dan isn’t stupid. He’s aware that he can’t please everyone. That brings us to the possibility that he is saying both Creddie shippers and Seddie shippers will be happy in the end but he’s just lying to the fan base to get viewers. Remember that Dan also said this:

“Seeing our fans fight online really breaks our hearts. Disagreeing and debating is cool, but there's no need to be mean. Remember, we're all on team iCarly, so please, let's all respect each others' feelings. Deal? :)
I've learned over the years, there's no episode I will ever write and produce that every fan will love. That's just not possible. And even if I could write a TV show that way, it would be boring.”

Here he’s saying he doesn’t like fans fighting and not every episode will make every fan happy. I’m willing to believe that he would rather the fans not be at each other’s throats, but he clearly tolerate it when he fans the flames by building hope for one ship (iOMG) and then destroying that hope (iLove You), triggering more fighting. The point is not everyone will like every episode. Not everyone will like the episode that determines the endgame (the series finale). So the ending will not please everybody. It is possible that Dan meant the fans when he said “everyone”, but it is very unlikely. The result of all this is that he probably doesn’t mean that both sides will be happy.

Even though Dan most likely didn’t mean that both ships will be happy, I feel the need to address a conclusion a lot of people reach when interpreting Dan’s statement that way. When people interpret “everyone will be happy” by defining “everyone” as the shippers, they often reach the conclusion that Freddie will end up with no one. It understandable that people would say that since making one ship happen will piss of the people who ship the opposing side. Remember how Creddie shippers reacted to iOMG and the Seddie arc (excluding iLove You, of course)? Not only is this most likely misinterpreting what he said as I’ve shown in the previous paragraph, but even if that interpretation were correct, putting Freddie with no one will not make everybody happy. To the contrary, it might piss everyone off. To be sure, there are Creddie shippers that will be happy as long as Seddie doesn’t happen, and there are Seddie shippers that will be happy as long as Creddie doesn’t happen. But a lot of shippers that really like their ship and won’t be happy unless that ship happens. Since Freddie being with no one means that neither ship would happen, that means there will be people on both sides that will be unhappy. This doesn’t mean that Freddie ending up with no one is impossible. Freddie being single in the end is certainly a possibility. If it does end like that, it won’t be because Dan meant “everyone” to mean all the shippers.

Another interpretation of that statement is that “everyone” means all of the main characters. That means Carly, Sam, Freddie, and possibly Gibby will be happy. That interpretation is much more likely. I’m not saying that there is no doubt that he means the characters, I’m saying there’s a good chance that he does. We recently found out that Carly gets a permanent boyfriend in season 6 from Miranda Cosgrove. This piece of information gives more weight to the possibility that Dan meant the characters when he said “everyone”. This means Carly will get a happy ending. It is almost guaranteed that Carly’s boyfriend will not be Freddie. If you want to read the details of why Creddie will not emerge from this, you can read my blog at

The gist of it is that Creddie happening would make Freddie a jerk and Carly a bad friend, thus destroying the characters Dan has spent over 4 years developing. Dan did say “everyone”, so if this interpretation is correct then surly Sam and Freddie will also get the happy ending they deserve. Since it’s already established that Sam and Freddie love each other, putting them together seems like a great way to give them they deserve. I’m not saying that making Seddie happen is the only way he could make Sam and Freddie happy in the end, but it does seem like it’s the most likely way. After all, there is no other way to pair Sam or Freddie with someone else without adding another character the show. Adding a new permanent character to the show in its last season is very unlikely. There is of course, a third possibility. Maybe he meant something no has contemplated yet. To sure, we won’t know for sure the true meaning of what Dan said until the end of iCarly. Maybe when the show ends the meaning of that statement will end up being something none of us thought of before. Dan does have the habit of surprising us, sometimes to the point of defying logic or adding a twist in the storyline that can’t be supported by previous events. The Seddie arc is a great example of this. The arc had Sam and Freddie overcoming every obstacle. iLost My Mind had Freddie convincing Sam to stop hiding from what she did and convincing her that he liked her back. Between iDate Sam and Freddie and iCan’t Take It they got over the problem of their constant bickering. In iCan’t Take It they overcame Carly, Mrs. Benson, and Gibby trying to destroy their relationship. Those 3 episodes showed that Seddie can withstand any problem, whether it’s internal or external. Continuing a coherent storyline would have had their relationship develop to the point where they could say “I love you” to each other and staying together for the rest of the series. Instead Dan did the most brutal thing possible to Seddie shippers: He broke them up even though they love each other. Clearly Dan is willing to surprise us, even if it doesn’t make sense. So it’s totally possible that he meant something that none of us have thought of.

Another possibility is that Dan didn’t really mean anything when he wrote that. Maybe we’re just reading too much into it. Ideally, everything Dan says, does, and writes should have a purpose or meaning. But Dan is a TV writer, not a philosopher. It should mean something, but it might not. However, my guess is that Dan meant something by it. That statement has huge implications. We’re talking about how the entire show will turn out. That is not minor. If Dan meant nothing by it, he could have deleted it to avoid giving the fans impressions one way or the other. But he didn’t. To me that says he meant something behind it, whatever that meaning might be. So that mean that the possibility he meant nothing by it is very unlikely, but possible. I would like to point out that him saying that to keep fans fall into this category. If he said that to keep fans, that means he was saying nothing about the show so we should still disregard it as meaningless. Again, I highly doubt that it meant nothing.

I realized I mentioned that Dan may be trying to keep fans through what he writes. But some may point out that we super fans that are into shipping make up a tiny minority. So why would Dan take that into account? It is true that us super fans make up a tiny minority of the viewers. There might be a few thousand of us while there are millions of iCarly viewers. Most fans could care less who ends up dating who. But think about it. If you were Dan, would you throw away that tiny minority if you don’t have to? Would you rather have 5,000,000 viewers or 5,005,000? Of course Dan wants that extra 5000 even if it doesn’t amount to a substantial change in the ratings. While we super fans will not change the course of the show if Dan really wants it to go a certain way, he will say and do meaningless things to keep ratings up, even if it’s just a little. It’s not like it’s hard work to add that extra sentence.

Now I’ve listed many of the things Dan could have meant when he said everyone will end up happy. I’ve analyzed each one and from that analysis formed a conclusion of how likely Dan meant each one. The possibility that “everyone” meant the characters and the possibility that we haven’t thought of what “everyone” meant are the 2 most likely. It is possible that “everyone” meant the fans, or that Dan didn’t mean anything when he said that, but those are both unlikely for the reasons I’ve mentioned above.

So what does this mean for shipping? At the start of the show there were 3 realistic outcomes: Seddie, Creddie, or Freddie stays single. All of the interpretations point away from Creddie, because Creddie would destroy the characters, so it applies to all the possibilities. That means the interpretations either point toward Seddie or Freddie staying single. If Dan meant all the fans would be happy, it’s hard to say since nothing will make all the fans happy. But if this is what he meant, he probably didn’t mean one group would be happy and the other wouldn’t. It would mean both sides would be “equally unhappy”. So the first interpretation points to Freddie being single. The second interpretation means all the characters will be happy. By all the characters, the very minimum would be Carly, Sam, and Freddie gets a happy ending. Carly will have a boyfriend (remember that I’ve established that the boyfriend won’t be Freddie). Sam and Freddie love each other. So putting them together would make them happy. The only other possibility is introducing 2 new characters for Sam and Freddie to date. Besides the fact that Sam would only trust Freddie not to hurt her and not some new guy, bringing new permanent characters into the show in the last season is very unlikely. Sure, happiness could mean single, but Dan gave Carly someone to be with to make her happy, I think it’s fair to say that he will do the same for Sam and Freddie. For reasons I’ve mentioned already, they will probably get each other. So the second interpretation points to Seddie. It’s impossible to say where the third interpretation points since in that case we don’t know what Dan meant. Many of the points I made for the second interpretation apply here as well, so unless what Dan meant is enough to change it, the third interpretation points to Seddie as well. Since the fourth possibility is that there’s nothing to interpret, it doesn’t point anywhere.

Since there is no way for all the fan to be happy, and Dan most likely meant SOMETHING when he said everyone will end up happy, he most likely meant he characters will be happy or something we haven’t thought of. Since both of these points to Seddie, I would conclude that Seddie is a very real possibility. Creddie definitely won’t happen. There is chance Freddie will end the show single. But I would say Seddie is the biggest possibility. So Seddiers, you have great reason to hope that Seddie is endgame.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope that the analysis enlightened you and increased your hope that Seddie will be endgame. To be honest, this analysis really helped me too. When I started writing this blog, I had serious doubts about whether Seddie will be endgame in light of what Dan did in iLove You. But now that I’ve analyzed all of this, and formed the conclusion that Seddie is a very likely possibility, my predictions are a lot more optimistic. For the first time since iLove You, I can say that I think Seddie will be endgame.

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