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Which couple is the best?

7creddie5 November 26, 2010 User blog:7creddie5

Okay everybody which couples do you prefer other than Seddie and Creddie post a comment and say which

one you like the best and tell me why. You can pick more than one to comment about.

  • Gibby and Carly
  • Gibby and Sam
  • Carly and Griffin
  • Sam and Griffin
  • Freddie and Tasha
  • Freddie and Melanie
  • Mrs. Benson and Lewbert
  • Spencer and Veronica
  • Carly and Adam
  • Sam and Adam
  • Carly and Johnna
  • Freddie and Magic Melika
  • Carly and Nevel
  • Sam and Nevel

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