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    This is my opinion.

    To be perfectly honest, I am a proud SEDDIE -shipper. NOT Jathan. I might get hate for this but I dont care. Even though Jennette and Nathan are EXTREMLY CUTE and GREAT FRIENDS , it doesn't matter ... I dont think people have any right to always ask them

    " Hey you guys dating?" OR

    " EW.... Nathan'll look better with Jennette I hate his gf..( I've seen this in real life.)

    I really like their friendship and i would HATE it if they stopped being friends , JUST because of annoying fans who choose to not leave them be.

    Even though personally I don't like Madisen Hill (Nathan's gf,) I'm not gonna be sending her hate just because she's dating Nathan.

    Seriously, If he's happy, then I'm happy. Afterall it's HIS choice.

    And whoever…

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