• AJ21

    Okay so from this video , we can find out that the episode that had been talked about iLost My Mind is actually real .

    Jim Parsons is making an appearence on this episode as a mental patients who believes he knoes the future.

    The gang meet him when they go to the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital which .. wait for it ... Sam has checked herself into .. Why?

    Well I believe it has something to do with Seddie .. - Perhaps she thinks she has went mad because she has fallen in love with Freddie .. -- What do u Guys think .. ?

    Also I realised something , in the beginnig of the Vid .. we can see that the production code is 402 , and if there is a continuing theme with seddie and they wud have to air the eps in…

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  • AJ21

    Decided to delete

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  • AJ21

    Seddie in iOMG / iPWV ?

    April 3, 2011 by AJ21

    Hey Guys ...

    Ok so im sure we've all seen the prom for iPWV ? .. and alot of people are worried about Seddie after wah Freddie says about Tori -- "Who's she" (in flirty tone) ..

    well im not gunna let this get my hopes for seddie down ... so i just wanted to write this to share my thoughts about it .. so ok here it goes ..

    1. this promo for iPWV doesnt really show much interaction with sam and freddie ,, the scene of them together is when there all singin and he is just sort of behind her .. so im thinkin that this is a sign that something has happened with them in iOMG ,, and they dont want to give too much away ..

    2. all we really know about the plot for iPWV is that Carly and Tori realise they have been dating the same guy ,, we havent heard…

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  • AJ21

    "Mood Reader App" in iOMG ?

    March 29, 2011 by AJ21

    so hey guys .. im sure you've all heard this by now ,,,,

    apparantly freddie is guna use this mood reader app from his pearpad (i think) to read sams mood or whatever in iomg , and they are shocked when it reveals that she is in love ,, but doesnt reveal who with ....

    this seems to be the scene where freddie looks up shocked ....

    ive been thinking,,,,, cud this b y they think shes in love and do they just assume its with brad ...????

    id really like to hear your thoughts on this .. so plz comment ... lol .. xx

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  • AJ21

    Thoughts on iOMG

    March 28, 2011 by AJ21

    So Hey Guys ...

    im new to this wiki ,, buh just to let to know im a huge seddie shipper ,, and this new episode iOMG ,, is like a dream for all seddie fans .. lol ...

    so ya ive a few thoughts on iOMG ,, firstly i really dont think sam likes brad because if she did do u not think she wud say something like shes said that she like guys in the past like Pete and Jonah even Cort ... so y cant she talk about liking Brad .. ( duh shes in love with Freddie ) .. lol ...

    Also, from watching the promo so many times and pausing at different points i noticed something interesting .. at about 0.19 in the extended promo when freddie pops his head up from the laptop all shocked u can see is is acc lookin at a phone ( from what i can tell ) u need to pause t…

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