Hey Guys ...

Ok so im sure we've all seen the prom for iPWV ? .. and alot of people are worried about Seddie after wah Freddie says about Tori -- "Who's she" (in flirty tone) ..

well im not gunna let this get my hopes for seddie down ... so i just wanted to write this to share my thoughts about it .. so ok here it goes ..

1. this promo for iPWV doesnt really show much interaction with sam and freddie ,, the scene of them together is when there all singin and he is just sort of behind her .. so im thinkin that this is a sign that something has happened with them in iOMG ,, and they dont want to give too much away ..

2. all we really know about the plot for iPWV is that Carly and Tori realise they have been dating the same guy ,, we havent heard any subploys for this episode and im sure there will be some other storyline goin on ,, so it cud b wt sam and freddie .

3. Dan has said that the promos for iOMG arent misleading ,, but that doesnt mean that the one for iPWV is .. it cud be misleading u never know ..

4.Something big will defo happen in iOMG and the one thing that wud change icarly forever is Seddie .. lol ...

5. Even if Freddie has said "who's she" in a flirty tone about Tori,, it doesnt mean he isnt with Sam .. he may just b wonderin who she is and even if he does think shes hot its just that it doesnt mean he likes her .. like all the time he supposedly liked Carly he still went on dates with other girls or showed some interest in other girls .. so it doesnt really mean anything ... i believe that he just said it like u know who is she ,, like he prob realises she is with carlys bf .. and like wah she doin with him ... u know ...

and so theres y i think we shouldnt b that worried about what the promo for iPWV shows .. were all so excited for iOMG and really want it to have seddie in it ,, so i think we may b reading to much in to it .. lol ...

id really like u guys to commet on this and let me know wah u think ... lol ... sp plz comment .... thanks ... xx

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