Okay so from this video , we can find out that the episode that had been talked about iLost My Mind is actually real .

Jim Parsons is making an appearence on this episode as a mental patients who believes he knoes the future.

The gang meet him when they go to the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital which .. wait for it ... Sam has checked herself into .. Why?

Well I believe it has something to do with Seddie .. - Perhaps she thinks she has went mad because she has fallen in love with Freddie .. -- What do u Guys think .. ?

Also I realised something , in the beginnig of the Vid .. we can see that the production code is 402 , and if there is a continuing theme with seddie and they wud have to air the eps in order then we can expect this to be the 2nd episode ..

Dan has said in his blog , that he thinks the new episode will air a few weeks after iparty with victorious .. So perhaps this ep will be shown soon enough ..

another little thing i want to point out is that like 2 weeks ago this vid was posted which is mirandas bday on set . In this vid they take a break from filming and celebrate ..

But if u notice , u can see the cast are in the sam clothes as the ep with Jim Parsons . Did they just film the scenes with Jim on a different day ? .. - Let me know what u think ..

And also when the vid of mirands bday on set was first shown many people said that the room you can see with sam and carly in it ( which i thought could of been sams bedroom) looks like a room in a mental hospital .. All those people are more than likely right ..

So it appears these two vids are form the same episode but thave different scenes filmed weeks apart ..

Please Let Me Know What You All Think ,, xx

AJ21 12:07, June 9, 2011 (UTC)

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