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AJ21 March 28, 2011 User blog:AJ21

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So Hey Guys ...

im new to this wiki ,, buh just to let to know im a huge seddie shipper ,, and this new episode iOMG ,, is like a dream for all seddie fans .. lol ...

so ya ive a few thoughts on iOMG ,, firstly i really dont think sam likes brad because if she did do u not think she wud say something like shes said that she like guys in the past like Pete and Jonah even Cort ... so y cant she talk about liking Brad .. ( duh shes in love with Freddie ) .. lol ...

Also, from watching the promo so many times and pausing at different points i noticed something interesting .. at about 0.19 in the extended promo when freddie pops his head up from the laptop all shocked u can see is is acc lookin at a phone ( from what i can tell ) u need to pause to c it ... wonder what thats about ... mayb a message from Sam ... hhhmmm

also i think that maybe carly will think sam likes brad because perhaps sam id describing the person she likes ( freddie ) and carly thinks its brad because he is quite similar to freddie ..

and in the promo at the start when it says , "Sam's never really been much of a Romantic" who does it show her with in all the pics .. FREDDIE ..

I rest my case ... ive alot of thoughts on this as u can prob tell .....

so y dont u guys comment and let me know wah u think about this amazing soon to be aired episode ... lol .. xx

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