Hi Comment Game Fans!!!

Wanna be a part of a special Comment Game?

The fourth Comment Game will take place in a world where the iCarlies are BFFs with members on the wiki!

Anyone willing to be part of the stories can just say "Hello, Carly! Here I am in <insert your hometown here>!" in the comments below. Selected winners will be posted next Friday, and the Friday after will be the premiere of the Comment Game.

I just want to know your hometown so the iCarlies can visit you. If u r selected.


NEWS UPDATE: Turns out that iLoveSeddie1234321 has given me permission to turn the very special blog into a 2 Girls, 1 World version of the Comment Game. 10 people will the cut and the blog will be posted in 2 parts.

Visit the newest Comment Game. My favorite one yet. Click here

Thanx to Alica123 for the idea to include users in the game. Visit her blogs!!!

Also make sure to visit Comment Game 3, out now. This game gives users a chance express how they feel the iCarlies will end up together (Seddie or Creddie?) and it's my Valentine's Day present to all the awesome wiki users on here! Thanx for accepting me for who I am!

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