Here's the winners who will be included in either this Friday's Comment Game Adventure or a new one in March/April. Order on here doesn't count.

BTW- If u haven't done so yet, in the comments below tell us what u look like and what u wear so SpencerFanGirl123 can draw u. All winners will recieve medals to post on their profile page.


1. LaKe

2. Billkaulitz'sgirlfriend

3. Chymlan

4. Francisdrakey55

5. iSteven

6. EpicFork

7. SpencerFanGirl123

8. Toadetterocks

9. iCarvicious22

10. EpicnezzEmily

11. Seddiejathanfan

12. The beautiful story teller

13. Seddie1196

Yep, everyone who entered won! Congrats to all! Hope to see u soon in a Comment Game Adventure!

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