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Index of The Comment Games

Comment Game- January 11, 2012

The first ever Comment Game! Complete with rules. Most popular.

The Comment Game Part II- The Comments Strike Back- January 18, 2012

Stories based off of stories from the first Comment Game!

Comment Game the Third- Valentine's Day Apocalypse- January 20, 2012

The iCarlies try to make the most of their last Valentine's Day!

Comment Game Contests- January 21, 2012

Be part of Comment Game 4! Contest details here!

Comment Game Contest Winners- Adventure 1- January 28, 2012

Here are the winners of the first ever Comment Game Contest!

A Comment Game Adventure with the Wiki Weirdos- coming February 3, 2012

Comment Games 4-Ever After- coming February 3, 2012

A Comment Game Adventure at Magic Kingdom- coming February 10, 2012

The Comment 5- coming February 10, 2012

A Comment Game Adventure and a Wedding- coming February 17, 2012

The Comment Wars: Episode VI- coming February 17, 2012

The Everlasting Seventh Comment Game- coming February 24, 2012


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