A cool guy

aka ACG or CG

  • I live in Danbury, Connecticut
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is Being cool * puts shades on *
  • I am The cool GUY
  • A cool guy

    Today was my first day here and I met tons of nice people.. And mean people. I will make a list of them.


    SpencerFanGirl123 - she was very nice to me and was welcoming. The first person I met and we had lots of laughs.

    A jump is a jump I rock ha ha- Nice and funny.

    Yankeelovr- same as above ^

    Purplewaffles13- So nice. She helped me a lot with stuff even though she doesn't know much either. She was very welcoming and is on a lot. She is funny too.

    Alica123: Nice helped me a lot

    TenCents: Funny, nice, wasn't ignoring me.

    Sunrisedaisy: Same as TenCents

    ILoveSeddie1234321 (I think): Same as TC and SD

    I bet there was a lot more but those r some I will add more



    Churchpants- I said hi to her. Ignored. Spencerfangirl said Hi. NOT ignored. She saiā€¦

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  • A cool guy

    Hi kids

    April 2, 2012 by A cool guy

    Hi kids here is an important message don't play in the streets u can get hit by a car or sum thin ok bye I'm watching victorious and I don't wanna miss it and im in chatbsomplease talk to me and be my friend go to my profile and go to my talk page to talk and press send that's how undo it ok bye

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