Today was my first day here and I met tons of nice people.. And mean people. I will make a list of them.


SpencerFanGirl123 - she was very nice to me and was welcoming. The first person I met and we had lots of laughs.

A jump is a jump I rock ha ha- Nice and funny.

Yankeelovr- same as above ^

Purplewaffles13- So nice. She helped me a lot with stuff even though she doesn't know much either. She was very welcoming and is on a lot. She is funny too.

Alica123: Nice helped me a lot

TenCents: Funny, nice, wasn't ignoring me.

Sunrisedaisy: Same as TenCents

ILoveSeddie1234321 (I think): Same as TC and SD

I bet there was a lot more but those r some I will add more



Churchpants- I said hi to her. Ignored. Spencerfangirl said Hi. NOT ignored. She said hi after me!! I asked churchpants to be friends but she ignored me and laughed with her friends. :(((

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