A reasonable Seddier

aka Reason, Cocky, Alec, Spike

  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is Baby Cobra's Sexy Owner
  • I am Very Reasonable you can die.
  • A reasonable Seddier


    July 12, 2013 by A reasonable Seddier
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  • A reasonable Seddier




    Your birthday brings to mind all the reasons for which,

    I am proud to call ya my booty and how much I love you for that.

    It also brings to mind loving wishes, for the best in life for you.

    Happy Birthday!!

    ADIOS ;)

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  • A reasonable Seddier


    August 30, 2012 by A reasonable Seddier

    Sup? ;) ;)

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  • A reasonable Seddier

    This is for ya!

    Because You're too Magical to resist.

    All the booties in the world would be jealous.

    Enjoy your day , and god bless ya!

    Have fun with yo familia and amigos.

    But don't forget about Reasonable.

    Happy Birthday form the heart Cause that's where all great wishes start!

    Roses are red Violets are blue Stop complaining... I am older than you!

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  • A reasonable Seddier

    The iCarly fandom has been hit with an epidemic. Yes, a HUGE Shipping epidemic.

    But why? Why are we doing this?

    The only people to blame are US. Yes, Us. We're all causing this. You can't blame Dan, the writers, the Seddiers, the creddiers...etc

    It's You. Each of you, You're own individual selves. You're becoming ignorant, careless, irresponsible, and sad. ( NO offense.) But it's true.

    This has been said countless times, but I'll say it again : iCarly is a comedy show.

    And yet, All you guys are looking for the Romantic part of it.

    Yes ,a comedy show might involve some romance, and yes it's interesting to see what happens between the characters, but We have taken it too far, too far deep, that we're missing out on the comedy ; The whole point of the s…

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