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iLMM - Freddie Owes Sam 9 Billion Dollars!

Maybe this Blog isn't really Reasonable

But I would like to point out a few things that realized while watching the Promo Below

In The iLMM Promo 4 : [1]

You Can see Freddie Approaching Sam, grabbing her by the waist and about to kiss her.

Now who remembers in iSaw him First when Freddie approached Sam in the 'Kisses for charity' box , puckering his lips and all?

And Sam's reply was , " Not for 9 billion dollars!"

And now that Freddie kissed her , he better open up the Benson family bank account, cause he now owes Sam 9 BILLION DOLLAS!

Muchos Grasias!


- A Reasonable Seddier

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