548px-Seddie kiss 3 reasonably small

There in love ha!ha!

Heyy! many people don't think that sam and freddie are in love ooooooo-oo well that is why i am here so, i took a picture from the splash face pictures of sam and freddie aren't they a good couple and i know that your thinking..... that they both are mean to each other well have you ever thought that maby there trying to hide it from carly!and there is noo way that they would be kissing if they didn't like each other i mean imagin kissing someone that you don't like....horrible right so i guss that this page is coming to an end so i guss that i only have one thing to tell you on this page thingy magigar you ...could just chat about whatever but it is meant for chating about what you thought about freddie and sam kissing so now all i have to do is eat my egg and cheese biscuit!! sooo!! bye!!!

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