• Abbstagirl

    Seddie And Creddie: Facing The Facts

    Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many Blogs discussing Seddie and Creddie!

    But first, some info:

    1. I am a Seddie shipper, but here I ship alone (meaning I will try not to be biased)
    2. This is going to be focused on Seddie and Creddie, the two main Ships.
    3. This page is going to be a speculation type thing about the two ships, and listing facts about them
    4. I will do about one episode (or segment-y thing) every week, fortnight, or at least once a month, depending on the popularity of this.

    N.B: Not all of these are about Seddie and Creddie, some are just about one character but could still possibly affect a ship.

    This Week's Episode...


    Since everyone is getting so excited about iOMG, I thought here would be a g…

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