Before you say it, yes, I AM reading WAY too much into this. No need to mock me, I mock myself for even allowing this to cross my mind. I know it doesn't actually mean anything (or at least I'd be VERY surprised if it did), but I still think it's kind of interesting.

Ok, so I have to let you know something about me: I may be an iCarly fan and a Seddie fan, but I'm a John Lennon FANATIC. If you don't know who he is, this will probably not mean much to you. John was a member of the incredibly awesome band 'The Beatles.' (Actually, he's the one in the white suit on the far right in my profile picture).

So I've always loved the part in iMeet Fred where they are showing the video that Fred did with the iCarlys and there is a Beatles reference. Next time you see it, watch closely and you can see and hear Sam saying "I buried Paul," a reference to the myth that Paul McCartney (another Beatle) died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike-sound-alike. Personally, I think the whole "Paul is dead" thing is ridiculous and I've never believed it, but the theory goes that Paul was killed in a car accident and the Beatles decided that they only wanted true Beatles fans to know he had died and been replaced, so they left a bunch of "clues." One of the most famous clues is at the very end of the song 'Strawberry Fields Forever' (a song written by John Lennon) where John says (in a somewhat muffled voice) something that many people believed was "I buried Paul."

What John was ACTUALLY saying was "Cranberry Sauce." (He loved cranberries and was a very strange man who liked to say random stuff at random times. Kind of like Dan!) In the Fred video, right before Sam says "I buried Paul," Freddie says "I might go to the cranberry parade."

Now for my point, however silly it might be. You could say that "I buried Paul," represented a lie (something common for Sam) and that the cranberries thing (since John was really just talking about cranberries) represented truth. Two completely opposite things, but at the same time it brings Sam and Freddie together by a common factor: John Lennon, a man who originally fell in love with the wrong person (who seemed perfect) and later fell in love with Yoko Ono, who wasn't so "perfect," but who he loved more deeply than his first wife. Great, I probably just angered a Yoko hater. That is, if I didn't anger them before now with my silly OSD thoughts. Oh well. I guess let the trolling begin!

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