• Abstract Cupcake

    Hints... yeah.

    November 23, 2010 by Abstract Cupcake

    Okay, I ship Seddie, and usually after episodes I come here and check the Seddie hints to see if there's anything I can use in fanfiction or that I think is legitimate and I missed.

    But the last few times, I've read the "hints" and said "...wth."

    I mean, they're iffy enough to begin with. But... Seddie food? Seddie pattern?

    And the whole purple thing is ridiculous. Because I'm sure the producers, writers, and Dan Schneider plan out carefully how they can insert purple to make Seddie moments. "Oh look! Their backpacks are red and blue! That makes purple! This proves they're in love!'

    And then I stumbled across this, which just made me laugh: "Evidence for Spencer supporting Seddie: He [repeatedly] mentions that he likes Freddie's new shirt. Theā€¦

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